Laser Technology releases continuous level laser measurement sensor

Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) has released its next generation laser sensor, the TruSense S300.  As a continuation of the S200 series product line, the S300 is an S-family sensor created specifically to measure fluids and liquids. Optimized to measure highly reflective target surfaces, the new S300 represents a breakthrough in laser sensor technology.  With features […]

Sensors in the driving seat

Advances in sensor technology help make autonomous vehicles safe and reliable. RALF BORNEFELD | Infineon Technologies Many drivers on today’s roads are already supported by advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) for functions such as parking assist, cruise control and automated lighting. Now, more intelligent and connected environmental sensors are making autonomous vehicles the next logical step […]

LA-25-A LVDT linear position sensor designed for extreme environments

H.G. Schaevitz LLC, Alliance Sensors Group is proud to release its LA-25-A series LVDT linear position sensors, designed to handle extreme industrial environments. Available in ranges from 3 inches (75 mm) to 15 inches (375 mm), the LA-25-A is ideal for roller gap positioning, process valve displacement, head box and actuator position feedback with the durability […]

Current Sense Chip Resistor Kits Offer a Range Of Sizes And Values

Stackpole’s current sense kits are a compact folder containing a variety of 1% tolerance resistance values in a choice of 1206, 2010, or 2512 chip sizes. Stackpole offers values from various series to provide a broad range of values. Higher resistance values are thick film technology, where the lower resistance values will be foil on

New LA-25-A LVDT linear position sensor by Alliance Sensors Group Linear Position Sensor Designed for Extreme Environments

H. G. Schaevitz LLC, Alliance Sensors Group is proud to release its LA-25-A series LVDT linear position sensors, designed to handle extreme industrial environments. Available in ranges from 3 inches (75 mm) to 15 inches (375 mm), the LA-25-A is ideal for roller gap positioning, process valve displacement, head box and actuator position feedback with […]

How can sensors determine machine health?

At Sensor Expo 2017, a ROHM Semiconductor expert discusses how several sensors including pressure, temperature, flow and level sensors connected through sensor node can help monitor a machine’s health or control a process. In the demo, each sensor node collects the data and uses wireless sub-gigahertz radio called Wi-SUN and transfers the data to a […]

IR sensing workshop to cover IR detectors, sources and filters, instrument subsystem designs, spectroscopy and sensing

LASER COMPONENTS USA, specialized provider of laser and photoelectronic components in the US and Canada, announces that it will sponsor the 4th International WORKshop on Infrared Technologies for a broad audience of leading IR experts. The event will take place at Arizona State University on November 8 – 9, 2017 in Tempe, AZ, USA. Based […]

New Media Isolated Amplified Pressure Sensors

All Sensors Corporation of Morgan Hill, California has announced a brand new offering of media isolated pressure sensors; the amplified CPA 502 Series. These new pressure sensors offer design engineers excellent performance for various aggressive media applications. The CPA 502 Series features a ceramic pressure sensor with piezoresistive technology and flush diaphragm design. Product highlights […]

How can sensors predictably fulfill a market need?

At Sensor Expo 2017, Roger Grace, president of Roger Grace Associates, a marketing consultancy that specializes in sensors and microelectromechanical system (MEMS) devices, explains the role that marketing should play in new product development and product introduction.  Roger has frequently published many articles on the topic that are available through links on his website. In […]

LRS-18 Series spring loaded LVIT linear position sensors

H.G. Schaevitz LLC Alliance Sensors has introduced its first spring loaded LVIT (Linear Variable Inductive Transducer) series. The LRS-18 series are spring loaded, contactless devices designed for dimension or position measuring applications in factory automation and in various industrial and commercial applications such as automotive testing, mil/aero test stands, robotic arms, and packaging equipment, where […]

Where can time of flight sensing be used?

At Sensor Expo 2017, Doug Gates, a technical sales manager from Melexis explains the applications for his company’s two-chip semiconductor solution for time of flight (TOF) sensing. Time of flight sensing uses optical, acoustic, electromagnetic or other wave techniques to measure the time that it takes for the source to travel a distance through a […]

How have pressure sensors changed over the last few years?

At Sensors Expo 2017, Pete Smith, Sensors Knowledge Manager at TE Connectivity, explains how sensors have evolved over the last few years to address different application requirements from TE Connectivity’s perspective. Pete’s story starts with the M7100,  a standard industrial pressure sensor for TE Connectivity that addresses fuel rail pressure measurements in fuel injected vehicles. […]

Canfield Connector magnetic sensor adds reliability, safety, to machines and systems

Canfield Connector is introducing its Series CS Cylindrical Threaded Mount Sensor, which senses magnetism and triggers action in a variety of applications. The rugged and compact CS Sensor is set within a miniature-encapsulated stainless steel M8 threaded housing and performs effectively where greater sensing distance is required. “This sensor is valuable in any application where […]

How have pressure sensors changed over the last few years?

