NEMA 4X vent kit for electrical enclosures

Allied Moulded Products Inc. is expanding its line of premium enclosure accessories with NEMA 4X ventilator kits for electrical enclosure applications. The vent kits are designed to provide thermal cooling for instruments or electronics installed inside electrical enclosures plus rain-tight protection for the air flow passages through the enclosure walls. The vent kit features a

Posital inclinometers feature dynamic load compensation

Posital has introduced new versions of its Tiltix inclinometers that can provide reliable tilt measurement for moving equipment. These new devices use a combination of electro-mechanical gyroscopes and accelerometers to provide accurate measurements, even if the instruments are subject to strong accelerations. Posital’s Tiltix inclinometers rely on monitoring the effect of gravity on a tiny […]

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Parker Hannifin launches mPR Series stage

Parker’s Electromechanical and Drives Div.‒North America is pleased to announce the release of the mPR (miniature precision rotary) stage. The mPR series is a miniature, precision direct-drive rotary stage with integrated high-precision rotary bearing, high-resolution rotary encoder, and 3-phase AC servo motor. It has been engineered to deliver a combination of modularity, flexibility, and performance […]

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Bonfiglioli wheel-traction drives improve precision, efficiency

Bonfiglioli has announced the development of wheel-traction drives of the 600 series specifically designed for Tigon Technology backhoe loaders manufactured by Huddig. Each of the special 4-wheel traction drives is capable of reaching an output torque of 40.000 Nm, and is driven by a liquid cooled 30kW electric motor. The independent control of each wheel […]

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Machining simulator brings design/production training to classrooms

FANUC America has developed a new machining simulator that encompasses the complete manufacturing process from part design and engineering to CNC programming to virtual production simulation. The FANUC Machining Simulator features Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD/CAM/CAE software and a custom machining simulation program designed by ModuleWorks. The FANUC Machining Simulator comes with Fusion 360, a cloud-based […]

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Electrochemical micro transformation opens doors to design of lightweight metal surfaces

What design engineer hasn’t wished that s/he could simply modify the surface properties of the metal they’re using to better fit the application? What once seemed like something from the realm of alchemists may now be a reality. The newly developed Micro Arc Oxidation (MAO) technology allows for the multifunctional modification of lightweight metals such

IBG/Goeke Technology Group to focus on vision technology at Hannover Messe 2017

At this year’s event in Hanover, IBG / Goeke Technology Group will present their entirely new strategic focus in Hall 17, Booth E18: from now on, our customers and their challenges will be the very focus of our joint projects. In accordance with the new mission statement I5 {ai five} – Initiative, Inspiration, Innovation and […]

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Parts packs expand reach of TETRIX MAX robotics kits

Pitsco Education always aims to improve the TETRIX Robotics experience. With the creation of new TETRIX MAX parts packs, getting the specific parts needed to expand the design of a robot is easier than ever. Eight different TETRIX MAX parts packs feature a huge assortment of specialty parts and pieces. These include: • Structure Pack […]

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3D inspection system looks inside materials in a smart way

Just as cars in Germany need to be inspected every two years to ensure they are safe, other safety-critical objects—turbines, generators or high-pressure containers, for example—have to be examined regularly as well. This is especially important when the materials and products used are pushed to their outermost performance limits in order to increase economic efficiency.

SC-100 AC LVDT signal conditioner is calibrated via push of a button

Alliance Sensors Group has expended its line of LVDT/RVDT signal conditioner to include the SC-100 DIN-rail mountable AC-LVDT Signal Conditioner module that offers smart and fast LVDT setup with built-in null indication and simple front panel pushbuttons to set zero and full scale. The SC-100 is engineered to work with the widest range of AC-operated […]

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Denso offers guide to controllers for small assembly robots

DENSO Robotics has announced a new free guide, “Small Assembly Robots: Evaluating Controllers.” The guide provides essential facts and information about controllers for small assembly robots. A section on buying tips is included. “A robot controller plays a critical role in programming and operating the robot, as well as communicating back and forth with the Industrial […]

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FIPA introduces New 2016 Series sprue grippers

FIPA Inc., a manufacturer of advanced vacuum technology, gripper systems, air nippers, tube lifters, and End-of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT), has released the new 2016 Series self-centering, gap-free sprue grippers. Featuring a wide jaw opening, high closing force, single-acting operation, and easy assembly and disassembly, the new grippers are also available with optional direct sensing capabilities and smooth

Zygo Corp. introduces miniature optical position sensor for high-precision applications

Zygo Corp. is pleased to announce the introduction of the new ZPS absolute position measurement system with ultra-compact optical sensor technology. The ZPS system enables high-precision measurement and positional control for advanced applications, such as deformable optics, lens positioning systems, and fine stage control. The ZPS system provides high-precision, non-contact absolute position measurements on up […]

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Is there a need for closed loop feedback greater than 20,000 CPR?

