RIGOL Announces new Custom Chipset and Oscilloscope Architecture

Today RIGOL Technologies continues its 19 year history of Test and Measurement innovation with the announcement of its new Phoenix Oscilloscope chipset and the Ultravision II oscilloscope architecture.  These technology innovations, years in development, will help transform the RIGOL portfolio allowing RIGOL to address the needs of higher performance applications.   There are three chips

Miniature LVDT sensors provide accurate position/path measurements in tight spaces

The new Inelta ILAT Series Miniature LVDT Sensors provide precision measurements of position and path in the range of single-digit millimeters.  The sensors of this series are available in Models ILAT 2, ILAT4 and ILAT10 for the exact measurements of ±1 mm, ±2 mm or ±5 mm traveling distances. Owing to their tiny dimensions with […]

Rocker switches carry 10-A/12-Vdc ratings, include elastomer membrane versions

APEM’s KR and KL rocker switches feature an up-to-date design with a large selection of colors and markings, extreme robustness and high ratings. KR and KL series new options are: 20 Amp version The KR and KL series are now available with 20A 12VDC rating (6.35 quick-connect terminals only). With such a high rating, our

ATLANTA Drive Systems Introduces New Economy Planetary Reducers

ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce a new range of Economy Planetary Reducers, offering good performance with an economical price level. Design features include standard low backlash, high power density, smooth operation and mounting to most servo motors (IEC, NEMA). They are available in four sizes with reduction ratios from 5:1 to 70:1

Understand Quality Validations for Injection Molded Components

When working to validate injection molded components, it is essential to understand how your supplier will address how they can assist you with validation activities by sharing their expertise, experience and previous validation processes. Your company 510K application is a pre-market submission made to the FDA. This is done to demonstrate a device is safe,

International TechneGroup announces CADfix Plant & Process Simplification (PPS) Software

Global interoperability solution leader, International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI), introduces the CADfixTM Plant & Process Simplification (PPS) software solution. CADfixTM PPS is a new, user-friendly solution – built on a proven CAD model translation, repair, healing, defeaturing and simplification platform – to help plant and process design engineers achieve up to 70% reduction in engineering design […]

The S1A Alliance Sensors Group’s Most Advanced AC-LVDT Signal Conditioner

H.G. Schaevitz LLC dba Alliance Sensors Group introduces the S1A AC-LVDT Signal Conditioner that offers smart and fast LVDT setup with built-in null indication and simple front panel pushbuttons to set zero and full scale.  Engineered to work with the widest range of AC-LVDTs, RVDTs and inductive half-bridge sensors including 3-wire GE LVRTs and GE gas […]

Alliance Sensors Group’s LVIT Linear Position Product Line Expands into Additional Markets

Alliance Sensors Group a div of H.G. Schaevitz LLC linear position product-line of LVITs (Linear Variable Inductive Transducer) has broadened to include three series, each targeting different applications. LVITs are contactless devices designed for factory automation and a variety of heavy duty industrial or commercial applications such as solar cell positioners, wind turbine prop pitch […]

Industrial Mobile Operator Interface Now Provides Trending Data

Industrial automation manufacturer and Internet of Things platform developer Opto 22 has announced groov 3.4, an update to its mobile operator interface system. With this new version of groov, operators can trend a lot more data over a much longer period: up to 5 years. groov’s built in trend gadget now offers an interactive type

Contactless Thumbwheel Roller Works in Joysticks and Industrial HMIs

Curtiss-Wright Industrial division has announced the launch of the JC050, a Hall-effect thumbwheel roller that is suitable for integration within joystick hand-grips and other in-cab human-machine interfaces (HMI) in specialty off-highway vehicles. Designed by the Corporation’s brand family of Penny & Giles, the JC050 features a low under-panel depth of 23mm and return-to-center functionality over

Fiber-Optic Temperature Measurement Covers -200° to +300°C, Includes USB, RS232 and SPI Interfaces

Debuting at Sensors Expo (June 28-29, 2017), Micronor and Optocon AG have collaborated to create the FOTEMP1-OEM-MNT; a low cost, small form factor, single channel signal conditioner that seamlessly integrates Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing into any industrial control system, medical instrumentation or other OEM design. The compact FOTEMP1-OEM-MNT controller works with all TS series fiber optic temperature sensors, a […]

Rockwell Automation Delivers New Tools for Instant Device Analytics and Plant-Floor Collaboration

  Smart devices have created connections across industrial operations with the potential to empower plant or distributed workers. For many producers going through a digital transformation, these modern tools can take too long to deploy, with too much investment required to decipher and deliver relevant data to the right employees. Rockwell Automation is enabling teams