At Sensors Expo 2017, Jim Brownell, sales manager for All Sensors, shows the progression of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) pressure sensing over the past 30+ years from his company’s perspective. Starting with the A or alpha package that was created in the early 1980s, a packaged element pressure sensor had two integral ports and six leads […]

ABB Jokab Safety Eden sensors feature RFID for greater security and vibration resistance

ABB Jokab Safety Eden sensors, including the Dyanmic and new OSSD models, now feature a solid-state, board-level design with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology for increased resistance to vibration and greater security. Last year, ABB Jokab Safety introduced the Eden OSSD safety sensor for a line of safety sensors that also includes the well-established Eden Dynamic […]

Wireless Inductive System 2 for Wireless Sensor Connection New Generation with Greater Power and Longer Transmission Distances

The new WIS 2 (Wireless Inductive System 2) is the ideal way for Pepperl+Fuchs to round off its portfolio for the wireless connection of sensors to moving machine parts with a higher-performance system. Image 1: WIS 2: Primary/secondary component The WIS 2 is used both for signal transmission and for supplying power to the sensors connected […]

MEMSIC Launches new MDP200 Pressure Sensor for Medical, Automotive and Industrial Applications

MEMSIC Inc., today announced the launch of its MDP200 Bi-Directional Differential Pressure Sensor for CPAP, breath detection, room pressure, damper control, flow hood, fume hood, filter monitoring and other applications where ultra-low differential pressure performance is required. Currently sampling, this industry leading pressure sensor will be shipping in commercial quantities by the end of this year. Leveraging […]

The LA-27-A Linear Position Sensor specifically for the power generation industry

Alliance Sensors Group is very proud to release its LA-27-A series LVDT linear position sensors designed to handle the environment found around power generation turbines. Available in ranges from 3 inches (75 mm) to 15 inches (375 mm), the LA-27-A is ideal for valve position feedback in steam and hydro power plants, as well as […]

Capacitive sensors for OEM applications

A bandwidth of up to 20kHz enables the new capaNCDT 6112 controller to reliably monitor fast processes. A compact design and user-friendly handling make the controller suitable for measuring displacement, distance and position in a diverse range of applications, from test cells to highly automated environments and is therefore ideal for OEMs and high volume […]

AMS extends magnetic position sensors portfolio with automotive-grade and ISO26262 safety-compliant dual die integrated circuits

AMS has announced a new series of magnetic position sensors with increased safety and diagnostic capabilities to help automotive OEMs achieve the highest in ISO26262 ASIL system safety-level compliance. The AS5270A/B devices are ideal for many automotive applications including brake and gas pedals, throttle valve and tumble flaps, steering wheel position, chassis ride-height, Exhaust Gas […]

How can you make batteries last forever in a wireless sensing system?

At Sensors Expo 2017, Geoffroy Gosset, CEO and founder of e-peas, explains how a variety of energy harvesting techniques and low power solutions that his company supplies can answer this question. Using the company’s power management ICs (PMICs), systems can be designed that run ARM processors continuously at low frequencies and draw less power than […]

How can sensors find an available parking spot?

If you are a stranger with a car in a crowded city or even if you know the area well, a frustrating part of being in the most popular downtown places can be finding a parking spot. At Sensors Expo 2017, Raffaelli Riva, an application engineer from STMicroelectronics, demonstrated how sensors and wirless communications are […]

Alliance Sensors Group, AIM Electronics partner to distribute linear position sensors

H. G. Schaevitz LLC dba Alliance Sensors Group is pleased to announce a partnership with AIM Electronics in Levittown, PA to distribute its line of LVDT and LVIT linear position sensors designed for automation, power generation, fluid/mobile hydraulics, and heavy industrial applications with sensors and instrumentation made specifically for the power generation marketplace. AIM Electronics […]

Z-Series magnetic marker types for angle sensor applications

Novotechnik, U.S. introduces a selection of four magnetic marker types designed to suit various mounting applications for their RFC- and RFD- Series of touchless rotary angle sensors that provide absolute, rotary position. These two sensor families utilize a magnetic pickup to provide a touchless measurement range of 0° to 360° and makes measurements through air […]

How do you accelerate an energy harvesting design?

One of the more common techniques for accelerating designs and avoiding unexpected design problems involves software tools. For energy harvesting (EH) applications, Mentor Graphics on-line modeling and simulation platform called SystemVision, a cloud-based design system, provides component/system suppliers and users the basis for a new EH design tool. Since many designers are intrigued by the […]