Integrated Safety System Delivers Fast Response

Based on openSAFETY, the Smart Safe Reaction product set is an integrated safety system that guarantees response times of 10 ms. This real-time safety bus system can be used on all conventional Ethernet-based fieldbus network systems up to SIL 3. Also available is a SafeLOGIC safety controller model for Profinet. It allows execution of the safety-related application program and also handles monitoring the overall configuration of the application, including its parameters. 

SafeLOGIC safety controller

The application on the Profinet master CPU has full access to the signals in the network, regardless of whether standard or safety-related channels are affected. The SafeLOGIC controller uses openSAFETY to monitor the system and shut it down if a safety requirement is not met. A range of proven functions from the Smart Safe Reaction portfolio is available for implementation. This includes, for example, PLCopen-compliant and TÜV-certified function blocks, secure digital and analog input signals, safe temperature signal detection, and much more.

The SafeLOGIC controller in this network can also handle signals from openSAFETY components such as light curtains, laser scanners and variable frequency drives from other manufacturers.

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