ACU-RITE 3500i CNC Control

ACU-RITE’s 3500i CNC control has been designed with innovative, operator-oriented enhancements that will facilitate an intuitive transition for customers to the next generation of control technology. Based on the HEIDENHAIN NC kernel and processor technology, the 3500i features a touch-screen operator interface.

ACU-RITE 3500i CNC control

This all new interface has allowed ACU-RITE to optimize program navigation, editing, creation, and verification. Conversational programming is edited in plain machinist language and uses a powerful set of canned cycles to aid in easy-to-understand quick programming. Where additional versatility is needed, G-Code programming is available via an onscreen keyboard and a powerful G-code help editor.

ACU-RITE has also developed a built in 2 ½D CAM system allowing the operator to complete complicated contours quickly and easily with minimal part data.

With new advanced features like CAM, coarse tool support, and USB communication, the 3500i has set the new standard for the future of shop floor-friendly, powerful control technology.

The ACU-RITE 3500i is available in both Kit (for knee mill applications) and OEM configurations.


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