How to design quiet gearmotors: Gear engagement, housing geometry, and more

What applications need quiet gearmotors? The answer might surprise you — because the human ear can detect noise at 10 dB lower than ambient levels, and many gearmotors operate in close proximity to people. In this technical article, we outline recent staff engineers’ research and development into the problem (and potential solutions for) gearmotor noise. […]

Emerson Automation in Las Vegas — New technologies for packaging industry

Pack Expo in Las Vegas this year was a huge success with more than 29,500 attendees and dozens of new design solutions of display. One supplier at the show making quite a number of important announcements was Emerson Automation. Emerson’s technologies help packaging lines gain flexibility by accommodating numerous package sizes and complexities; reduce losses

Pack Expo 2017 show daily: What we’re seeing in Vegas

Day One at this year’s Pack Expo has us running hard to get the big picture of the major trends in the industry — as well a thorough survey of new technologies making a splash or even overlooked here. Below is a summary of what’s hot. By the way, we just got news of another […]

Schneider Electric IIoT-enabled smart machine setups at Pack Expo 2017

Schneider Electric is now showing its smart-machine setups for packaging at Pack Expo 2017 (America’s largest packaging trade show) this week in Las Vegas. Schneider Electric’s smart machine setups are built on its Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled open and interoperable EcoStruxure system architecture and platform that (according to the manufacturer) delivers innovation from connected products […]

Schneider Electric Modicon M251 PLC for safety, flexibility, and efficiency

Schneider Electric is currently showing its smart machine setups for packaging at Pack Expo 2017 in Las Vegas. Schneider Electric’s smart machine setups are built on its Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled open and interoperable EcoStruxure system architecture and platform that deliver Innovation At Every Level, from connected products via edge control to applications, analytics and […]

Schneider Electric’s PacDrive 3: Smart machine drive for safe and flexible machines

Schneider Electric, global specialist in energy management and automation, is showcasing its smart machine setups for packaging at Pack Expo 2017. Schneider Electric’s smart machine setups are built on its IIoT-enabled open and interoperable EcoStruxure system architecture and platform, which delivers “Innovation At Every Level” as the manufacturer touts  — from connected products to edge […]

HMI has WiFi connectivity for IIoT functionality — and security

WiFi is indispensable in today’s industrial controls marketplace — so control devices have evolved to include WiFi connectivity. One catch: Industrial control networks must function in realtime and be available, responsive, and secure — design objectives that often conflict with pressures to reduce costs while boosting connectivity and remote access. As a solution, Maple Systems HMI5103L […]

Touchscreen HMIs offer low-price option for local machine control

When it comes to standalone machines needing only local machine control, price is a key design consideration — and such machines demand quality HMIs at a great value. To serve such applications, Maple Systems now sells Basic HMIs for local machine control at a low cost. The Basic HMI series is suitable for companies and […]

200,000 rpm brushless motor from Koford with air-cooled bearings

Koford Engineering LLC now sells a new line of 24-v high speed motors with air cooled bearings for long life at speeds up to 200,000 rpm. These motors are 48 mm in diameter and are very quiet. Continuous power up to 85 W is possible. Applications include optical devices and high-speed blowers and pumps. Beam […]

Megaflux direct-drive torque motors from Allied Motion now in smaller sizes

Allied Motion Technologies now sells smaller frame sizes of its frameless Megaflux direct-drive torque motors to satisfy more OEM applications. Motors come in sizes from 60 to 792 mm in outside diameter, with multiple stack lengths for each diameter: Continuous stall torque from 0.3 up to 2020 Nm (1490 lb-ft) 12 standard frame sizes from 60 […]

Smart HMIs (from Maple Systems) now with MySQL database connectivity

At times it’s difficult to get valuable data from the production floor to operations and management. Here, Maple Systems Smart HMIs can help — by connecting to MySQL databases and letting plant managers send logged data and event (alarm) information to a MySQL server. Now one can synchronize sampled data to a remote MySQL server […]

Yaskawa MLX300 software for programming robots with PLC language

The MLX300 software option is the newest generation of integration for Yaskawa robots and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). The MLX300 lets operators control and program Yaskawa robots in a standard PLC programming environment, eliminating the need to learn a specific robot-programming language. All program execution is performed by the PLC; the motion control is handled…

IBA/PTDA Joint Industry Summit in Florida will be held as scheduled

Over the weekend, Hurricane Irma caused much damage across the Caribbean and up Florida’s west coast. the thoughts are with those who were affected by this catastrophic storm. Fortunately, The Diplomat Beach Resort — the host hotel for the NIBA/PTDA Joint Industry Summit — was spared Irma’s wrath and is ready to host member participants […]

Gearboxes and gear motors market growing, says F&S Mechanical Power Transmission team

