Bluetooth LE module transmits to 400 m

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: CY) has introduced a Bluetooth Low Energy module solution that extends the range of Bluetooth to 400 meters, eight times that of current Bluetooth solutions. The new EZ-BLE PSoC XT/XR module’s extended range opens up the use of Bluetooth connectivity to a broad range of home automation, industrial and smart city applications. For example, it enables a parking meter to receive payments via the Bluetooth connections on smartphones, while also reporting in to a central hub that covers a city block.

The new EZ-BLE PSoC XT/XR CYBLE-224110-00 module is available in a small 9.5-mm by 14.5-mm, 32-pad footprint. The module is the industry’s first with an extended temperature range of -40˚C to +105˚C, enabling robust operation in outdoor and industrial environments. Additionally, Cypress introduced a new EZ-BLE PRoC CYBLE-222014-01 module that is the industry’s first to enable all three key features of the Bluetooth 4.2 standard—data length extension, privacy and enhanced security—all of which are critical for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The module is drop-in compatible with Cypress’s 128/256KB flash memory Bluetooth 4.1 modules. Cypress is demonstrating the new long range module, along with the Bluetooth 4.2 module, here at the Bluetooth World 2016 event in booth number 202 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. More information on the Cypress Bluetooth Low Energy portfolio is available at

Cypress is also demonstrating an implementation for lighting applications that is compliant with the latest proposal from the Bluetooth Smart Mesh Working Group. Mesh networking extends the range of Bluetooth by allowing devices to send data to and receive data from multiple neighboring devices—a critical capability for many IoT applications.

Cypress’s Bluetooth Low Energy modules deliver unmatched ease-of-use for drop-in wireless connectivity, along with the integration and programmability of its PSoC 4 BLE Programmable System-on-Chip or PRoC BLE Programmable Radio-on-Chip solutions. Cypress’s modules integrate an ARM Cortex-M0 core, Cypress’s industry-leading CapSense capacitive-sensing technology, two crystals, an on-board antenna, metal shield and passive components.

Cypress has simplified the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack and profile configuration into a new royalty-free, GUI-based BLE Component—a free embedded IC represented by an icon—that can be dragged and dropped into designs using Cypress’s PSoC Creator integrated design environment (IDE). Application details for Cypress’s BLE Component are embedded in PSoC Creator with examples of all supported Bluetooth Low Energy profiles and hundreds of example projects for mixed-signal system designs. PSoC Creator enables complete system design in a single tool, accelerating time-to-market. Cypress provides additional design support with multiple development kits.


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