In terms of feedback, there are applications that require absolute feedback, whether that be rotary, single turn, multi-turn, the idea of in a power loss not losing position. There are absolutely applications where that’s required and examples would be extremely high value parts. If you have coordinated motion where, imagine, that you’ve moved X, Y, […]

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Video: Our editors check out PCB’s triaxial ICP accelerometers

In this video, Design World’s Editorial Director Paul J. Heney and Senior Editor Miles Budimir discuss PCB Piezotronics’ family of shear accelerometers—which are packaged in 0.4-in. titanium cubes and weigh a mere 015 ounces. They can be used for modal and structural analysis, NVH studies on automotive parts, space restricted installations, drop testing and package […]

Deployment of robots soars 70% in Asia

Asian industry’s uptake of industrial robots is accelerating: in just five years its operational stock rose 70 percent to 887,400 units, (2010-2015). In 2015 alone, annual sales of robots jumped 19% to 160,600 units, setting a new record for the fourth consecutive year. These are results of the World Robotics Report 2016, published by the […]

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Where do cartesian XYZ robot and printer configurations fit vs formats like delta, articulated, and SCARA?

It used to be that motion control was X, Y, and Z, and then there was the evolution of articulated and SCARA robots to go ahead and achieve, cost effectively, anywhere from three to seven axes of motion. Then there started to be the delta format robots that you would see on packaging lines, that […]

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AMS finalizes acquisition of Heptagon

AMS, a leading worldwide supplier of high-performance sensor and analog solutions, announced the completion of the transaction to acquire 100% of the shares in Heptagon and the related capital increase of 11,011,281 new shares from authorized capital excluding subscription rights. AMS announced on October 24, 2016 that the company had signed an agreement to acquire Heptagon, […]

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CIT Relay & Switch offers VM3 Series latching snap-action switch

CIT Relay & Switch is now offering our long life VM3 Series snap-action switch with a latching option. These UL/CUL recognized switches are available the 0.187-in. or 0.250-in. termination. They are available with operating force of 400gF; common applications for the VM3L latching switch include industrial controls, lighting, security, gaming, automation and more. Specifications and materials are dependent […]

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Why should I buy a high-quality motor for a mechatronic application?

Let’s talk about the simplest stepper motor. You can buy stepper motors on Amazon, right? How do they differ from a high performance stepper motor that may actually be the same price, or a slightly higher price? When a manufacturer makes a high quality motor, they want to go ahead and have the air gap […]

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Customized transducer for differential pressure applications

The UTD20 is a customized transducer that features a piezo-resistive silicon sensor for differential pressure applications. Outputs are voltage or UART digital. Measuring ranges from 0 to 1.5 bar–the measuring range and zero set point can be set. Accuracy is < ±0.5 % of the nominal range (total performance) and temperature range is from -40 to 85° C. Other features include: • Sensor preconfigured […]

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What impact will the IOT have on mechatronic solutions?

As it relates to mechatronic solutions, what we’re seeing is people migrate, to go ahead and utilize smart motor technology with the most prominent industrial networks tied into them, whether that be, if you’re an Allen-Bradley fan, even an IP, Beckhoff and others, EtherCAT, the variants of fieldbuses that are out there, Modbus, Profibus, over […]

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DoD announces new Advanced Robotics Manufacturing center in Pittsburgh

The Department of Defense has awarded the 14th Manufacturing USA institute—the Advanced Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) Innovation Hub—to American Robotics Inc. The eighth DoD-led institute, the ARM Institute joins the Manufacturing USA network in its collective effort to help revitalize American manufacturing and incentivize companies to invest in new technology development in the United States. Headquartered […]

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Line scan cameras feature industry’s highest optical resolution

Chromasens GmbH, a leading manufacturer of line-scan camera systems for 2D and 3D machine vision applications, has introduced the latest generation of its 3DPIXA stereo line-scan color cameras, the 3DPIXA HR (High Resolution), now offering more speed and the industry’s highest optical resolution. “Unprecedented imaging prowess, combined with ultra-fast stereo algorithms empower a single 3DPIXA HR to […]

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135,000 new robots installed in U.S. over past six years

According to the World Robotics Report 2016, published by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), from 2010–2015, U.S. manufacturers have installed approximately 135,000 new industrial robots. The principal driver in this race to automate is the automotive industry. During this same period, the number of employees in the automotive sector increased by 230,000. Today, the […]

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