Cast polyurethane parts for high-impact, high-wear applications

Edited by Mike Santora When a Dutch ship builder required a new slipway liner that could handle a speedboat exiting and entering its offshore patrol vessel through a rear bay, the company selected a custom polyurethane from Argonics, a producer of wear-resistant urethane products, over other materials. The Dutch shipbuilder’s new urethane slipway liner was

Ultra-large spherical roller bearing from Schaeffler

Schaeffler has developed the world’s first sealed 241/1250 spherical roller bearing. Featuring an outside diameter of nearly two meters, the ultra-large 241/1250 bearing was specifically designed for the highest-capacity High-pressure Grinding Roll Crushers (HPGRs) used by the mining industry. Previously only available in an open configuration (i.e., without seals), Schaeffler’s new sealed version of this […]

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When bearings don’t work up to their potential

By Steve Katz, Action Bearing Boston Emerson Bearing Boston Edited by Mike Santora When specifying the correct bearing to use in an application, there are critical factors to take into consideration such as: · Envelope dimensions · Axial and Radial loads to be carried · Speed limits · Inch or Metric design · Lubrication criteria […]

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H-Track actuators for mobile off-highway and industrial applications

Warner Linear has developed the new H-Track electric actuator with self-contained hydraulic actuation for power dense actuators used in industrial and mobile off-highway applications including mower deck lifts, snow plow blades, agricultural sprayer booms and UTV dump beds. The electric H-Track actuator provides the performance of hydraulics without the space requirements and expense of a […]

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Schaeffler’s asymmetric spherical roller bearing for wind turbines

A compact tapered roller bearing unit, with a direct flange mounting facility, makes logistics and mounting significantly easier. Spherical roller bearings which have been optimized to the last µ and a new asymmetric spherical roller bearing allow wind turbines to generate energy even more reliably. All the forces from the wind act directly on the […]

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Osborn announces Product Marketing Manager, Load Runners

Osborn, a supplier of industrial brushes, polishing compounds and buffs, has announced Scott Scheider as product marketing manager for its Load Runners division of standard and custom idler rollers. As a product marketing manager, Scheider is responsible for the design and execution of research initiatives and market analysis for the complete Load Runners product portfolio. […]

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Structural bonding solutions for plastics

By Rachel B. Nashett, Application Engineer-Henkel Corporation Plastics have become an integral part of everyday life. It would be difficult to identify a manufacturing process that does not use plastics. Even products that appear to be composed exclusively of metals are usually coated, sealed, or adhesively joined using polymeric materials which improve the performance, appearance,

ICP coordinates nearly forty career events in 2016

Industrial Careers Pathway (ICP) assisted dozens of volunteer “ICP Ambassadors” to participate in 39 career events across North America in 2016. Any employee of an industrial distribution company with membership in one of nine ICP Alliance Partner trade associations can become an ICP Ambassador by volunteering. ICP Ambassadors are encouraged to represent their respective companies,

PTDA’s 3Q2016 sales history & outlook report

The third quarter Sales History & Outlook Report (SHOR) released by the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) shows power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) distributor sales have declined 1.9% from one year ago. However, leading indicators suggest that the declining trend in Distributors’ Total Sales will not persist through all of 2017. PTDA members participating in SHOR

Compact controllers provide precision to lab technology

By Terry Persun, Contributing Editor Tomtec has over forty years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of automated liquid handling equipment. Their Quadra4 is the latest to receive upgraded design components for a liquid handling workstation for life science workflows. The workstation is designed using a fixed-head, air displacement syringe design, which services a

Conveyor system helps cheese packer improve ergonomics

Edited by Mike Santora For employees packaging cheese on a tray line at Alpine Slicing & Cheese Conversion, the repetitive motion of reaching out and grabbing packaged cheese trays has a tremendous impact on their bodies. As for how to fix that, it’s a matter of inches. When it came time to expand its contract

Gear coupling inner tubes from Misumi

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Kohara Gear Industry coupling inner tubes from Misumi put the tooth surface high-frequency hardening as the outer cylinder of this easy attachable and detachable gear coupling. It is a durable product subjected to a chromate plating. Tooth type has applied crowning and it can be used up to a maximum of 5° even if there […]

