Motor Selection & Gearbox Matching Tech Tip

Motor Selection & Gearbox Matching Please complete the form below to unlock Design World’s Tech Tips E-Book.         In this Tech Tip E-Book, access resources on servo selection, tips for quiet gear motor operation, gearbox matching, basics of motor selection and more on motors. Included are case studies for automotive and medical

Robotic Car Valet: Residential Automated Parking Garage Debuts in Los Angeles

Good news for Los Angeles residents looking for a parking spot after a grueling commute; the first of its kind automated parking garage broke ground this month in Van Nuys, CA. The 16 car capacity system brings an industrial (and compact) approach to residential auto parking and sports a modern, simple user interface to make

How to Choose the Right Bus for Your Measurement System

You have hundreds of different data acquisition (DAQ) devices to choose from, each with a variety of compatible buses. It can be difficult to select the right bus for your application needs. Each bus has different advantages and is optimized for throughput, latency, portability, or distance from a host. This podcast examines the most common PC bus options and

How to choose the right sensor for your measurement system

Design World Editorial Director Paul J. Heney discusses all things sensors with Jim Schwartz, CompactDAQ Product Marketing Engineer for National Instruments. Schwartz explains the types of sensors available, what they do, common measurements that they take and what kind of signals are created for each. In addition, he talks about some of the issues that