Better motion control through matched gearheads and servomotors

A problem with bolting aftermarket gearheads onto servomotors to handle torque-speed requirements is that you rarely get a really good fit. The Sigma-7 servomotor line addresses this issue. Gearheads have been designed to pair precisely with every servomotor in the Sigma-7 range, creating complete gear motor solutions rated from a low of 50 watts to as high as 15 kilowatts. This servomotor line fits applications that need high torque at low output speeds.

Five different gear ratios are available, ranging from 3/1 to 50/1.

The gearheads are perfectly matched with their companion servo motors in mounting conventions, coupling mechanics and output characteristics. Each is custom assembled, balanced and factory tested at Yaskawa’s facility in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and includes a full Yaskawa factory warranty.

Features include:

–Precision helical gearing with a 40% greater tooth surface area for smoother, quieter and more accurate operation.

–A system of bearings, including 45% larger planet bearings for guaranteed alignment, high stiffness, greater load capacity and longer life

–Balanced, concentric shaft couplings to minimize vibration during high speed operation and reduce the inertia of the gear motor system


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