Precision Digital MEMS Inclinometer Designed for Industrial Use

Introducing the JDI-100/200 inclinometer series, the latest addition to Jewell Instruments’ MEMS sensor line. Made in-house, this ruggedized inclinometer includes digital output and full temperature compensation across all measuring ranges which enables the unit to perform to 0.005° accuracy. The JDI-100/200 series utilizes MEMS technology to measure tilt in either single (JDI-100) or dual-axis (JDI-200). ±1°, […]

Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s GT2107 Wide HMI Improves System Visibility and Performance

Driven by end user demand for improved visualization into their automation solutions portfolio, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. has introduced the GT2107 Wide Series Human Machine Interface (HMI). The GT2107 is an interface that monitors and controls machine components with a graphical touchscreen that connects to equipment such as PLCs, VFDs and servos. This compact HMI

Linear LED Luminaire Comes With IP 68 Rating

Barthelme LED Solutions has developed a fully encapsulated plastic linear LED luminaire. As a result, the Nuremberg company offers a genuine alternative to conventional linear luminaires with metal housing. The leading edge LED technology in the AQUALUC S:OLID is protected by a closely meshed polyurethane-ceramic encapsulation which shields it from its surroundings. The luminaire has a rating

Establishment of a CLPA Working Group on Industrial Ethernet Security

Recently, the IT and OT worlds have started to overlap. While this has brought many benefits to manufacturing, it also means that plant staff now also needs to consider IT security threats to their operations. Actual measures for reducing those risks need to be considered and implemented. From the factory system point of view, it

Advantech Launches Wide Temperature High Capacity mSATA and M.2 Industrial SSD

Advantech’s IIoT Automation Group is pleased to announce the launch of its latest SQFlash 640 product series with SQF-SMS 640 mSATA SSD and SQF-SM8 640 M.2 2280 SSD modules. The SQF-640 series supports up to one terabyte of high capacity memory and is available in both normal and extended temperature versions. This new product series

Tsubaki’s New and Improved Attachment Chain Configurator Includes More Functionality and Enhances the Overall User Experience

Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC is pleased to announce that it is launching a new and improved Attachment Chain Configurator on its website. Tsubaki was the first chain manufacturer to offer an Attachment Chain Configurator to its customers which allowed users to configure the attachment chain needed, download CAD files and request a quote for that

Eaton Heavy Duty Safety Switches Provide Enhanced Safety and Reliability with Integrated Surge Protection

Power management company Eaton today announced the launch of its heavy duty safety switches with surge protection, the latest in its expanding portfolio of switching devices. Combining Eaton’s heavy duty safety switches with integrated surge protective devices (SPD) courtesy of the Eaton SP1 and CVX series, this packaged solution provides contractors and end users with

Stäubli introduces cutting-edge collaborative robots at Automate 2017

Stäubli introduced its new TX2 line of collaborative robots to the North American market at the Automate trade show in Chicago, ushering in a new era of Man-Robot Collaboration (MRC). The line of six-axis machines and corresponding CS9 safety control are just two of several innovations on display from the leading provider of fluid and […]

Acopian Power Supplies Named a 2017 Raytheon Supplier Excellence Program Award Winner

Acopian Power Supplies modified-standard and custom power supplies, today announced that it has received the 4-Star Supplier Excellence Award for 2017 from Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) business. Of Raytheon’s more than 3,500 supplier partners participating in the annual event, only 84 were granted 4-Star honors for outstanding performance.  The award was presented at Raytheon’s

SS-7 Series LVIT Inductive Linear Sensors for High Pressure, Subsea Hydraulic Cylinders Position Feedback

Alliance Sensors Group is pleased to announce the introduction of the SS-7 series LVIT (Linear Variable Inductive Transducer) designed for subsea environments and the demands of Oil and Gas Exploration. Ruggedness, ease installation and the ability simply set the end points in the field lowers the cost of ownership is dramatically reduced without sacrificing accuracy […]

Fast and flexible automation

Phoenix Contact introduces Axioline, a real-time control and remote I/O system for high-speed data acquisition common in machine-building applications. Like all Phoenix Contact controllers, Axiocontrol (AXC) is programmed using PC WORX, an IEC 61131 programming language. The platform includes PROFINET master or slave operation, easy I/O configuration, and “last-breath” operation in the event of power

Photoelectric Sensors with PointSpot Beam

Carlo Gavazzi is pleased to announce the new PD30CN Series Photoelectric Sensors with PointSpot Beam. The visible red light narrow beam makes detection more accurate and allows detection of smaller objects, if compared to standard sensors, but larger than those a laser can detect.  When compared to laser sensors, the PointSpot beam is not only more economical, […]

3D Printing Motion Sub-Systems

NUTEC introduces a modular high performance 3-/4 Axis Gantry systems with travel ranges from 50mm to 600mm. Precision ballscrew drives or linear motors are user choices depending on desired performance characteristics. Both versions use servo drive technology to facilitate adaption to a wide range of operating conditions and enabling 24/7 operations. Architectures are available as