Caplugs Launches New Catalog

Buffalo, NY – Caplugs has launched a new 144-page, full-color catalog. This comprehensive catalog features a complete line of product protection devices with more than 5,000 caps, plugs, tubes, netting, containers, edge liners and wraps. With 18 new series and more than 1,000 new parts organized by product category and industry, this catalog has the part you need and will make finding it easy.


Each series page includes a product photo, description, CAD drawing, dimensions, and purchase quantities providing the end-user with all the information necessary to choose the most appropriate part for the application. Also included are several detailed reference charts to further aid in part selection. This catalog represents a complete merge of the Caplugs and Niagara product lines. Some duplicate series and parts have been removed from the catalog, but are still available to purchase by simply calling 1-888-CAPLUGS.

A brief introduction section outlines Caplugs‚’ extensive custom capabilities, manufacturing processes, customer service department, and company policies. The back cover is a convenient reference guide providing full contact information for all four manufacturing facilities, as well as a listing of the international sales and distribution centers.


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