Aventics participates in Pack Expo 2016

aventics_cl03_valve“Hygienic design and Washdown”, “Machine Safety” and “Industry 4.0 (IOT)” are three areas that Aventics will emphasize in their booth at Pack Expo 2016. In the first area, Aventics will show their capabilities in the wet area for primary packaging and processing. Products including pneumatic valves, cylinders and air preparation will be capable of withstanding the harsh environments these machines are subjected to when cleaned. Machine Safety is also an important area that Aventics is developing new and innovative products and solutions.

The products and solutions can be implemented in machines and systems to handle the new standards of safety required to meet new regulations. Aventics has taken an active role in developing and sharing best practices involving pneumatics for machine safety solutions including publishing a “Machine Safety Expertise for Pneumatics” manual. The final area will focus on the topic of Industry 4.0 and Aventics will show how I/O Link can be used to help with machine uptime and predictive maintenance. The products Aventics has developed will help machine builders keep up with technology and future requirements.

New products being exhibited at their booth include the ES05 (Essential Valve) pneumatic directional control valves. The ES05 is designed for easy manifold assembly by distributors, OEMs, integrators and even users for immediate availability, and has a flow range to cover the majority of packaging applications. A new concept of an IP69K rated (high-pressure washdown) infinite position control solution using a stainless steel air cylinder will also be on display.


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