Modular Air Preparation Units

The MS9 size unit has a 1 in. (25.4 mm) port capable of 600% higher flow rate than the smaller units in the series. It combines all of the standard functions of air preparation into one product series: pressure regulators, on/off and soft-start valves, filters, dryers, sensors, and lubricators.

MS9 Series

The series includes function modules with integrated sensors, remote adjustability, and remote-controlled pressure monitoring for maximum process security. Pressure regulator units in the series have a fiber-reinforced rolling membrane, which increases flow rate and service life. As a result, pressure drops and regulation failures are reduced, allowing pneumatic systems to function more reliably.

The MS9 size has a grid dimension of 3.5 in. (90 mm) and connection sizes from ½ to 1 ½ in. (12.7 to 38.1 mm). Filtration grades from 0.0015 in. (40 µm) to activated carbon filtration are available.


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