Applied Motion Products releases StepSERVO drives and motors with EtherCAT communications

Applied Motion Products, Inc. now offers a new series of drives and motors with EtherCAT communications. These new products utilize Applied Motion’s StepSERVO technology which combines the high torque capabilities of step motors with the closed loop dynamic control of servo systems. The result is a motor and drive solution that operates more quietly and efficiently, […]

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Onboard electronics make linear actuators safer and smarter

By Chad Carlberg | Product-line manager for linear actuators, Thomson Linear • Today’s electromechanical actuators deliver performance that’s comparable or even superior to other technologies in outdoor applications. They’re often cleaner with lower cost of ownership than predecessors. Traditional electric actuators provide basic machine functionality (to push and pull loads on command via switches) but more […]

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Moog Animatics introduces the low-cost SL17 SmartMotor

Moog Animatics, a division of Moog Inc., has announced the release of its new, low-cost NEMA 17 SmartMotor™ model SL17406D (the SL17). Even though this motor is described as low cost, its robust design includes many of the high performance and ease-of-use features found on the high-end SM SmartMotor. More after the jump. The SL17 […]

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Lin Engineering partners with CUI on efficient stepper-motor and encoder combo

CUI Inc. today announced a partnership with Lin Engineering, a leading manufacturer of stepper motors, to integrate CUI’s innovative AMT encoder technology with Lin’s latest, high performance motor series … … for a stepper-motor and encoder combo. Lin Engineering’s G3718V series is a NEMA 17 sized motor with a length of 0.90 inches (22.86 mm) that […]

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7 questions to ask before picking an ac motor drive (controller) for an application

By Jeff Conner • Dallas Service Manager for Control Concepts AC motor drives (or controllers as we call them in this context) come with a range of options — including different control interfaces, enclosures, and motor-control methods.  They provide flexible choices for machine designs and can leave the door open for future improvements and upgrades.  Modern AC drives […]

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New marine propulsion turning, locking & braking system video from Twiflex

Twiflex Ltd., a leader in advanced industrial braking technologies, has introduced a new video that highlights its innovative turning, locking, and braking system (TLB) for marine propulsion shaft applications. The new multi-function TLB solution reduces costs, dimensional space, and installation and maintenance time. The video can be viewed on the Twiflex website at (select […]

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NaviPack announces the release of the most affordable and Useful LiDAR navigation module for drones, robots and autonomous devices

NaviPack is proud to announce the release of a groundbreaking product for autonomous control of drones, robots, and other devices. The low cost, ease of use, and pure utility of the NaviPack LiDAR navigation module makes integrating control for vehicles and robots easier and cheaper than ever before. What makes NaviPack different from other LiDAR systems begins […]

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Teledyne DALSA presents its innovation for machine vision at ITE 2016

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in machine vision technology, will showcase its Calibir Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) radiometric camera, its multi-line CMOS color Piranha XL camera and will provide a preview of its new Xtium-CXP PX8 frame grabber at the International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment (ITE Japan 2016). The […]

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Global motion control shipments increase 5% in the first nine months of 2016

Global shipments for motion control products increased by five percent to $2.4 billion in the first nine months of 2016, according to new statistics released by the Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA), the industry’s trade group. “After a contraction in 2015, it is encouraging to see a return to growth for the motion control […]

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Sercos slave prototyping with EasySlave Kit for Arduino

Sercos International, provider of the Sercos® automation bus, presented Sercos slave prototyping with EasySlave kit for Arduino. Arduino is a physical computing platform that is enjoying strongly growing popularity in research and teaching and also in the implementation of IoT concepts. The special thing about Arduino is that the boards are inexpensive and both hardware […]

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No Need for Speed: More innovation needed before adopting automated vehicles

By Wade Trappe | Professor of electrical and computer engineering at Rutgers University We spend a considerable amount of time driving—to work and home, for recreation and travel. Envisioning a completely autonomous world, we’ll be able to rent a vehicle pre-programmed to take us to a specified destination. Drivers will be able to disengage to read the newspaper […]

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Integrated IP65 stepper motors from Applied Motion Products

SWM integrated steppers from Applied Motion Products Inc. are IP65 rated drive+motor units, fusing step motor and drive components into a single splash proof and dustproof device. This space-saving design eliminates wiring and saves on cost over conventional motor and drive solutions. The SWM24 integrated steppers combine high torque NEMA 24 step motors with a […]

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Model Zero-Max VRT variable-ratio transmission dispenses with precise metering

Precise metering rates of seed and fertilizer in agricultural equipment is ensured with the latest model Zero-Max VRT™ Variable-Ratio Transmissions. Infinitely adjustable to lock in the rate, the VRT transmission ensures correct dispensing of seed and fertilizer. Zero-Max’s ground-driven system is the vital operating link between advanced control systems such as GPS (global position systems) […]

