Stratasys Founder Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

Stratasys announced that its founder and chairman, Scott Crump, has been inducted into IndustryWeek magazine’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame for his work in 3D printing, joining other individuals recognized for their contribution to U.S. manufacturing. Crump is the inventor of the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) method of 3D printing; the most widely used additive manufacturing process. Earlier this […]

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Organovo Partners With Autodesk Research to Develop 3D Bioprinting Software

Organovo Holdings, Inc. is working together with researchers at Autodesk, Inc., to create the first 3D design software for bioprinting. The software, which will be used to control Organovo’s NovoGen MMX bioprinter, will represent a major step forward in usability and functionality for designing three-dimensional human tissues, and has the potential to open up bioprinting […]

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Tips for Selecting Aluminum Extrusions & Accessories

This webinar will focuses on the selection of Aluminum Extrusions and Accessories relating to the user’s specific application requirements.  Typical applications for aluminum extrusions include:  safety guarding, enclosure, work station, light machine base, shutter, robotic jig and fixture, material handling, display exhibits, as well as many others that can be utilized in a variety of industries

A New Recipe for Solar Cells

The Copper-Indium-Gallium-Selenium (CIGS) process is arguably the best recipe currently available for thin-film solar cells. Promising efficiencies on par with crystalline silicon and a cost to manufacture that is significantly less (notwithstanding the current commodity price of silicon wafers from China), CIGS research and production is continuing at an accelerated pace. The production effort is

EtherCAT Servo Drives

The DZE & DZS series of servo drives for EtherCAT enabled control networks fit in the palm of your hand. The ‘DxM’ – Demultiplexed Motion technology connects up to 3 DZS drives (sub-nodes) to a single DZE (node) on an EtherCAT® network for up to 4 axes of servo motion. ‘DxM’ technology handles all sub-node

Connectivity Options for Motor Protection

The C441 Ethernet series of communications cards let you select from Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, HTTP web services and Modbus RTU communication protocols within one card. These cards are compatible with Eaton C440, XTOE and C441 electronic motor protection relays, S611 soft starters, and can be used as stand-alone input/output (IO).  Integral web services provide web-based

Turn Standard PCs Into Motion Controllers

A software-based EtherCAT motion control platform, the SPiiPlusSC (Soft Controller), enables standard PCs to run a 64-axis real-time motion controller and high-speed PLC entirely in software. The controller automatically installs the real-time operating system and converts a standard Ethernet port into the EtherCAT master communication channel to manage all machine drives and I/O. It communicates

Dealing With The Challenge of Compression Loads

Over time, the catalog of force measurement applications has vastly increased. Because these new applications all have their own specific challenges, sensor technology companies have had to continually innovate new means of satisfying them. Some of the most demanding applications are specific to measuring force in the compressive loading mode. Capturing precise measurements in compression

LED Array Holder from Molex

Molex Incorporated announces that its solderless LED Array Holder is now compatible with Sharp Zenigata LED lighting products, including the 15W, 25W and 50W Mega Zenigata and the 4W-15W Mini Zenigata. The Molex LED Array Holders provide unique compression contacts to power the arrays while eliminating the need for hand soldering or expensive Surface Mount

Sophisticated CNC Shapes State-of-the-art Implants

According to statistics, the number of artificial bone implants continues to increase. In 2010, one million artificial hip and knee joints were implanted in the U.S. Forecasts expect this number to exceed four million by 2030. German-based Implantcast Corp. produces titanium implants on turning-milling centers equipped with Siemens Sinumerik 840 computer numerically controlled (CNC) units.

Tips On Selecting Connectors

There are dozens of connector varieties and thousands of individual connectors, so even an experienced engineer can find it difficult to select the right connector for the job. Fortunately, connector confusion can be minimized by gathering information based on four key technical factors. –Number of contacts: The number of contacts in the connector should match

Overview of Standard Precision Positioning Stage Uses in Factory Automation

MISUMI’s family of Standard Precision Positioning Stages are designed to meet a wide and diverse range of positioning application requirements. When compared with conventional high precision positioning stages, either purchased or produced in-house, the Standard Precision Positioning Stages offer excellent value – delivering a cost savings of 20 to 45 percent. Now with 22 different

Compact Thermal Imager

Omega introduces its new line of compact thermal imagers powered by FLIR®. The OSXL-I series (FLIR I Series) is a compact, lightweight, point-and-shoot camera with an easy-to-use focus-free lens. This CE compliant product stores up to 5000 jpeg images with a convenient thumbnail image gallery. The OSXL-I is much easier, faster and safer to use

