Camera records 1,000 frames per second

Certain features are needed in cameras used in aerospace applications. These features should prevent motion artifacts with propellers, motors and other rotating objects and ensure timing precision throughout the entirety of each frame. The Phantom Flex4K-GS is a high-speed camera with a 35 mm, 9.4-megapixel sensor and global shutter, which fits the needs of this industry.

The Flex4K-GS, developed on top of the established Flex4K platform, uses a custom sensor capable of recording 1,000 frames per second (fps) at 4K resolution, while its global shutter ensures that every pixel is exposed to light at the exact same moment in time. The camera has isolated electronics and a thermal design to operate in a temperature range of -20°C to 50°C, all the while maintaining a stable image.

“There have always been trade-offs between speed, sensitivity and resolution in modern CMOS-based cameras, but Vision Research is changing the game with the new Flex4K-GS,” says Product Manager Toni Lucatorto. “The camera brings pixel resolution to the forefront, allowing for incredibly fine detail and improved visibility of phenomena and measurements.”

The Flex4K-GS is available with either 64 GB or 128 GB of RAM and works with CineMag IV non-volatile memory magazines for fast data transfer. One of its more unique features is the ability to save either uncompressed raw or compressed video in the Apple ProRes 422 HQ video format. When working with ProRes, a 2TB CineMag-IV will hold several hours’ worth of footage. The Flex4K-GS is also fully compatible with Phantom PCC software and can be synchronized and used in combination with other Phantom camera models.

Vision Research

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