Feature Rich Ethernet Servo Drives

As Ethernet-based machines continue to grow, more vendors are launching servomotor drives to meet this need. The features of the ABB drives include compatibility with a number of industrial Ethernet protocols, universal encoder interfacing capability, local motion control programming, and integrated functional safety. This MicroFlex e150 Ethernet servo drive family with single-phase options offers output powers up to 9 A.

MicroFlex e150 Ethernet servo drive

The drives have real-time operation with EtherCAT, and compatibility with EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and TCP/IP protocols. They are compatible with the motion control language Mint. This feature allows the drives to be used standalone for single-axis or distributed intelligence motion control applications, for performing simple moves to complex motion tasks such as flying shears or cam motion profiles. Built-in I/O, including fast latch inputs for registration applications, is standard.

The flexible ‘universal’ encoder interface capability enables the drives to be connected to dual encoders – one incremental encoder, and one serial base encoder such as EnDat 2.2, SSI or BiSS. This allows dual feedback configurations – with separate velocity and position feedback – which can be used to eliminate mechanical inaccuracies in precision applications such as CNC machinery. It also simplifies integration into configurations where an axis is following a master axis or centralized ‘line shaft’ such as packaging machines.

One further feature is support for the Safe Torque Off or STO functional safety, in accordance with IEC 61800-5-2, and designed to meet SIL 3 and performance level e (PLe) standards. This helps machine builders to incorporate high-integrity safety into machinery designs by disabling the drive’s output so that it cannot generate torque in the motor.


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