Koford debuts 60-mm diameter 2-pole slotless brushless motor

Koford Engineering LLC has introduced a new 48-V 2-pole 60-mm diameter slotless sensorless brushless motor. The motor features 512 W continuous output at 15,792 rpm at 48 V with a peak motor efficiency of 93%. The 24-V version outputs 256 W at 7,560 rpm and has a peak efficiency of 92%. These motors are also […]

Where do chain drives still make sense?

Chain drives are a tried and true method of linear actuation and are used in much industrial machinery. A typical chain drive consists of two key components; a chain and a sprocket. The chain itself is composed of several components including a pin, bushing, roller, pin link plate, and a roller link plate. The chain […]

PI intros compact 6-axis motion controller for high-precision positioning

PI (Physik Instrumente) has released a new 6-axis servo motor controller, the C-884 DC. Most modern precision motion systems are driven by servo motors, because they provide high torque, fast acceleration, smooth motion with a wide dynamic speed range, and fast start stop performance.  PI’s compact C-884 DC motion controller can run brushless servo motors […]

New organization promotes no-charge, open-source interface technology for industrial control systems

POSITAL FRABA has announced that it is participating as a founding member of the BiSS Association e.V., a new organization dedicated to encouraging the use of the BiSS family of open-source industrial communications protocols. BiSS communications protocols were developed by the German company iC-Haus GmbH as an efficient and feature-rich digital interface for communications between […]

Gen 2 linear slide actuators from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added second generation (Gen 2) linear motion slide actuators to its SureMotion line of motion control products. The SureMotion lineup includes both motor-ready actuator assemblies and an assortment of sliding components and accessories to provide a wide variety of motion control solutions for X-Y and X-Y-Z positioning systems. The new Gen 2 Compact […]

Linear motion FDA wash-down compliant components selection guide from LM76

A helpful component selection guide from LM76, “Linear Bearings, 6 Simple Steps – FDA Compliance, Wash Down Compliance,” details the linear motion components available from LM76 that are FDA/UDSA/3A-Dairy compliant. Included are: Foodstream electrodeless nickel plated pillow blocks, PTFE lined stainless steel bearings, ceramic coated linear bearings, self-aligning corrosion resistant linear ball bearings, and Thomson® […]

New catalog of custom engineered precision motion systems from PI

PI (Physik Instrumente) offers a new catalog on capabilities regarding engineered motion and automation solutions for high-tech industries such as photonics, precision optics, semiconductor and medical engineering.  What sets PI’s engineered motion systems division apart is their in-house access to the broadest and deepest portfolio of precision motion technologies. Creative-thinking engineers with vast experience selecting […]

Direct-drive motor designs: What variations are there?

The most basic definition of a direct-drive motor is a type of design that allows the motor to be connected directly to the driven load. Doing so eliminates mechanical transmission elements that tend to add compliance into a drive system such as gears, couplings, belts and pulleys, and chain drives. Direct-drive motors are sometimes also […]

What is PC control for motion?

Motion controller architectures can be one of several types. Among the most common are stand-alone controllers and PC-based control. PC control for motion typically takes the form of so-called industrial PCs. These feature processors just like a typical PC but a lot of the other components are ruggedized and designed for operation in an industrial […]

Open aperture voice coil stage features 1 micron positioning resolution

The compact HCDS-025-038-02-B1-01 Voice Coil Stage from Moticont has a footprint of just 2.000 in. (54.0 mm) wide by 5.000 in. (127.0 mm) long and features a positioning resolution of 1 micron and a 0.125 in. (3.175 mm) open aperture. This precision cross roller stage has a 0.97 in. (24.6 mm) range of motion with […]

MAXXDRIVE industrial gear units from NORD now in more sizes

NORD Drivesystems recently added two new sizes to the MAXXDRIVE line. The new 133,000 & 177,000 in-lb nominal torque units are a well-received addition to the now 11-member family, complementing the larger units and promising even greater flexibility to system designers. The entire MAXXDRIVE line is modular, and can be configured with a wide array […]

Brother Gearmotors to showcase new right-angle hypoid gearing brushless dc gearmotors at Process Expo

Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation, will showcase its new line of brushless dc electric gearmotors (BLDC) at Process Expo, September 19-22 in Chicago. Brother Gearmotors will be located at Booth #4302. Also known as electronically commutated motors, Brother’s portfolio of brushless dc gearmotors are suitable for environments requiring virtually maintenance-free operation and […]

Why are servo drives also called servo inverters, amplifiers, and controllers?

In answering this question, it may be easiest to begin with the term “servo drive” itself. If we start with the term “drive”, here’s what a drive does in a servo system. It basically takes an input signal from a controller and amplifies that signal which is then sent to the motor. And in that […]

New mid-size, compact linear actuator from LINAK U.S.