Mini Temperature Transmitter from Omega Engineering

Omega’s EXCLUSIVE TX-M12 series of temperature transmitters are an innovative new range (-200 to 850°C and -328 to 1862°F) offering improved performance over conventional in-head devices. Housed in a rugged stainless steel enclosure, they provide fast, secure and watertight connections for both the sensor and the instrumentation. At a fraction of the size of standard

Large Plastic Drag Chain for Offshore Uses

Plastic drag chains can replace steel in most offshore applications, including BOP transfer carts and cranes, pipe-handling systems, iron roughnecks, load arms, and gantry systems. The igus’ line of Energy Chain drag chains are corrosion-resistant and unaffected by UV-rays, dirt, chemicals, extreme temperatures, or seawater. The E4-350 was primarily developed for applications exposed to oil

New Material Eliminates Scrap, Stops Warpage

A leading medical contract manufacturer was experiencing processing issues with a pulmonary device housing. The specifications called for two clear resins to be blended at the press. During manufacturing, the blended resins exhibited warpage, causing an uneven surface in a number of the parts. Without a consistently flat surface, the manufacturer encountered a number of

Plastic Valves Ensure Smooth Shifting

Shifting gears in a tractor transmission depends on the integrity of a six-component valve assembly. The check valve is critical to the operation of tractors and other off-road vehicles. It allows pressurization of the transmission to between 1 and 2 psi, ensuring evacuation of oil from specific transmission chambers for shifting gears. Valve assembly integrity

Take The PLC Out Of The Cabinet

The SPEEDWAY 767 I/O system is a programmable controller in a cabinet-free platform that can be mounted directly on equipment, reducing installation time and costs. The IP67 rated automation system eliminates the need for control enclosures and reduces wiring time with standard IP67 cables and connectors. If you don’t wish to place this controller on

Advances in Timing Belts and Drives Ensure Conveyors Position Parts Precisely

In food and beverage lines, conveyors move parts into and out of machines, or they move parts through machines, act as a bridge between machines, or act as the main artery of a production line. An increasingly important capability of conveyor systems is to deliver more precise positioning. Positioning accuracy is influenced by friction, either

HEIDENHAIN Metrology DROs Shine with LED Screens

HEIDENHAIN’s line of metrology digital readouts (DROs) has now received an upgrade. LED screens are now being released on QUADRA-CHEKs (models ND 1100 and ND 1200) and the GAGE-CHEK model ND 2100, previously all with LCD screens. LED screens have been shown to be longer lasting and provide greater brightness, both great benefits to the

Getting the Most from your Hydraulics, Hose and Belt Systems Manufacturer

Learn about the resources and services you should expect to get from your manufacturer, how partnering with your Product Application Engineer can help you meet requirements, and what Gates does to help users find solutions to their toughest problems and prevent problems in the future. Attendees will learn: (1)    The importance of relying on the

Accuride’s Versatile Linear Track System

Accuride announces the introduction of model 115RC, a linear motion track system designed to accommodate a variety of applications. Comprised of aluminum tracks and re-circulating ball carriages, this system is a cost-effective solution for projects that require a defined length of travel. The multi-component aspect of the 115RC System provides for flexibility in system configuration,

NeoScale™ Mezzanine Interconnect System

Molex Incorporated has launched a modular NeoScale™ mezzanine interconnect system capable of achieving optimal signal integrity at data rates of 28+ Gbps. Designed for printed circuit board (PCB) mezzanine applications in enterprise networking towers and telecommunication hubs and servers, in addition to industrial controllers and medical and military high data-rate scanning equipment, the NeoScale mezzanine

HFE2500 Series from TDK-Lambda

TDK Corporation announces that the TDK-Lambda HFE2500 series are now available. These 2.5kW front-end power supplies are ideal for distributed power, hot-pluggable and redundant power systems. The HFE2500 series operate off a universal AC input of from 85 to 265VAC, with active PFC, and provides a well regulated DC output of 12V, 24V or 48V.

“High-Speed” Casters for Industrial Applications

Caster Concepts is pleased to announce a faster and more efficient line of casters, the 55 & 57 Series. These kingpinless casters can handle loads up to 1,200 lbs. by distributing downward pressure over a larger area; reducing cost and increasing longevity. Derived from a traditional caster using a bearing race held together by a