The global gearboxes and gear motors market is witnessing steady growth, augmented by the adoption of more energy-efficient gearboxes and gear motors, investment in wind energy, material handling, food and beverages, and replacement demand from developed regions. Successful companies will be those that continuously enhance the power transmission efficiencies of their gear systems, focus on vibrant […]

Maple Systems new 10-in. HMI5102L HMI now $850

Now, Maple Systems offers its HMI5102L high-resolution 10-in. widescreen HMI — one of the highest-resolution 10-in. graphic HMI displays in the marketplace — for only $850. The HMI5102L HMI’s ultra-slim format and easy programming simplifies setup and integration; the 1024 x 600 high-resolution TFT and bright 262,000 color display boost readability. Other features of the […]

ITT Compact Automation expands motion offerings to include electric actuators

ITT Inc. and its Compact Automation brand now sell electric actuators, screw jacks, bevel gearboxes, rodless cylinders and more in addition to the manufacturer’s traditional hydraulic and pneumatic product lineup. These new product lines are available exclusively in North America through Compact’s new partnership with NIASA. Compact Automation has an extensive engineering capability with more than 50 product lines, composed […]

Interroll’s new-generation belt drives (synchronous + asynchronous) at Pack Expo

The Interroll Group, the leading global provider of material handling setups, is bringing a new generation of belt drives to the North American market. This innovative motor platform is predominantly for modern conveyor belt systems in manufacturing, food and beverage, distribution centers and airports. It features a completely modular design and offers both synchronous and […]

SPIROL receives GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award at two manufacturing facilities

Two of the manufacturing locations of SPIROL International Corp. have received the 2016 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award for getting operational excellence and quality control. This is SPIROL Canada’s fifth year and SPIROL Connecticut’s third year receiving this prestigious award. According to the letter sent by General Motors notifying SPIROL of the awards: “The award […]

How to get a variable frequency drive (VFD) running with minimal effort

Here we cover the specifics of how variable frequency drives (VFDs) operate and ways to simplify their installation and setup. By Bob Bonczar, Yaskawa America | Technical Training Services Variable frequency drives or VFDs — which we call simply drives in this context — operate in a wide array of industries. They’re often behind the […]

HMI from IDEC uses worldwide standard 4.3 in. LCD screen size

IDEC Corp. now sells 4.3 in. HG1G HMIs … one of industry’s first display products to leverage the worldwide standard 4.3 in. LCD screen size. Because this screen size is so widely used in consumer gaming devices and other commercial products, it effectively obsoletes HMIs with smaller screen sizes by offering a larger and higher […]

Servo couplings: Stiffness, damping, hunting, and stabilization considerations

Here we address considerations when specifying servo couplings to satisfy servo requirements — ever-evolving specifications that become more demanding all the time. By Tetsuya Niwa • Director of product planning and development Kei Yamada • Product Manager — Product planning and development Hiroki Goto • engineering specialist Paulo Castelo • Technical solutions supervisor • NBK America […]

Oriental Motor BLE2 Series brushless motor-driver now has wider range of gear types

Oriental Motor now sells BLE2 Series brushless motor-driver sets for high performing and energy-efficient speed control. The BLE2 Series replaces the widely used Oriental Motor BLE Series motion offerings … and offers enhanced advantages of brushless-motor operation. In fact, the BLE2 Series brushless motor-driver offerings feature an all-new compact (and high-power and efficient) brushless dc […]

OptoForce: New models and enhancements to main robot sensors

Robotics technology provider of multi-axis force and torque sensors OptoForce has renamed its HEX-70-XE-200N and HEX-70-XH-200N end-of-arm robot sensors. Both also include several new enhancements — though the sensors’ prices will remain the same. The HEX-70-XE-is now  the HEX-E. The HEX-70-XH-200N is now the HEX-H. Both models are part of OptoForce’s 6 axis F/T sensor family, which…

Self-powered hub-wheel drive combines wheel, motor, gearbox, and brake: Now in expanded production

ABM Drives Suzhou Co. Ltd. recently doubled production in China of its self-powered hub-wheel drive. Offered as a 0.6-kW version, this powered hub wheel drive package includes the wheel with tire, ac motor, gearbox and brake. Typical applications include moving 1,000 to 5,000 pounds at speeds of 1.5 to 2.5 mph. The max wheel diameter […]

Defining the compliance of electromechanical linear actuators

Modern motion controllers with built-in frequency analyzers allow direct identification of electromechanical actuators … under load … subject to real-word conditions. That in turn may help designers improve stiffness and actuator performance — even to the point of getting higher servo bandwidth. By Leonid Gannel, Ph.D.  •  Servo engineer  •  Jabil Shemer Motion Frequency analyzers […]