Build applications that integrate simulation and 3D design

The LiveLink portion of Comsol Multiphysics software supports application development for SolidWorks. LiveLink for SolidWorks connects Comsol software simulations and 3D design. This version allows users to build apps with the Application Builder.

LiveLink gives design engineers a better understanding of how SolidWorks software designs perform in the intended operating environment by delivering an accurate evaluation of the impact of any physical effects and their interactions. Engineers can build apps based on Comsol models created from a SolidWorks software geometry. LiveLink for SolidWorks allows them to import and perform operations on their CAD geometries from within an app and then synchronize the final geometry with SolidWorks software.


This software includes a bidirectional interface between the Comsol Desktop environment and SolidWorks software. It allows synchronization of the CAD design with the Comsol model; it also lets the simulation control the CAD design parameters in the SolidWorks software file.

The program also supports user-defined selections for simulation set-up on the synchronized CAD design. In SolidWorks, users can define selections, including bodies, faces, edges or points, that are synchronized to the Comsol model where they are available to assign materials, physics settings or any other model definitions.


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