IDEC releases world’s smallest safety laser scanner

IDEC Corporation introduces the SE2L Safety Laser Scanner, the world’s smallest, and the world’s first with master/slave functionality and dual protection zones. A laser scanner is a safety device that uses the reflection of laser beams to detect the presence of objects or people. The scanner is certified for use in safety applications including AGVs,

Dorner Announces Partnership with EQT Mid Market

Dorner Holding Company, the parent company of Dorner Mfg. Corp., FlexMove, and Geppert-Band has announced a new partnership with the EQT Mid Market US fund (“EQT Mid Market”). Dorner Mfg. Corp. was founded by the Dorner brothers in 1966. What started as a small tool and die shop has evolved to become an industry leader

Yes, your microwave could be spying on you

Kellyanne Conway, a senior counselor to President Donald Trump, recently made the claim that microwave [ovens] at Trump Tower were turned into cameras and used to spy on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Like many, at first I laughed at the suggestion. Then I thought about the Internet of Things (IoT). Regardless of the politics

Democratizing thermal modeling with a cloud-based simulation app

Bruce Jenkins, Ora Research This test project for high-performance computing (HPC) in the cloud was designed to explore how cloud HPC resources can help to speed up and enable high-performance finite element simulations carried out with COMSOL Multiphysics and COMSOL Server. The objective was to find out how HPC cloud providers can augment engineering organizations’ […]

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Siemens PLM Software releases version 5.0 of Kineo software

Version 5.0 of  Kineo software components is for path planning, collision detection and cable simulation. It includes: Kineo Flexible Cables – for modeling deformable cables during motion simulation KineoWorks Interact – a graphical user interface for developing Kineo-enabled applications quickly and easily KineoWorks and Kineo Collision Detector – a capabilities and implementation enhancements Kineo Flexible […]

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Morf3D adds three EOS additive systems to its lineup

Morf3D, a fully integrated additive manufacturing (AM) and engineering service provider, announced the latest addition to its Innovation Center with the acquisition of two EOS M 290 systems and an EOS M 400. These systems will support Morf3D’s anticipated production and new development contracts. They also expand Morf3D’s metal AM capacity at its 6,800 sq-ft […]

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Design for use, lessons in adapting tools to other cultures through CAD

Jean Thilmany, Contributing Editor A functional, well-designed item is a luxury, says Tim Prestero, founder and chief executive officer at Salem, Mass.-based Design That Matters. It’s not that functional items are hard to come by, but in impoverished areas of the world those items may not be designed to fit users’ needs. Medical equipment tends […]

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Using 3D printing instead of injection molding for fluid manifolds

The debate on whether to use injection molding or additive manufacturing for certain parts tends to support injection molding as the best answer. But with newer additive technologies, the case for using additive is getting stronger. Carbon’s CLIP technology, for example, can compete with injection molding in many applications. One example involves fluid manifolds, which […]

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Advancing prosthetics development with 3D printing

From makers to professional engineers, 3D printing has long been used to develop prosthetics because it can save time and money. It also helps stimulate innovative thinking, which led to this fully functional hydraulic prosthetic arm. Ben Ryan, founder of Ambionics, developed the prosthetic for his two-year-old son, Sol using a Stratasys multi-material, multi-color PolyJet […]

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Model Solution delivers prototypes in 7 days

Model Solution is a precision prototyping, tooling and low volume manufacturing service provider with an edge—the company likes to handle challenges, those unusual, custom parts that require out-of-the-box thinking. As part of the Laird group, Model Solution is building a facility in Milpitas, CA. In addition to its custom services, it also offers design validation […]

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The new face of machinery

Peter Thorne, Director, Cambashi There are new ways of interacting with connected products. Why build instrumentation and controls into machines if every user will have a tablet or phone? Just run an app to see the displays and buttons, and operate the machine. Manufacturers will change their approach to development, operations and service. Smartphones as

IoT: greasing the skids to the future

Toothbrushes with Wi-Fi connectivity. A hairbrush that listens as you brush your hair. (Why??) These are just a couple of the products revealed at the recent CES Show. Thanks to the IoT, products can meet a marketing goal of ensuring users have a “relationship” with products; which, it is hoped, will sell more stuff. A

How additive services can help you meet your prototyping needs

Proto Labs began as a quick turnaround service for subtractive manufacturing designs. Over the last few years, it has expanded its capabilities and offerings, primarily in stereolithography and metal laser sintering. So if you’re not familiar with how Proto Labs can help you use additive manufacturing to prototype parts, this short video will give you […]