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Compact linear piezo stages offer nanometer resolution and extended travel ranges

Engineers and scientists working in the fields of nano-biotechnology, metrology, and photonics run applications that require nanometer precision and ultra-fine adjustment, often in confined spaces. To meet those requirements, PI, a lead manufacturer of nanopositioning and motion control solutions, provides its compact linear piezo positioners – P-620.1 to P-629.1 – of the PIHera family consisting […]

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How linear force-current relationships from linear motors improve motion

Applying an electric motor is easier when one knows what it will output for a given input. The simpler it is to predict that, the more elegant and robust the design. To this end, some linear motors have linear force-current relationships so engineers don’t need to accommodate nonlinear effects through approximation or additional terms in […]

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Opto 22 announces relationship with Dell to develop and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) applications

Industrial automation manufacturer and Internet of Things (IoT) application toolset provider Opto 22 announces that it has joined the Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program. This relationship provides a product and solution ecosystem for connecting real-world signals and industrial “things” to the digital world of information technology, mobile, and cloud computing. A technology revolution is gaining […]

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Airpot introduces 5.6 mm bore anti-stiction cylinder

Airpot Corp. now sellsMP5 Airpel Plus — the newest, smallest bore cylinder in its Airpel family of Anti-Stiction air cylinders. With a bore size of only 5.6 mm and a maximum outside diameter of 9.8 mm, MP5 is for low-force pneumatic actuation requiring the most sensitive pressure response and precise, accurate, gram-level force control. MP5 Airpel is […]

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US Digital introduces new high resolution E4T optical encoders at SPS IPC Drives 2016

US Digital, a US manufacturer of quality motion control since 1980, today announced the addition of 400 and 500 cycles per revolution (CPR) resolutions to its existing E4T line of miniature optical encoders. Specifically designed for robotics, medical and other industrial automation applications, the new E4Ts deliver position and velocity feedback, while fitting National Electrical […]

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FactoryTalk TeamONE App from Rockwell Automation speeds plant diagnostics, collaboration with zero friction

When production experiences a glitch, there is not time for a lengthy process of discovery and finding colleagues. In many industrial operations today, plant-floor workers must deal with downtime events by connecting to the server, hopscotching between devices and data sources, running back and forth between information portals, and hunting down colleagues who have expertise […]

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Application story: Smart motors from maxon make high-tech e-bikes

Use of electronic bikes or e-bikes — those with power-assist and full drive capabilities — is exploding in Europe and now the Americas as more people than ever look for green modes of transportation in increasingly dense urban centers. Recently introduced to the world market, maxon motor makes an integrated drive (sometimes called a hub […]

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Opto 22 Digital I/O Carrier Board connects real-world industrial devices to millions of Raspberry Pi single-board computers with release of Digital I/O Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi

Industrial automation manufacturer and Internet of Things platform developer Opto 22 now sells a Digital I/O Carrier Board for the versatile Raspberry Pi single-board computer, enabling the Pi to sense or switch up to 16 individually selectable electrical loads ranging from 2.5 to 280 VAC/VDC, with solid-state power and reliability. This new carrier board adds the […]

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Continental plant in Ohio honored with ambassador of energy efficiency award

Continental’s St. Marys, Ohio, plant, its premier North American manufacturing facility for engineered products, recently received the Ambassador of Energy Efficiency award from Efficiency Smart, a Columbus-based company that assists companies with implementing energy-efficient products and services. “We are proud to receive this award,” said Frank Smith, St. Marys’ plant engineering manager.  “We had a […]

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Sercos TSN Demonstrator – Sercos over TSN makes its debut at this year’s SPS IPC Drives show in Nuremberg, Germany

Sercos International, provider of the Sercos automation bus, will demonstrate for the first time the transmission of the Sercos III real-time protocol via Ethernet standard IEEE 802.1 TSN (Time-Sensitive Networks) at the 2016 SPS IPC Drives show. The Sercos TSN Demonstrator was created by the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW, University […]

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HMI with CODESYS 3 PLC and visualization (from Turck)

Turck now offers an HMI with CODESYS 3 PLC — the TX500 HMI PLC. With high-end touch displays and fast processors, these HMIs are ideal for use in small- to medium-size machines whose processes have to be controlled, displayed and operated locally. Each TX500 is equipped with a Profinet master and EtherNet/IP scanner, as well as […]

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PITTMAN introduces DC022C series brush dc motor

PITTMAN a business unit of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, now offers the latest addition to its line of brush-commutated DC motors — the DC022C Series … a 22-mm diameter unit offered in three lengths with continuous output torques of 0.0056 to 0.141 Nm. More after the jump. The DC022C Series is offered with eight standard windings with special windings […]

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