Compact Digital Compasses from OceanServer Technology

FALL RIVER, MA – OceanServer Technology, Inc. announces a family of highly accurate, 3-Axis attitude sensors for OEM applications where size, functionality and cost are keys to successful integration.

OceanServer Digital Compasses feature soft iron correction and can be installed in virtually any physical orientation relative to a customer’s device. Incorporating 3-Axis magnetic sensors with 3-Axis accelerometers, they are offered in a tiny 0.6” sq. board mount package and 1” sq. versions that auto detect either USB or RS232 connections and a TTL interface model.

Providing 0.5 degrees nominal accuracy, 0.1 resolution, ±180 degree roll, ±90 degree tilt, and electronically gimbaled tilt compensation, OceanServer Digital Compasses include a 50 MIPS processor that supports IEEE floating point math, a 24 bit A/D converter, a programmable baud rate from 4,800 to 115,000 baud and Windows® compatible software for evaluation and testing.

Ocean-Server Technology, Inc. 

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