Design World Digital Edition August 2015

In this Issue: How to keep machines and people safe Dean Kamen: making the world a better place through engineering Linear Motion: Don’t rule out lead screws Design for industry: How timing belt propels hovercraft

Wireless and RF Handbook: an electronic engineering resource

In this issue: • Wireless charging for your coffee maker • How to spec inductive coils • How to sniff out EMC problems • Analyzing millimeter frequencies with external harmonic mixing • Cellular amps boost mobile and M2M applications • Better materials for better antennas • Testing wireless devices for electromagnetic compatibility • Basics of

Design World Digital Edition July 2015

In this Issue: Designing slides into electronic enclosures. Motion Control: IP65 rating and what it means for your application. Mechanical: New material for radial shaft seals increases uptime. Test & Measurement: Turning to captive panel screws.

Power Electronics Handbook: A how-to electronics engineering resource

In this issue: • Power converters with GaN • How to evaluate cutting edge power semiconductors • Working with Wirewounds • Cool calculations – Thermal analysis • Choking off EMI/RFI in off-line switchers • Small batteries for wireless devices • Selecting power supply connector pins