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Additive Manufacturing Users Group announces Scholarship Recipients

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) announced the recipients of its scholarships. Dr. Haijun Gong, an assistant professor at Georgia Southern University (Statesboro, Ga.), has been awarded the Randy Stevens Scholarship. Claire Belson, a chemical engineering student at the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, Ala.), has been awarded the Guy E. Bourdeau Scholarship. With these recognitions, […]

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Working with metal materials for additive manufacturing

Perhaps more than any other manufacturing process, additive manufacturing works best when you match the material to the right additive process. Some of the challenges, though, are: –many additive processes suggest proprietary versions of materials — plus these materials often do not have sufficiently available documentation on their performance after undergoing an additive process –the […]

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Buy a car, get a 3D printed Death Trooper helmet

As part of the marketing of the Lucasfilm Rogue One, Nissan developed its 2017 Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition car. Included with this car is a limited edition 3D printed Death Trooper replica helmet, produced by 3D Systems Gentle Giant Studios in Burbank, CA. Lucasfilm approached frequent partner Gentle Giant Studios with […]

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Users of all ages learn additive and subtractive at STEM education

After 33 years as a technical educator, Glen Stevenson, says he’s still excited about what he sees his students do every day. Glen is currently overseeing the development and implementation of a rapid prototyping curriculum as department chair of the Advanced Manufacturing program at Saddleback College, a community college located in Mission Viejo, California. “It’s […]

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3D printing delivers orthotics and prosthetics in one day

Here’s the typical way a prosthesis is made: First you wrap fiberglass tapes around a patient’s limb. The tapes harden into a mold, which is then filled with plaster to make a model of the limb. Next, heated plastic is formed around the mode. The device is then hand-finished by smoothing the edges and attaching […]

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Hazards of technology prophecy: Failures of imagination, failures of nerve

Bruce Jenkins, Ora Research In his classic essay collection Profiles of the Future, Arthur C. Clarke identified two kinds of what he termed “hazards of prophecy”: failures of imagination, and failures of nerve. Today, nearly a fifth of the way into the twenty-first century, it’s striking how many engineering organizations—and how many technology analyst firms […]

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How Stratasys and Dassault Systèmes will improve additive manufacturing

Stratasys Ltd. announced that it is partnering with Dassault Systèmes to provide next generation design tools that improve the functionality, efficiency and weight ratio of additively manufactured production parts. The companies have collaborated on design and simulation capabilities for Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform which support Stratasys’ FDM 3D printers and materials. These capabilities include: Design […]

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Proto Labs introduces rapid insert molding

Proto Labs Inc. (NYSE: PRLB), a leading online and technology-enabled quick-turn manufacturer, officially launched its insert molding service at Pacific Design & Manufacturing in Anaheim this week, expanding on the company’s rapid injection molding offerings. This new capability can produce 25 to 10,000-plus insert-molded parts in 15 days or less. “We’re delighted to now be […]

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Onshape launches sheet metal design tools

Onshape, a leading professional 3D CAD platform for Agile Product Design, introduces sheet metal design capabilities. The cloud-based design tools enable faster creation and refinement of sheet metal parts with simultaneous generation of editable, synchronized flat, folded and tabular views. “This has been one of the most highly anticipated enhancements requested by our customers,” says […]

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Fast prototyping gets products to market fast

At the Center for Advanced Design (CAD), a product development firm in Minnesota, a team of design engineers specializes in creating complex surface geometry for the plastics industry. The agile team of six handles everything from industrial design concepts and digital sketching to assisting clients with implementation by building production tooling. Their ability to advance […]

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Stratasys targets professional prototyping with engineering-grade 3D printers

Stratasys introduced new tools to help CAD users get to market faster at SOLIDWORKS World 2017 today. These tools are three professional, versatile and fast FDM-based 3D printers—the F123 Series (F170, F270 and F370).   Stratasys developed these printers to address user needs for ease of use, greater accessibility and printers that offer more material choices. […]

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Simulation Is Becoming Democratized—At Last (Part 3)

This third and final installment in this series focuses on a revolutionary new generation of fit-for-purpose, product-specific and often user-organization-specific simulation “apps.” By placing advanced simulation and analysis technologies “under the hood” from the user’s perspective, simulation apps are making unprecedented powers of automated design exploration, optimization, synthesis and validation accessible, usable and safe for […]

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