Shifting to threads delivers better performance for ejector

When working with a patient, the last thing a dentist or dental hygienist should worry about is the saliva ejector. But if a lever gets bumped, an adapter is dropped, or a straw pops out of place, time and focus are drawn away from the patient to fix the issue. SecureTip is a manufacturer of

Design Manager, STAR-Innovate add fully integrated design exploration, optimization to Siemens’ STAR-CCM+

Bruce Jenkins, Ora Research Two new, seamlessly integrated features in the latest release of Siemens’ STAR-CCM+ software for multiphysics computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation and analysis enable automated product design exploration and optimization. One is Design Manager, a capability in STAR-CCM+ version 12.04 that lets users easily explore multiple design options within their CFD simulations. […]

3 tips on optimizing additive support structures

Support structures can make or break a 3D print, but they are absolutely necessary, especially with parts that have complex geometries and overhangs. With support structures, material use goes down saving time and money. Support structures also reduce scarring and improve print surface finish. Here are several tips to optimize support structures, courtesy of Blake […]

In 3D printing, what is residual stress?

In some 3D printing/additive manufacturing processes, the object goes under repeated expansion and contraction from the heating and cooling of the build process. This repeated heating and cooling can lead to residual stress—a result that shows up as cracks, warpage, and other forms of deformation in an object. In these situations, the additive process is […]

America Makes celebrates five years

America Makes proudly announces that it will commemorate the progress and contributions the Institute has made to advance the additive manufacturing (AM) industry on its fifth birthday on Wed., August 16th, at 2:00 p.m., at its Innovation Factory in Youngstown. Both America Makes Executive Director Rob Gorham and Founding Director Ralph Resnick will speak at […]

Have 3D printer, will make

For some, it might be counterintuitive to see how a low-cost 3D printer can become a serious manufacturing machine. But creative users are finding many innovative ways. One, for example, is Voodoo Manufacturing, a 3D printing service provider out of New York. The company launched Project Skywalker to reduce the cost of 3D printing and […]

How to 3D print unbreakable threads

When it comes to making objects with an additive printer, the obvious or assumed natural part orientation is not always the best choice. Here’s a good example of thinking about part orientation differently. When Zack Slezak, engineering intern at 3D Platform, needed to create a bracket for a filament sensor for an additive manufacturing printer, […]

3D printing a custom home for Hermit Crabs

Stratasys Ltd., a global leader in applied additive technology solutions, announced that special effects company, Artem Ltd. overcame traditional design challenges to create realistic miniature houses and shells for its ‘Crab World’ TV campaign, thanks to Stratasys multi-material, multi-color 3D printing technology. The charming advert for UK property website, Zoopla, was shot on a beach […]

What does part density mean in additive manufacturing?

Density in additively made parts refers to the porosity of a part and is usually an issue with laser sintered additive technology. (see what is porosity) Some parts require as high a density as possible in application. Parts that must operate under cyclic loading must be strong (dense) enough so as not to fatigue or […]

Optomec announces availability of 3D Printing recipes for LENS and Aerosol Jet customers

Optomec, a leading global supplier of production grade additive manufacturing (AM) systems for 3D Printed Metals and 3D Printed Electronics, announced availability of more than two dozen starter recipes to help customers speed implementation of additive manufacturing solutions.  Developed by Optomec application experts, these recipes will help Optomec LENS and Aerosol Jet customers select and […]

Sciaky joins Siemens PLM Software Solution Partner Program as a Software and Technology Partner

Sciaky, Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) and provider of metal additive manufacturing (AM) solutions, announced it will adopt product lifecycle management (PLM) software technology from Siemens to support its industry-leading Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) solution. This means that Sciaky can now offer its current and future customers a solution that […]

NVBOTS expands focus on 3D printing for incubator spaces

New Valence Robotics (NVBOTS), the provider of Built to Share automated 3D printing solutions, announced it is expanding its lead in supplying 3D printing capability to incubator spaces. NVBOTS is increasing its focus on enabling incubator spaces to feature 3D printing capabilities to their residents because of the unique sharing capabilities of the NVPro. Shared […]

DP Technology announces premiere of ESPRIT Additive Suite at EMO

Designed to simplify the additive manufacturing process from 3D CAD model to printed part, the ESPRIT Additive Suite will feature programming, optimization and simulation for direct metal deposition, 3D powder bed, and subtractive manufacturing. DP Technology today announced the world premiere of the ESPRIT Additive Suite — a comprehensive 3D printing solution that delivers high […]

