Achieving Industry Milestones for Accelerometers

1-BST-18846At the 2013 International CES, 3-axis microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) accelerometers were among the new devices that suppliers introduced to help electronics companies include new features in portable consumer electronics products. With the differentiation that MEMS technology can provide and the intense competition in the MEMS area, it is tough to achieve an industry leading milestone, especially in the packaging area, but at least two companies were proud of their achievements.

Bosch Sensortec announced the BMA355 – the smallest 3-axis MEMS accelerometer on the market with a size of just 1.2 x 1.5 x 0.8 mm3 thanks to wafer-level chip-scale (WLCS) packaging technology.

While not a smaller footprint, Kionix, Inc. KXCJA, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer is the thinnest offered with an ultra-thin 3 x 3x 0.7-mm land grid array (LGA) package.kionix

Of course, packaging is only one aspect that users need to compare between these or any accelerometer.

For more information about Bosch Sensortec’s BMA355, click here.

For more information about Kionix KXCJA, click here.

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