Altra Industrial Motion Launches a New Website

Altra Industrial Motion announced it has launched a new website, that offers proven power transmission solutions preferred and applied in a full spectrum of material handling applications by manufacturers, distributors and their OEM partners. The website is organized into application-specific categories including all types of conveyors, overhead monorails and trolleys, cranes and hoists, palletizers and

New LED Scanner R2100 from Pepperl+Fuchs

The R2100 combines Pepperl+Fuchs’ exclusive Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) with Ultra-IR LEDs and Multi-Beam Scan. This technology combination delivers two-dimensional measurement over an entire area rather than just one point to ensure precise and reliable distance measurement and detection of irregular surfaces. As a result, it is an ideal solution for challenging indoor and outdoor

High-Speed Digital Materials for Sequential Lamination Technology Gain Momentum

Isola Group S.à r.l., in the market of copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepreg materials used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs), announced that I-Speed has been endorsed by two leading companies as the laminate of choice for PCBs using sequential lamination technology, requiring high conductive anodic filament (“CAF”) reliability and improved, cost effective

Failure prediction model helps determine best wheel and urethane tire combination

For polyurethane treaded wheels, the prominent mode of failure is the bond between the tread and hub. While numerous factors can create such a failure, the predominant mechanism leading to bond failure is excessive heat in the bond region. Caster Concepts (CCI) has developed a model that predicts failure in polyurethane-treaded wheels based on the

New dry-tech box from igus®

Plastics specialist igus has announced the release of its dry-tech® box, an ingenious sample kit designed to help engineers find the right material bearing for their application. The box contains a set of state-of-the-art card overlays, which filter the bearing choices by criteria – similar to the igus online configurator. The dry-tech sample box includes

Konecranes offers the ATL Vertical Lifter

Konecranes, a global manufacturer of lifting technology, offers the dynamic ATL Vertical Lifter to meet the handling requirements of a variety of industries. Boasting a lifting capacity of up to 1,600 kg and absorption of torque up to 4,000 Nm, the ATL Vertical Lifter from Konecranes offers diverse, high-quality drive concepts with pneumatic balance controls

Glide-Line Pallet and Panel Handling Systems

Glide-Line offers the most versatile multi-strand panel and pallet-handling conveyor solution available for the assembly automation industry. Advanced configuration tools streamline the design experience, ensuring the Glide-Line will meet your exact specifications. Glide-Line’s digital manufacturing process means fast, efficient manufacture of your specific configuration, and our configuration tool generates real-time part numbers and pricing, so

Growth at Lauren International, Ltd., Prompts ISO-Trude Acquisition

Lauren Plastics, LLC, a division of Lauren International Ltd., announced the acquisition of ISO-Trude, Inc., Spring Lake, Michigan, a plastics extrusion and engineering company. Officials at Lauren International noted continued and substantial growth into new markets and products as a driving factor in making the acquisition. Part of our vision at Lauren International is to

LEWCO Introduces New Series of CDLR Conveyors 24 volt DC Chain

LEWCO Inc, a conveyor manufacturing company with a standard line of unit handling conveyors, recently introduced a new series of CDLR conveyors designed with significant competitive advantages over 24 volt motorized roller conveyors. Having the motor external from the conveyor rollers improves heat dissipation, therefore extending overall motor life. There’s also a replacement part advantage

Power Unit for Wheelchair Lifts and Other Applications

Even though a component is targeted at a specific market, such as medical, it may be useful in a number of other applications with requirements similar to its primary market. Butler Mobility, for example, uses a high-quality, high-tech power lift for its inclined platform wheelchair lift. That same power unit can also be used for

Hamilton Caster Launches New Website

Hamilton Caster announces the launch of This all-new website is dedicated to Hamilton’s entire line of stock and custom-engineered carts and trailers. The new site includes extensive product information and specifications to help customers learn about Hamilton’s complete line of products for the material handling industry. You’ll also find a custom gallery with fresh

QC Industries Doubles Conveyor Warranty to 10 Years

QC Industries is now offering to double customers’ warranties to 10 years when they register their conveyors online. Our conveyors have always had a reputation for quality, so we’re excited to double our warranty coverage to 10 years, said Dave Endres, Vice President and General Manager of QC Industries. The 10 year warranty is another

