Global single-axis tracker revenues expected to reach nearly $2 billion in 2019, IHS says

Global single-axis tracker revenues are expected to grow 120%, to reach nearly $2 billion in 2019, according to IHS, a global source of critical information and insight. For the first time, single-axis trackers will be the preferred type of structural balance of system (BoS) ground mount in the Americas in 2015. Overall global ground-mount solar

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Solar Permits With Ease Or Protest — Rate Your City

The Vote Solar Initiative, a non-profit organization aiming to make solar mainstream, has launched a beta version of Project Permit. The interactive website scores local permitting practices. “It’s designed to help solar stakeholders, municipal officials and people like you understand how their town’s permitting practices stack up and what can be done to improve them,”

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Wind electrifies art

by Steven Bushong/Contributing Editor Two undergraduate students at Georgia Tech’s School of Architecture recently claimed top honors in a competition to aesthetically combine land art and electrical generation. James Murray and Shota Vashakmadze’s design, called Scene-Sensor, would rise 90 ft over New York’s Freshkills Park and produce an estimated 5500 MWh annually. The students say two

Bearings in hot applications run longer with dry lube

The following is an excerpt from an article written by SKF. The company featured in its Evolution business and technology magazine.   Many bearings operate in high temperature environments – but few lubricants can withstand the heat. SKF has developed bearings that incorporate dry lubrication for extreme temperature applications, providing benefits for customers, among others in

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U.S. Solar Jobs Increase By More Than 13%

Initial findings from The Solar Foundation’s third annual National Solar Jobs Census shows that solar energy jobs have experienced strong growth in the U.S. over the past year, despite global economic challenges. The full National Solar Jobs Census 2012, with analysis of employment trends across the entire solar industry is scheduled for release on Nov.

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Photoblog: CanWEA 2012

CanWEA 2012, Canada’s largest windpower event, has concluded, but our coverage has just begun. We had the privilege to meet with great companies, view their products, and hear their stories. We’ll be writing about this for a while. To start…

PODCAST: Wide Support For Solar, But Questions About Affordability Linger

When it comes to public surveys, analysts find few subjects that enjoy overwhelming support. Solar is an exception. To hear an analyst talk about the uniquely ubiquitous support for solar power, listen to the podcast below. An annual Solar Energy Industries Association poll conducted by Hart Research Associates has found that nine out of 10 […]

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Poll Shows Support For Solar Across Political Spectrum (Infographic)

Likely voters in the 2012 election cycle overwhelmingly support solar energy and would like to see the federal government do more to foster the growing industry, according to a national poll released today. The survey, conducted by independent polling firm Hart Research Associates, showed for the fifth consecutive year that Americans maintain a very favorable […]

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In Tough Global Market, U.S. Still Shines: SEIA Report

The U.S. market is a bright spot in a tough global environment for solar, says a quarterly market report from Solar Energy Industries Association, or SEIA. Manufacturers in Europe are selling to the expanding U.S. and Chinese markets – the latter of which has seen explosive growth – as their own economies falter and manufacturing […]

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Later stage award draws record 200 nominations

In its second year, the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) Later Stage Awards received a record 200 nominations for its 10 Best-in-Class categories. The 200 innovative mid- to later-stage companies have been nominated in a variety of cleantech areas including solar and lighting energy efficiency, waste, and water. Each nomination came from the GCCA’s 40-member […]

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Solar Companies Rise To The Inc. 500

Eleven solar companies have climbed into the upper tier of the Inc. 500/5000 lists, including Maryland’s Astrum Solar, which was ranked second. We’ve put together a brief on each company that made the Top 500 and included its position. Interestingly, all the companies were founded in a four-year period between 2004 and 2008, according to […]

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SPI To Feature Free PV Technical Training

A photovoltaic technical training program consisting of 11 in-depth sessions is planned Solar Power International. The training sessions are the newest addition to the SPI conference program and have been developed in partnership with Solar Energy International and the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. The sessions are included in both full conference and […]

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Innovative V-Band Clamp Nut Keeps Turbochargers Sealed

V-Band Clamps encounter many extremes. When it comes to turbochargers, which are increasingly used in light trucks and cars to deliver the power of a V8 engine in a V6, the clamps seal off hot exhaust, forcing compressed air into the intake. The result is lighter vehicles and better fuel economy. But component temperatures around

