7 Twitter accounts that make science fun!

It’s probably safe to say that those of you who follow this site (myself included) are science geeks. Whether it’s archaeology, astronomy, or biology, we’re fascinated by the latest discoveries across all realms of science and technology. And for staying on top of these developments, there’s no better platform than Twitter. Most leading scientists and institutions use it as a place to share their theories, research, and views on all things science. But despite the stereotypes, these aren’t boring tweets straight out of scientific journals. In fact, many of these twitterers provide a fun take on science and how it relates to the real world (or not). Check out these 7 Twitter accounts that make science fun.

@Bad Astronomerscience (Phil Plait) is an astronomer and science blogger for SyFyWire. He often writes about how science is misused or misrepresented in the media. And no, he’s not a bad astronomer (he claims he’s an “average” astronomer), but he sometimes writes about astronomy that is bad.

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