Automotive Lighting Solutions Tech Tip

It’s safe to say that the automotive industry is in the midst of one of the greatest revolutions in its history, judging by the sheer breadth of its technological advances, all of which are taking place more or less simultaneously.

• Forward Lighting Takes a Mighty Leap 2
• Automotive LED Driver with On/Off and Dimming Control 6
• The Use of Discrete Constant Current Regulators (CCR) for CHMSL Lighting 8



  1. David Seal says:

    Thank goodness. If I see one more flickering tail-light on a new car, I am going to puke! PWM is being misused by most auto manufacturers. They need to go to a MUCH higher frequency. Those damned jittery LED taillights annoy me to no end.

  2. William K. says:

    I have seen the PWM flicker and I am asking “What is the Big Deal ?” So we see a moentary strobe effect, it is better than setting the switching frequency so high that we must deal with RFI. Really Now! If that is the biggest complaint we are doing very well. The benefit of being able to run the same devices at different levels so that stop and tail can be one set of LEDs is fine. BUT I would prefer separate for the same reason as with the old light bulbs, which is redundancy. I know that saving fractions of a cent is much more important to the management than quality and product robustness, but sometimes I would really like to take some of that profit away from the shareholders and have a somewhat better product. Also, fire the board of directors and have them flogged in public. HAH!!

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