Angular gearbox in SpiroTec design


DunkermotorenIn addition to its planetary and worm gearboxes, Dunkermotoren developed the SpiroTec gearbox and incorporated it to the product portfolio.

The centerpiece of the series STG is the helix tooth wheel set. This allows for the reliable transfer of high torque minimal axial offset while still fitting into a small installation space. Because the internal gears are machined from tempered steel, the gearbox runs wear-free. The lubricant remains free from contamination by way of seal rings on the drive and at the output shaft. Therefore an extremely high lifetime is achievable and is especially well-suited to a brushless DC motor’s wear-free use.

The housing is developed in Monobloc design which results in extremely high precision of the tooth alignment and improved stiffness of the drive system.

The STG 65 is available with reduction ratios of 5, 10, and 25:1 along with various output shaft options for applications such as industrial automation, material handling, motive and agriculture.


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