Process lets sensors be applied by machine

Until now, plastic parts have predominantly been manually equipped with sensors using mainly the expensive OCA (optically clear adhesives) technology. Integration processes developed by Kurz, however, enable sensors…

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Qutoplex High Performance Plastic From Minnesota Rubber & Plastics

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics specializes in metal to plastic component conversions using Qutoplex™ a proprietary high performance plastics (HPP). Proven to lower costs, reduce weight, increase corrosion resistance and perform better in many applications, Qutoplex™ is a new option for component designers. Qutoplex™ is another “first” in the advances in HPP technologies allowing conversions of

New Micro PLC Performs Like a PAC

IDEC Corporation announces the release of its FC6A MicroSmart, a powerful PLC with up to 520 I/O. The MicroSmart PLC provides the power of a PAC (programmable automation controller) in a low-cost controller with a small form factor, making it an ideal fit for demanding applications. Industries particularly well suited to the MicroSmart PLC include

Digital signal conditioner adapts to measuring conditions

More and more industries and manufacturers are requiring sensors for condition monitoring in their machines or processes. New digital signal conditioner technology is available that simplifies the use…

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4C Wing Knob Captive Screw from Southco

Southco, Inc., has recently expanded its captive hardware line with the addition of a captive screw that offers tool-free access. The new 4C Wing Knob Captive Screw enables quick-access fastening, and features an over-molded, distinctively contoured wing-style head design that can be used to designate access through an array of standard and custom color options.

Miniature inductive proximity sensors from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect’s miniature inductive proximity sensors are now available in sizes ranging from 4mm to 8mm and feature stainless steel shielded housings. Offered as NPN or PNP models and…

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Easylock shaft collars from Amacoil/Uhing

Easylock™ shaft collars from Amacoil/Uhing install quickly without special tools to provide non-slip holding of tools and reels on smooth, case hardened (Rockwell > 55) shafts. A new option – Easylock positive release – assures the collars won’t become jammed on shafts. A clamping control wheel on Easylock allows users to adjust the holding force

Barracuda-Series DC-DC Converters from GE

GE’s Critical Power business (NYSE: GE) has launched its Barracuda-series™ QBVE094A0S10R7 1,000-watt (W) DC-DC bus converters, providing the highest power density and lowest cost-per-rated-watt in a quarter-brick solution…

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Bishop-Wisecarver President Honored with 2016 Enterprising Award

Bishop-Wisecarver Group (BWG), a WBENC-certified, woman-owned family of companies that offer guidance solutions, contract specialty manufacturing and mechatronic-based engineering services, today announced that company president, Pamela Kan, has…

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I/O Breakout Boards from Opto 22

New SNAP-UDC-HDB-G4 and SNAP-UDC-HDB breakout boards from industrial automation manufacturer Opto 22 boost the capabilities of 32-point SNAP digital I/O modules, simplify field wiring, and save panel space. With the SNAP-UDC-HDB-G4 breakout board, OEMs, machine builders, and automation professionals can connect 32-point SNAP digital I/O modules to higher loads and gain the reliability of fused

ELEXCON 2016 to Showcase Latest Technology Developments

When design engineers, purchasing professionals and policy makers gather at this year’s ELEXCON, one of China’s largest and most important electronic exhibitions, a wide range of topics critical to the continuing progress of the industry will be featured: * Start-ups: hardware, software & the supply chain — a focus on entrepreneurial trends accelerating industrial reshuffling

1.5KW Solar Powered Light Tower Equipped with Four 120 Watt LED Light Fixtures

Larson Electronics announced the release of a Solar Powered Generator with a Pneumatic Light Tower Mast equipped with four 120 watt LED light heads, 6 solar panels, a…

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18 watt magnetically mounted handheld LED spotlight from Larson Electronics

Larson Electronics has announced the release of a new 18 watt magnetically mounted handheld LED spotlight constructed for industrial use and approved for outdoor environments. The MULBLT-18W-LED-25 industrial…

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45W/65W ~EPS-45S/65S series Power Supply from MEAN WELL

In order to meet the miniaturization and energy saving demands for related end electronic products from the industrial and control market, MEAN WELL is pleased to unveil the…

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40A Surface Mount DC-DC Converter has a Low 10.2mm Profile

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda iAH series of POL (Point of Load) non-isolated, DC-DC converters. This surface mount part has an ultra-low profile of 10.2mm….

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Teardown: 60-W-equivalent LED bulbs

by LELAND TESCHLER, Executive Editor Surprise: A look inside five LED bulbs designed to replace 60-W incandescents reveals design regimes ranging from dead simple to startlingly sophisticated. The…

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Efficiency in power conversion circuits

by Steve Roberts, Recom A quick review shows the sources of inefficiencies in both linear and switching power supplies. Most engineers know that one reason switch-mode power supplies…

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Smart power for smart systems

by Gerald Hovdestad, Director COTS Engineering, Member of VITA Committee 46.11, 62 & 65, Behlman Electronics The need for smart power sources able to complement smart systems is…

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Vehicle designs get comfortable with LEDs

by Joshua Israelsohn, JAS Technical Media The trend for the past decade in the automotive industry has been toward vehicular lighting that’s all solid-state. Incandescent headlights are the…

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High interest in low-energy communications

Advances in the Internet of Things depend on emerging wireless technologies that use little energy and fit in cramped quarters. It looks as though the success of wearable…

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Powering LEDs for illumination

by Tony Armstrong, Linear Technology ICs that drive LEDs handle the complexities of illumination that include management of short circuits and squelching electrical noise. It’s no secret that…

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Better converter efficiency with eGaN FETs

by Alex Lidow and David Reusch, Efficient Power Conversion Corp. Gallium-nitride FET technology has improved markedly in the past five years. Power converters based on GaN FETs are…

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20A POL DC-DC Converter Operates from a 3.5V to 14V Bus Voltage

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the 20 Ampere TDK-Lambda iBH series of POL (Point of Load) non-isolated DC-DC converters. Accepting a wide range input of 3.5 to…

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TT Electronics’ SMT power inductors certified for automotive applications

TT Electronics has launched a new range of surface mount (SMT) power inductors for high frequency and high temperature applications. Named the HA65A series, the inductors are designed…

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Driving LEDs with SiC MOSFETs

by ADAM BARKLEY, SiC Power Device Application Engineer, Wolfspeed, a Cree Company and VIPINDAS PALA, Research Scientist Wolfspeed, a Cree Company Engineers increasingly see the logic of silicon-carbide…

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