Proto Labs expands 3D Printing service with HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology

Proto Labs (NYSE: PRLB), a global leader in technology-enabled, rapid manufacturing, has announced the addition of Multi Jet Fusion to its suite of 3D printing technologies. The production-grade 3D printing technology, developed by HP, builds fully functional plastic prototypes and production parts with accelerated speed, detailed precision, and consistent mechanical properties. Due to Proto Labs’ […]

Industrial IoT Acceleration Plans from GE Digital: “Maximize the return on your IIoT investments—accelerate your path to ROI”

Bruce Jenkins, Ora Research “Digital industrial transformation requires more than just installing new software—it requires the adoption and utilization of new tools and solutions across your enterprise,” says GE Digital, developer of the Industrial IoT platform Predix. “Built by industry for industry,” says GE, “Predix is the Industrial Internet platform that connects your organization’s physical […]

3D printing moves to conquer golf club production

The KD-1 is the first 3D printed driver head made from Windform high performance 3D printing materials and a precision CNC machined Titanium striking face. The drive was made by CRP Technology (CRP Group’s 3D printing specialized division) and CRP Meccanica (CRP Group’s CNC machining company). This performance driver golf club has been co-engineered by […]

Unmanaged Etherenet switch for edge-level applications

The LNP-1002G-10G-SFP-24 is industrial-grade equipment that is Ethernet ready for edge-level networking applications in harsh and outdoor environments. This device supports high-density Ethernet port connectivity, 10G fiber backbone, long-distance data transmission, and has a superb reliability factor. It offers high-density for eight full gigabit Ethernet ports with PSE: 30W per port and two 10G SFP+

Plug and play entry-level unmanaged Ethernet switches for harsh environments

These DIN-rail-mount unmanaged Ethernet switches offer a reliable, robust, and cost-effective solution to most of the simple network topologies. With IP30 rating, all of the unmanaged switches are certified for Industrial EMC (EN61000-6-4 and EN61000-6-2), and support redundant power-input for enhanced safety that can be connected simultaneously to a range of dc power sources. If

Make serial devices network capable

Line of serial device servers and gateways deliver an easy and cost-effective way to connect control systems and field devices. This family of serial device servers and gateways support most common industrial protocols, with various combinations of HART, HART IP, Profinet, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Raw/ASCII, and EtherNet/IP. These serial device servers brings the serial

Connectivity and control at the edge

The SeaConnect 370 IoT edge device lets users monitor and control processes and trigger actions with SeaCloud, a cloud-based, built-in event engine. This edge device is suitable for a variety of applications including asset management, data acquisition, environmental monitoring and facility management. The SeaConnect 370 features two Form C relays, four digital inputs (wet or

Accelerate digital transformation

DiRXNTM (pronounced “Direction”) is a digital productivity platform based on the integration of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and e-commerce technologies. DiRXNTM directly connects customers to data and information that allows them to optimize productivity across all stages of product lifecycles. The DiRXN platform delivers on operational savings and metric-driven goals, including mean time between

Wide temperature, high capacity SSD

The SQF-640 series supports up to one terabyte of high capacity memory and is available in both normal and extended temperature versions. This product series not only supports mainstream MLC flash technology but will extend the support for 3D V-NAND technology. SSD technology supports higher performance than it used to and even small form factor

In the IIoT era, what do your motors really do?

The Industrial Internet of Things presents manufacturing managers with a conundrum. Most food manufacturing and processing plants have motors powering essential equipment such as mixers, conveyors and packaging machines. These motors are just motors and do not play in the same league as the other intelligent or IoT enabled devices in their factories. With years

Encoder helps make packaging machines operate faster

The Sendix F58 encoders combine certified EtherNet/IP support with patented mechanical and electro-optic technologies for accuracy and reliability. These optical absolute single- and multi-turn EtherNet/IP encoders have a diameter of 58 mm. The encoders have a RPI time as low as 1 ms, which allows them to transmit position data about 5 times faster than

Sealing system keeps tunnel industry digging

Tunnels are getting larger, deeper, and excavated in more challenging conditions. There is also growing pressure to successfully complete these projects while meeting increasing demands for performance, on-schedule delivery, and safety. However, on many projects, concrete tunnel segments are fitted with rubber gaskets onsite and secured using adhesive, which can lead to time-consuming and cost-intensive