3D Embedded Substrate Technologies Increase Density and Performance of Power Supplies

This webinar provides an overview of how embedded substrate technology can be used to increase the power density and performance of packaged power sources. The webinar will present a variety of substrate technologies and where they are available. It will discuss component availability, industry standards and the challenges a designer faces to implement the technology. The

Designing a Motion-Control System…Software in 2015 Makes It Easy

Designing a Motion-Control System … Software in 2015 Makes It Easy will show how software is simplifying the work of motion-control designs. It will cover programming and software tools that help engineers pick component faster and with the physical layout of a motion system. Then the webinar will segue into an explanation of programming options

3D Printing: Past, Present, & Future

Join us for an all-encompassing look at industrial 3D printing – where the technology is today, how it got there, and where it’s heading. Early adopters are using 3D printing to improve product design, streamline manufacturing processes, and lean out their supply chains. Cutting-edge software is being used alongside 3D printing to design previously “impossible,”

Advanced Design Options for Custom Springs

Most engineers are familiar with traditional wire wound (coiled) springs, but in this webinar attendees will learn about a viable alternative known as “machined springs”. Based on the whitepaper “Choosing between Machined and Wire Wound Springs”, the webinar will review differences between these two types of springs along with the advantages of each and application

Create Radically Better Products with Design Optimization and 3D Printing

Designing for additive manufacturing requires a new mindset. Simply designing traditional parts and producing with additive manufacturing will likely result in more costly, slower to produce results. In order to truly benefit from the advantages of the additive process, designers must think differently when designing parts. Topology optimization is a technology that generated ideal structural

EtherCAT as a Master Machine Control Tool

There is an increasing demand in the automation and motion control industries for a localized motion control solution that can coordinate motion between multiple remote components. Previously, field bus protocols such as Modbus or Ethernet have been implemented to address this demand. Although successful in moving data across automation networks, these protocols lacked the real

Innovate in new and exciting optical sensing applications in industrial markets with award-winning DLP® technology

This webinar gives an overview of many new industrial applications enabled by award-winning DLP ® technology across industrial and factory automation applications. DLP technology is a high-value TI content in a given system and has strong pull-through impact for rest of the electronics – analog and embedded processors. DLP fundamentally is an advanced MEMS devices

Overcoming software development challenges by using an integrated software framework

With ever increasing Connectivity options, Security Protocols and Sophisticated Human Interfaces, Software and AP developers find themselves caught more deeply in the dichotomy of dealing with increasing complexity of designs and shrinking timelines. Resource constraints and constantly evolving software landscape provide challenges to software Integration that have to be overcome to enable designers to focus

Selecting the Right Gear Coupling for your Application

This webinar will place the spotlight on gear couplings with a focus on factors to consider when making a coupling selection for your application. Topics covered will include basic sizing, application criteria, coupling design features and the variety of coupling types available.

Best Practices on Driving Design Decisions with Simulation

This webinar will provide guidance to attendees on how to drive more engineering decisions using simulation tools. Today, there are lots of different options. You can provide automation tools to simulation analysts to improve their productivity or you could provide CAD-embedded simulation tools to engineers for early simulation feedback on a daily basis. What is

Tips on designing for the Internet of Things

Bimba, TI, and Opto22 are heavily involved in developing products with and for the Internet of Things. In this webinar you will hear stories from the trenches on how they have approached the IoT and what they have learned in the process. You will learn: What value the IoT may or may not bring to

7 basic valve questions to specify the correct valve

 There are many factors to consider when specifying the correct valve for your application and every application is different. These conditions could be the media, temperature, compatibility, coil voltage, wattage, or explosion proof, even pressure ratings. All these considerations have an impact on specifying the correct valve to ensure millions of maintenance free cycles. This

Why compressed air is so expensive and what to do about it

Compressed air is one of the least efficient ways to transmit energy to manufacturing machines. This webinar will discuss the high cost of compressed air, why it is typically inefficient, and what to do about it. The webinar will be discussing the complete system from the air compressors all the way to the end use.

