New smartCUTTER Increases Convenience of smartPRINTER

The new WAGO smartCUTTER automates cutting of marking material on the WAGO smartPRINTER. WAGO’s thermal transfer printer, already the fastest terminal block labeling system in the industry, is now even faster with automatic cutting. The compact smartPRINTER (Version 1.1) prints and cuts a wide range of marking materials for terminal blocks, cables or conductors and

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics Doubles Clean Room Manufacturing Capacity At Its Litchfield, Minnesota Facilities

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics announced that it has doubled its clean room manufacturing capacity at its Litchfield, Minnesota facilities. The expansion is in response to rapid growth of the company’s medical and pharmaceutical business. As a leading molder of high performance elastomers and thermoplastics to the medical device industry, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics added a

Weidmuller’s New Unique W-Series Power Distribution Blocks

Weidmuller announces the expansion of their line of IP 20 Power Distribution (WPD) Blocks. The design of the new blocks incorporates finger safety and offer reduced installation cost, when compared to conventional terminal blocks, by joining individual blocks to create small bus modules in the control cabinet. The new compact, single bus modules have the

CC-Link IE, the ‘Missing Link’ in Industry 4.0

Much of the promise of Industry 4.0 is based upon seamless interconnectivity between production machines, enterprise systems and sources of data in the wider world. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a key foundation of that interconnectivity, providing low cost, easily integrated sensors, actuators and systems. Yet in most production environments today, true integration

Remote Connectivity Among Features of Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s Newest Widescreen HMI

Demand for operational efficiencies such as greater visualization into a factory’s automation solutions portfolio has prompted Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. to introduce its latest human machine interface (HMI). The GT25 Wide HMI is an interface that monitors and controls machine components with a graphical touchscreen that connects to equipment such as PLCs, VFDs and servos.

Advanced New Instrument Enclosures Now With Bail Arms

METCASE’s advanced new TECHNOMET instrument enclosures can now be ordered with bail arms for portable electronics applications. The bail arm is comfortable to hold and also doubles as a desk stand which can be indexed in 30o increments. The 5.90” high desktop models also feature recessed side handles as standard. Applications for TECHNOMET include medical

New HEIDENHAIN SPECTO Gauge for In-Process Measurement Offers Time & Cost Savings

HEIDENHAIN is pleased to introduce the new HEIDENHAIN-SPECTO ST 3087 RC length gauge, optimally designed for measurement applications in harsh environments, e.g., in metal-cutting production areas. It has an IP 67 level ingress protection to allow parts to be measured directly at the grinding, cutting, or forming location, instead of removing them to quality islands

Teledyne DALSA Announces Production of Industry’s First Line Scan Polarization Camera

Teledyne DALSA, announced production of the new Polarization camera to its industry-leading Piranha™ family. First announced in Q2 2017, the Piranha4 Polarization camera is now in full production with improved performance. Polarization imaging significantly enhances detection capability in many demanding applications and represents a powerful new addition to system designers’ machine vision toolboxes. The Piranha4-2k

AutomationDirect adds BRX Analog I/O Expansion Modules

The versatile BRX PLC system from AutomationDirect combines powerful features in a compact, stand-alone footprint. One of the unique features of the BRX platform is its ability to expand its capability to fit the application. New analog I/O expansion modules are available in high-resolution current/voltage and temperature models.  Starting at $187.00, two 8-channel analog current

Hardy’s HI 1734-WS POINT I/O Weight Processing Modules Breathe New Life Into An Aging Machine

Hardy HI 1734-WS POINT I/O weight processing modules were recently deployed to economically replace older analog strain gage conditioners used to measure force on a pipe extrusion machine. Immediately, the HI 1734-WS modules dramatically reduced calibration and set-up time versus the older analog strain gage conditioners. With 96 channels of strain-gage inputs per machine, each

TECHSPEC® VIS-NIR Coated Achromatic Lenses Optimized to Correct on-axis Spherical and Chromatic Aberrations

Edmund Optics, introduces new TECHSPEC® VIS-NIR Coated Achromatic Lenses . These versatile lenses consist of two optical components cemented together to form a doublet and provide a low-cost alternative to air-spaced focusing doublets. They are corrected for on-axis spherical and chromatic aberrations. Nine new models of TECHSPEC® VIS-NIR Coated Achromatic Lenses have been added to

Robust and secure wireless 2.4 GHz I/O and Wi-Fi gateway modem –
 all in one single unit

Weidmuller introduces the WI-I/O-2-E-N-GBL, a wireless networking I/O and Wi-Fi gateway that accommodates multiple I/O nodes and extends communications to sensors and actuators in local, remote, or difficult to reach locations. The WI-I/O-2-E-N-GBL offers reliable and robust wireless technology with multiple benefits for industrial applications, including a simple web-based user interface, and a standards-based wireless

