Digital Controller Technology for Solid-State Lighting

Ikon Semiconductor’s integrated circuit (IC), for the dimmable LED retrofit market, is designed to meet cost and performance standards for today’s LED lighting products, while enabling greater design simplicity for bulb manufacturers and OEMs. Its IC solutions match the efficiency of comparative two-stage architectures, but with up to 25 percent fewer components. With broad dimmer

Winning the Proto Labs Cool Idea aware for the Quadshot remote controlled aircraft

The Quadshot is a remote-controlled aircraft combining the stability and control of a helicopter with the speed and maneuverability of an airplane. The creative minds behind the innovative technology just won a Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award.

How to choose the right DAQ hardware for your measurement system

Design World Senior Editor Evan Yares speaks with Chris Delvizis, Product Manager for National Instruments, about how to choose the right DAQ hardware for your measurement system. Delvizis explains about the different type of DAQ devices that are available, and talks about the important factors you need to understand, including signal conditioning, sampling rate, resolution,