Autodesk and Siemens agree to increase software interoperability

It looks like software vendors are getting the message about ease of use, especially as it pertains to interoperability. For example, Autodesk and Siemens announced an interoperability agreement aimed at helping manufacturers decrease the costs associated with incompatibility among product development software applications and avoid potential data integrity problems.

Through this agreement, Autodesk and Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software business will take steps to significantly improve the interoperability between their companies’ respective software offerings. The goal is to streamline data sharing and reduce costs to organizations with multi-CAD environments.

Interoperability among CAD software has emerged as a critical issue for users of design and engineering software, and achieving it is a major challenge for manufacturers.

The interoperability agreement aims to decrease the overall effort and costs commonly associated with supporting these environments. In particular, interoperability between the offerings from Siemens and Autodesk will significantly improve the many situations where a combination of their software currently exists. Under the terms of the agreement, both companies will share toolkit technology and exchange end-user software applications to build and market interoperable products.


Siemens PLM Software

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