Danfoss variable frequency drives receive AHRI certification

Easy-to-use, energy-saving Danfoss VLT® HVAC Drives have been certified under AHRI Standard 1210/1211 for stated efficiency and performance Danfoss has received the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute’s (AHRI) certification for variable frequency drives, confirming the performance of its VLT® HVAC Drives based on rating standards. According to AHRI, certification under Standard 1210/1211 enables equipment users

JW Winco Introduces Leveling Feet in Hygienic Design, with Mounting Holes

JW Winco, Inc., A Ganter Company, announced it now offers GN 20 Leveling Feet in Hygienic Design, with mounting holes. These hygienic leveling feet with mounting holes are certified according to European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group guidelines, making them ideal for use in hygienic applications, as the bottom seal protects the area beneath the

Moxa Enhances IIoT Gateways With Cutting Edge Technology Through Microsoft and OPC Partnership

Moxa has partnered with Microsoft and the OPC Foundation to develop the MC-1121, an industrial-grade IoT gateway with an integrated OPC UA Publisher module. By using Windows 10 IoT and OPC UA Publisher, it provides an effortless way to get data from field side devices securely and reliably to the cloud for analytics and monitoring

OKW’s New Larger EVOTEC Designer Instrument Enclosures

OKW’s EVOTEC designer desktop plastic enclosures are now available in a new larger 250 size. EVOTEC is designed for tough working environments. Applications include measurement and control engineering, IT, medical, laboratory and environmental technology. EVOTEC can also be wall mounted for access control. These robust enclosures feature elegant and ergonomic soft contours that make them

Diametral Pitch Gearing Now Available from KHK USA

For over 80 years, the Kohara Gear trademark KHK has been synonymous with stock metric gears. Recognizing the fact that 80% of the gears consumed in the USA are inch pitch, KHK USA is pleased to announce the availability of diametral pitch spur gears that have the same quality, performance, and cost as our traditional

Banner Engineering Introduces Versatile LED Indicator Lights with Seven Colors in Each Device

Banner Engineering today announced release of K30L2 and K50L2 seven-color indicator lights for use in any application requiring high-visibility status indication. K30L2 and K50L2 indicators utilize RGB LED technology to support seven colors in a single indicator using just three inputs. Colors include red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta, and white. This versatility makes it

Advantech Expands its Industrial Managed Switch Offerings

Advantech’s IIoT Automation Group has expanded its industrial managed switch product offering with the introduction of the EKI-9600 series. The EKI-9600 series are L3 managed Gigabit switches that support static routing and network address translation (NAT) features, enabling an easier and faster setup for network backbones at a lower cost. “As connectivity demands continue to

Acopian Announces 2017 Power Supply Engineering Scholarship Winner

Acopian Power Supplies today announced that Austin Park of Santa Cruz, California has been named the winner of the first annual Acopian Power Supply Engineering Scholarship. The new scholarship program is established to help talented engineering students, enrolled full-time in an undergraduate United States college or university, pursue careers in power electronics or a related

Bestselling 19” Rack Mount Cases Now In 5U As Standard

METCASE’s COMBIMET 19” rack mount enclosures are available in all sizes from 1U to 6U — now including 5U as standard. Previously 5U was available only as a custom size. Versatile COMBIMET is METCASE’S bestselling rack mount enclosure for networking and communications, industrial computers, sound and studio systems and laboratory instrumentation. These smart, modern aluminum

Self-Learning 40Hp Soft Starters with Integrated Overload Protection

Carlo Gavazzi is proud to announce the launch of the new compact, 45mm wide RSGD Series Soft Starter. The RSGD is an easy to use soft-starter for 3-phase induction AC motors, needing just three settings. The self-learning algorithm adjusts the soft starter parameters to work with different applications and varying load conditions. It is active

Model Solution Announces Winners of Model One Awards

The second annual Model One Awards (MOAs) recognizes eight industrial design students for excellence in product design… Model Solution has announced the winners of the 2017 Model One Awards (MOAs). Eight students from various institutions across the United States have been selected as Model One Award winners. Model Solution assisted these eight students to bring

Kuebler Now Offers Ruggedized Hollow Shaft Encoder For Harsh Environments

Expanding on its line of versatile incremental encoders, Kuebler now offers a ruggedized hollow shaft alternative for use in harsh environments. The A02H model features a tough and compact design, making it ideal for tough industrial motor and drive applications. Rugged design features include a special shaft connection with interlocked bearings, balanced stainless-steel clamping ring

Klüber Lubrication Offers Highly Refined Mineral Oil and Heat Transfer Fluid for the Textile Industry

Klϋber Lubrication introduces Klüberfluid HT 1 US Series, a highly refined mineral oil and heat transfer fluid for the textile industry that is highly resistant to thermal degradation and cracking. Klüberfluid HT 1 US Series is formulated for use in indirect closed heating units. It can be used in both closed or open heating and