LINAK has launched a powerful new actuator, the LA33. The electric linear actuator is a mid-range powerhouse built upon 35 years of specialized knowledge accumulated at LINAK. The LA33 shares the same advantageous features of all the actuators in the LINAK family including the LINAK Integrated Controller, Hall sensors for relative and absolute feedback, proportional […]

Force-controlled actuator from ETEL for semiconductor applications

ETEL’s new ZAO Force-Controlled Actuator adds to its broad range of advanced motion systems. Among other applications, ZAO is suited for semiconductor pick and place, die bonding and probing machines. Coupled with ETEL’s AccurET controller, the ZAO Force-Controlled Actuator is a state-of-the-art solution that reduces machine cost of ownership while taking up the next force […]

A lubrication tutorial

In any system with moving parts, lubrication is essential. Lubrication functions to reduce friction, which dissipates heat and protects components from corrosion and wear. Lubricants are typically classified as either one of two kinds; oils or greases. Oil-based lubricants can be made from petroleum sources or newer synthetic oils. Greases have an oil base to […]

POWERLINK family of servo amplifiers feature output to 27.4 kW

The Ethernet POWERLINK family of DigiFlex Performance (DP) digital servo drives from Advanced Motion Controls provide a wide range of options for servo system solutions. DPP/DZP drives deliver peak power output from 1.5 to 27.4 kW, and support an array of feedback and motor options, offering a versatile blend of cutting edge technology and proven […]

BLDC motor: Marketing jargon or more?

The term brushless dc motor (or BLDC motor) is common lingo in the industrial world. The question is, does it make any sense? Perhaps a little history can help here. The first brushless dc motors were marketed as such because they functioned as drop-in replacements for brush dc motors. There were a number of technological […]

Mitsubishi Electric, Bimba collaborate on turnkey motion solutions

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. and Bimba Manufacturing Co. have announced a collaboration that will combine Mitsubishi Electric’s industrial automation technology with Bimba’s motion control solutions. This arrangement brings together Mitsubishi Electric’s servomotors and control products with Bimba’s electric mechanical actuators. The relationship will allow both companies to benefit from each other’s strong presence in the […]

New electro-hydraulic motion controllers with quadrature encoder capability from Delta Computer Systems

Delta Computer Systems has introduced a new quadrature encoder input module (Q4) for the RMC200 motion controller. The RMC200, which handles up to 32 axes, is the newest and most capable member of Delta’s RMC family of closed-loop electro-hydraulic motion controllers. Each Q4 module has four incremental quadrature encoder input channels (A, B and Z) […]

Quality control questions to ask your low-volume manufacturer

Low-volume manufacturing companies are pushing the boundaries of manufacturing. Asking them a few key questions will help ensure quality results. Gordon Styles Star Prototype Manufacturing Co., Ltd China Low-volume manufacturing generally refers to the production of 50 to 100,000 maximum parts, depending on the process, tooling and materials being used. It lets product developers take

CB-Hand Locking Handle Kit from Accuride

Accuride announces the release of the CB-Hand Locking Handle Kit, a system designed to add lock-in and lock-out features to drawers or trays mounted on heavy-duty slides. The locking feature is a one-handed operation that is easily activated with a centrally located push button. There are two product options: a standard front-mounted kit with lock-in

Medical Design Excellence Award Recognizes CGI as Key Supplier for SynCardia

CGI, Inc, the leading manufacturer of custom gearheads and robotic solutions, today announced itsrecognition as a key supplier for the Freedom® portable driver, which won a 2012 Medical Design Excellence Award. Manufactured and submitted by SynCardia Systems, Inc., the Freedom portable driver was awarded a Bronze in the Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Products category.

Elmo Releases Gold Drum Servo Drive

Elmo has launched the Gold Drum HV 100/800 – a 60 KW, high-performance, wide bandwidth servo drive yet with a very high-efficiency of around 99%. The Gold Drum HV 100/800 is EtherCAT and CANOpen compliant and, in conjunction with Elmo’s Gold Maestro, creates a high-level, real-time, multi-axis network. Elmo’s ‘go-standard’ policy, allows easy expansion, upgrading,

IE4 Super Premium Efficiency Permanent Magnet Motor from Bauer Gear Motor

Bauer Gear Motor demonstrated its ability to deliver high levels of energy saving and reduced costs for industry at Hannover 2012, with its range of PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motors). The PMSM motors already fulfill the requirements of the soon- to- be- implemented IE4 (Super Premium Efficiency) classification. This is evidenced by their potential to