Clean steel for bearings

Ovako provides bearing quality clean steel to many of the largest bearing manufacturers in the world. Control from start to finish Ovako is a fully integrated bearing steel producer. We control the whole chain of production, from melting the steel through rolling to producing a finished component. Our product range of tube, bar and ring […]

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LMI custom mixing expands with new mixer line

Lauren Manufacturing’s sister company, LMI Custom Mixing, LLC, has added a third mixing line to its operations that will help both companies meet long-term customer demands. LMI is a primary provider of polymer compounds used by Lauren Manufacturing to create custom sealing solutions for leading OEMs, designers and builders. This partnership allows Lauren to improve

IKO miniature bearings in more size and carriage options

IKO International has expanded the number of carriage sizes and options available for its line of miniature bearings. IKO currently offers some of the smallest commercially available miniature bearings, with sizes as small as 1 mm. To handle more robust applications, the company offers standard and wide rail options to its C-Lube Linear Way ML […]

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Multi-beam couplings

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The CLAAS Group is one of the world’s leading providers of harvesters, tractors, sowing machinery and agricultural systems. CLAAS Industrietechnik GmbH, based in Paderborn, Germany is part of the CLAAS Group that focuses on drive technology including gearboxes and hydraulics. CLAAS Industrietechnik needed a coupling solution for use in the transmission for its newest range […]

Replacing linear potentiometers

The Sensor Connection has expanded its sensor product offering by adding a line of ILPS-19 Series Inductive Linear Position Sensors using LVIT Technology; contactless devices designed for factory automation and a variety of industrial or commercial applications such as motor sport vehicles, automotive testing, solar cell positioners, wind turbine prop pitch and brake position, and […]

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Nye’s new bearing tester arrives

Bearings are one of the most important machine elements in the world, with billions in operation at any given second. Their operation is critical to carry and transport loads, while also allowing movement. From miniature bearings in computer fans, to under-hood automotive bearings, to large corrugator roller bearings, these elements have a huge impact on […]

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High-performance couplings for aeroderivative gas turbine

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The IHI Group, one of the largest engineering and manufacturing companies in Japan, specializes in large-scale power and construction projects. One aspect of its business is to take jet engines that were originally designed for aerospace applications and adapt them to generate electricity in land-based, combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plants. These efficient aeroderivative […]

Sure-Flex Plus couplings ANSI centrifugal pump packages

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Located in the greater Houston area, GPM Pump and Seal is a  provider of pumps, pump parts, mechanical seals and complete pump systems for various applications including oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, water and wastewater treatment. GPM has been specifying TB Wood’s Sure-Flex couplings for several years. Early on, the company used other couplings, but […]

Turboflex HS couplings for biomass-fired steam turbines

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A leading global provider of power generation technologies required coupling solutions for use on three steam turbines at a series of new biomass power plants located in the UK. The three geared reaction steam turbines include a 23 MW unit and a 45 MW unit that will be fired by waste wood, while a 50 […]

3D prototype service for proof-of-concept testing

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Prototype within hours Finshed part in 2 to 3 weeks Available for shaft collars, couplings and other mechanical components The Stafford 3-D Prototype Development Service lets users create a 3-D printed part from a drawing within a few hours and quickly test the form, fit and function to provide immediate feedback on proof-of-concept testing. Ideally […]

PC-Based AGVs support warehouse renovation

Relying on PC-based PLC system from Beckhoff, America in Motion’s iBOT Automatic Guidance Vehicles break new ground with path planning system. When one thinks about automated guided vehicles (AGVs), their imagination often stirs up images from science fiction. Tiny robots, scurrying about and completing the menial tasks of their human bosses. Today, we are seeing […]

GHS-19 Series spring-loaded LVIT

Alliance Sensors is introducing its GHS-19 series of spring-loaded LVIT (Linear Variable Inductive Transducer) gaging sensors. They are contactless devices designed for dimensional gaging and position measurements in factory automation and in various industrial and commercial applications such as automotive testing, mil/aero test stands, robotic arms, and packaging equipment, where the sensing element cannot be […]

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“One-Stop” super precision bearing info resource

Emerson Bearing Boston now serves as a “one-stop” bearing information resource for Original Equipment Manufacturers and Maintenance, Repair and Operations markets around the world. The company has announced the release of a collection of Super Precision Bearing resources to help customers stay current on advances in bearing technology while also assessing their industry application needs. […]

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