What are V-belt pitch length and datum length?

The length of a V-belt can be specified in several ways, including outside length, effective length, and pitch (or datum) length. Outside length is measured around the belt’s outer diameter with no tension, but is only an approximation and is not useful for sizing or selection. Effective length is measured at the effective outside diameter […]

Pulley balancing for belt drive systems: Is it always necessary?

As a pulley rotates, centrifugal forces act on the pulley, and if its mass is not evenly distributed around the axis of rotation – that is, if it is unbalanced – these centrifugal forces will also be unbalanced and cause the pulley to vibrate. (Uneven mass distribution can be due to imperfections in machining or […]

How to address overshoot in servo control

There are three characteristics that indicate when a servo system is properly tuned: response time, settling time, and overshoot. Response time is the time it takes the system to reach a specified percentage of the target value, while settling time is the time it takes for the target value to be settled, within a specified […]