Bronto Skylift to Display 291 Foot Tall Aerial Platform at FDIC 2017

Bronto Skylift will be displaying a 291 foot tall, articulated aerial platform at the 2017 FDIC Show in Indianapolis, Indiana April 27 – April 29, 2017.

The Bronto Skylift 291 foot High Level
Articulated (HLA) aerial platform has a 291 foot NFPA height, up to 84 feet of side reach, and water flow up to 1000 gpm at full height.  This sturdy but surprisingly compact unit is maneuverable on ordinary streets and provides unmatched access with outstanding stability and a solid feel.

The Bronto can bet set up and reach full height in minutes using the automatic leveling system and Bronto Skylift’s unmatched aerial control system. The Bronto 291 HLA Utilizes two telescopic booms with 158 degrees of articulation between them to reach up and over obstacles, even extending 80 feet horizontally across the top of a 16 story building.  With a maximum platform capacity of 1100 pounds, you don’t have to sacrifice capacity for height and access.  For even more flexibility, the platform can be rotated 50 degrees on each side of the boom to achieve optimal positioning for rescues.

Fire Fighters often buy the Bronto  Skylift F90 HLA because of the height but they find it to be a daily tool because of its reach, not just up, but horizontally and even below grade.

Bronto Skylift has delivered well over 100 aerial platforms with the height of 291 feet or above and more than 7000 articulated aerials of all heights to customers for  firefighting and non-firefighting use worldwide. More than 300 have been delivered to customers in North America.

Bronto Skylift

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