BioCompatic USP Class VI alternative suited to extreme engineering and assembly applications

cableCable engineering company, Northwire, Inc., in collaboration with precision cable connector leader LEMO is pleased to launch the second generation BioCompatic II for extreme engineering and cable assembly applications ranging from health care to industrial. A cost-effective upgrade to silicone – and a USP Class VI alternative – was engineered by Northwire specifically to create a softer durometer, eliminate the traditional curing processes, and add many other improvements including robust resistance to chemicals, cuts, and abrasion.

For in-depth details, read the BioCompatic II Whitepaper

Increased Resistance to Chemicals
Operating in extreme conditions requires extreme cable testing. Northwire’s R&D Engineers submitted BioCompatic to a battery of tests including Chemical Resistance to the TOP 8 Hospital Disinfectants and Concentrate. While typical exposures do not exceed 10 minutes of exposure, Northwire R&D Engineers increased the challenge by immersing BioCompatic for 24 hours to demonstrate robust effectiveness and the resistance to chemicals like Betadine, Clorox Healthcare Bleach, Cidex OPA, Isopropyl Alcohol, IPA, Virex II 256, Hydrochloric Acid, HCI, and Metricide 30.

Smoother, Cleaner Cables
Phthalate and halogen free, BioCompatic is ideally suited for life science applications in diagnostics, patient monitoring, surgical devices, and beyond. In addition to passing a battery of tests not limited to the studies of cytotoxicity, systemic toxicity, intracutaneous, muscle implantation, and more, Northwire’s BioCompatic is very flexible, durable, soft, and smooth.

BioCompatic II optimizes end-user experience by reducing cable tackiness and ensuring the smoothest device for patient and practitioner interaction. Northwire’s custom Design-to-Ship in 5 Days or Fewer services ensure rapid technological development. Conversely, lead times from silicone OEMs is typically 8 to 12 weeks!

Tough and Resilient in Cold and Heat

Northwire designed and engineered BioCompatic to optimize the torque-ability and retractable cable capabilities. Torque-free features and retractable coil cords enable the end-users’ repetitive motion without resistance – eliminating negative side effects. The performance enhanced BioCompatic II silicone alternative exceeded over 90,400 cycles! With superior tear strength and resistance to chemicals, cut and abrasion, Northwire’s newest custom cable solution boasts a brittle point of -80⁰C and a high-temperature rating of 105⁰C.

Compared to the competition, Northwire’s silicone alternative, BioCompatic II, retained about 100% of tensile strength and elongation when subject to over 500 steam autoclave cycles and demonstrated 50% longer color clarity over the leading brand of silicone cable alternative.

All of the Perks, None of the Cost!

Traditional silicone applications require curing which adds cost and negatively impacts lead time to production. Northwire’s BioCompatic silicone alternative eliminates the extra stage of production and the associated equipment and curing catalysts. Flex the power of your purchasing strength with Northwire and LEMO collectively, work with a leaner supply chain, realize cost avoidance and start enjoying cost savings, increase productivity and on-time delivery.


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