Using sodar in complex terrain

Editor’s note: This article comes from sodar manufacturer Second Wind Measuring wind in complex terrain is becoming increasingly critical as more of the ideal, flat, windy sites available for windpower are developed. Ground-based, portable remote sensing is ideal for measuring wind in complex terrain because it’s hard to put up towers, and developers can measure […]

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Analysts say US should revise rare earth mining policy

Editor’s note: This report is from the National Center for Policy Analysis The U.S. could add jobs and strengthen national security by developing rare earth mining domestically and in other countries to break China’s 97% monopoly on the global supply of these critical minerals, according to a new report from the National Center for Policy […]

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Women of Wind Energy announces 2012 Rudd Mayer Memorial Fellowship winners

Women of Wind Energy recognized the 2012 Rudd Mayer Memorial Fellows at the group’s annual luncheon at the Windpower 2012 Conference and Exhibition in Atlanta. The 2012 Fellows are: Anna Pesola, Oregon Institute of Technology, Renewable Energy Engineering Christina Chang, University of Houston, Mechanical Engineering Clara St. Martin, Pennsylvania State University, Meterology Holly Johnson, Iowa […]

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Nordex lays the foundation for a stronger second half

A wind turbine manufacturer is reporting strong numbers for the first quarter of the year. Nordex says it has counted an 8.3% increase in sales, to €198.3 million. As expected, business volume accounted for just under 20% of the forecast full-year sales. This cyclical effect is typical of the wind industry. Sales were particularly underpinned […]

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Maritime trials to measure potential for windpower

As the maritime industry steps up its pursuit of viable carbon-alternate fuels, a ship named Cape Flamingo will be used as testing grounds for the viability of offshore windpower aboard commercial fleets. An autonomous wind-monitoring system from Totempower has been installed where the best wind conditions and most relevant environmental data (wind speed, direction, and […]

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Group calls on developing countries to foster small wind

The Alliance for Rural Electrification has launched its Small Wind Campaign, which the group says aims to eliminate bottlenecks and misconceptions keeping decision makers in developing countries from using windpower in rural communities, even when it’s one the most cost-effective solutions. “Under favorable natural conditions, small and medium wind generation prices are significantly lower than […]

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Programmable encoders with enhanced monitoring

Encoders are available with an enhanced monitoring feature that signals potential failure of the encoder. Baumer says the HS35F EMS encoders provide positioning and speed control and endure extreme mechanical strain. The encoders let manufacturers improve the safety and reliability of processing lines and minimize downtime. A microprocessor monitors the device, and if a failure […]

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Electronic components distributor to handle super caps

An electronic components distributor has announced a global distribution agreement with Maxwell Technologies. Digi-Key Corp. will offer Maxwell’s ultracapacitor products to its customers. Maxwell’s primary focus is on ultracapacitors: energy storage devices characterized by relatively high power density, long life, the ability to charge and discharge rapidly, and reliable performance at extreme temperatures, says Digi-Key. […]

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Wind industry must not stagnate

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article comes from PM-generator manufacturer The Switch As CEO of The Switch, a Finnish generator manufacturer, I have watched windpower weather financial and political uncertainty and remain a growing business. More countries are adopting installed renewable energy. Finland, for instance, installed 9 MW last year and plans to have 2500 MW by […]

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Altra Industrial Motion breaks ground in China

A manufacturer of industrial couplings has broken ground for a 90,000 sq. ft. facility in Changzhou, China. Altra says it new plant, near Shanghai, will let the company better serve the Chinese market by providing shorter lead times and enhanced technical support. Initially, production of couplings at the new facility will be focused on products […]

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Flexible storage creates space

A flexible storage system lets parts managers create storage spaces appropriate for different parts. Equipto says traditional storage shelves offer more space than modular drawer cabinets, but a tremendous amount of storage space can be wasted. The company’s V-Grip storage system, which starts as shelving, lets parts managers create denser storage. Shelves, drawers, and other […]

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Scientists say Texas wind farms warm the ground

An area in Texas with four of the world’s largest wind farms has showed an increase in land surface temperature over nine years, a phenomenon catching the attention of scientists. Researchers have connected the local meteorological effects to wind turbines. The land surface temperature around the west-central Texas wind farms warmed at a rate of […]

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