Solving the System-Level Design Riddle

In the last half of the 1990s EDA industry analysts began talking about the growing market for tools above the RTL handoff level. This new electronic systems level (ESL) tools market was supposedly going to explode and dramatically change the design landscape. Many companies were funded, but the market never really took off as forecasted.

Robotic design: Frontiers in visual and tactile sensing

Speakers Goksel Dedeoglu of PercepTonic and Gerald Loeb of SynTouch LLC will share their insights on the engineering challenges of designing robots that process visual and tactile data. Join them for a discussion of the latest advances and what the future holds for robotic sensing. This webinar is sponsored by:

On Demand Webinar: How to easily improve quality using automated visual inspection

Mis-registered parts, out of tolerance parts or defective assemblies are costly mistakes in today’s manufacturing environments.  Reducing scrap by catching deviations in the manufacturing process early are key to keeping profit margins high. Automated inspection using Vision Sensors provide 100% inspection.  Learn how the VeriSens Vision sensors ease of use combined with powerful inspection tools catches detects

Loctite® 4090™ Structural Instant Adhesive Hybrid — Combines Speed and Strength

Loctite® 4090™ is a new patented hybrid adhesive from Henkel Corporation. Loctite® 4090™ combines the bond strength of a structural epoxy with the speed of an instant adhesive. Join this webinar to learn more about the many unique benefits of Loctite® 4090™ and how this innovative hybrid adhesive can solve your design and assembly challenges. Attend this webinar

3D Printing for Machine Design

Metals and plastics have long been used for machine parts. Their durability, strength, and reliability in machines that operate continuously for millions of cycles makes them the standard in automated machinery. However, for these same reasons, the use of 3D printed parts has been questioned and not widely adopted by manufacturers. This view should be

Fire, Pressure & Ice – Oh My! Motion Control in Hostile Environments

Live webinar was September 4, 2013. Watch the webinar on-demand by filling out the form below. Some of the most challenging and rewarding motion control applications are not made difficult because of the complexity of the machine but rather due to the hostile environments in which the application must succeed. From arctic conditions in biomedical

Simulation with Nonlinear Structural Materials

Live webinar was September 18, 2013.  When the stress in a structure becomes sufficiently large, many materials display nonlinear behavior. Some materials may exhibit a nonlinear stress-strain response even at very low stress. Material models including elastoplastic, viscoplastic, creep, and hyperelastic require expressions more sophisticated than the linear Hooke’s law. This webinar presented applications of

Sensing Trends in Industrial Applications

Sensing has changed considerably for industrial applications within the past few years. Specific trends include the transition to wireless sensing, changes in sensing approaches and the application of new sensing technologies but there are many more. By attending this special, free 1-hour webinar, you will gain a better understanding of the trends that are emerging

The Energy Efficient Factory: Everything You Need to Know About Smart Energy Management

Join us for a free webinar with presenters David Kaley from Mitsubishi Electric Automation and Gregory Maloney from Iconics as they discuss some surprising ways to improve the energy efficiency of your manufacturing facility. With more attention being paid to the energy use of machines in factories as well as directives from the government for

3D Scan to 3D Print: Design Innovations with FARO and 3D Systems

3D printing is revolutionizing design and production. Scanners like the FARO Edge ScanArm play a vital role in this process with their ability to acquire super-accurate 3D data of physical objects and quickly export it to design software for production. Learn how to use Rapidform XOR to unlock the power of 3D scanning and see

Choosing the Right Sensors for Industrial Applications

Industrial sensing applications require special design considerations to address technical challenges. One of the main criteria that a user has to consider is the choice of technology used for the sensor. However, this is just the start. By watching this 1-hour webinar, you will gain a better understanding of the key factors necessary to make

How To Integrate Prototyping Into The Design Process Using 3D Printing

How do you define “prototyping”? How does your group include prototyping into your design methodology during  the conceptualization, development and implementation phases of product and structural package design? Do you include brand and graphic communications? How should your group specifically leverage 3D printing along your process? Join Kaleidoscope Global Managing Design Director Jim Warner for