New SmartGuide™ Conveyor Components Catalog

System Plast™ will introduce at Pack Expo, Sept. 23-25, the material handling industry’s first “interactive” printed conveyor components catalog with an online mirror edition for researching/selecting components, loading a shopping cart, developing a bill of materials, accessing drawings/technical data, specifying popular or related components and finding distributors. A QR code on the front cover of

Nine Simple Steps to Control Blooming of Adhesives

by Josh Sherwood, OEM Market Manager, Henkel Corp. Cyanoacrylates (CAs) are one-part instant adhesives that fix rapidly and cure at room temperature. They bond to a range of components, including metals, plastics, elastomers, and porous substrates. When exposed to a weak base such as water, CAs polymerize. The water neutralizes acidic stabilizers in the adhesive,

Modern Mechanical Carbon Materials for Aircraft Seal Applications

Oil-free, self-lubricating mechanical carbon materials possess a combination of characteristics that make them suitable for use in both commercial and military aircraft seal applications. The materials are self-lubricating, self-polishing, and dimensionally stable, which insures a good sealing mate. They are heat resistant and have a high thermal conductivity, which helps conduct frictional heat away from

Peening Adds Strength and Durability

Those who work with metal have known for millennia that hammering the material strengthens it. Even Bronze Age blacksmiths bolstered armor, swords, and tools by forging and pre-stressing the metal with blows from a hammer. Thousands of years later, technology has advanced to shot peening, a technique in which metal is bombarded with millions of

Apple Rubber Offers Electrical Enclosure UL 50 Seals

Apple Rubber Products now offers two new silicone compounds with UL 50 and UL 50E certifications for use with and without environmental considerations. UL 50 and UL 50E are the safety standards for seal use with enclosures for electrical equipment, and Apple Rubber has selected two silicone compounds, 14SL7ML and 35SL5ML, to provide to customers

Components Approved for Use in Unattended Household Appliances

SCHURTER is pleased to announce an assortment of its most popular components for use in unattended household appliances, according to IEC 60335-1, 4th edition. Experience has shown that unattended appliances in particular tend to self-ignite when components fail, causing fires in the process. To ensure even better fire protection in unattended electrical household appliances, the

Rogers Corporation to Offer Material Solutions

Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) will have representatives available to discuss electronic printed-circuit-board (PCB) material solutions at the PCB West Exhibition (, September 25, 2013, in the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA (Booth #200). Rogers will be highlighting its new high-Dk RO4360G2™ laminate and 2929 bondply materials. In addition to comparing different circuit materials

Renishaw seminar on transform manufacturing with the power of Process Control

On June 6, 2013 Renishaw will present a manufacturing process control seminar on metrology solutions to improve machining performance and increase manufacturing process capability. The event is presented in conjunction with Okuma and software providers Prolink and Applied Automation Technologies (AAT) at Okuma’s THINC facility in Charlotte, NC. Content will focus on Renishaw’s Productive Process

Flexible zone control

Distribution operations face the challenges of handling a variety of product types, multichannel orders fulfillment, and changing packaging designs. They need control systems that can maximize throughput while maintaining carton control. One system that meets these needs is the ZoneFlex, from Intelligrated. This control helps operators manage the engineering challenges of multichannel order fulfillment and

Standard-Knapp Announces 597 Tritium™ Multipacker

Standard-Knapp introduces the 597 Tritium™ Multipacker, a continuous motion multi-packer capable of handling applications in the food, beverage and personal care industries. With single, double and three lane configurations, the Tritium swiftly arranges products into compact pack patterns and wraps the configurations in film, thereby eliminating the need for trays and pads. The Multipacker then

Techno Installs Fourth CNC Router

Techno announces the completion of its fourth machine installation into a large volume plastics production company. Due to the high level security and product classification, we cannot divulge who the customer is but would like to congratulate them on their vast growth and success during the past several years. The customer is happy to report

TURCK Extends M12 Passive Junction Box Line

TURCK introduces a 6-port M12 passive junction box, designed to easily integrate multiple devices into a single unit. Featuring a compact, low profile design, the 6-port model allows simple installation in diverse factory automation applications, ranging from packaging and automotive to material handling and mobile equipment. With one or two discrete signals per port, the

Material handling suitable for aerospace applications

The new M-900iB/700 is a super heavy payload material handling robot with a 2.83-m horizontal reach and 700 kg payload capacity. It is capable of handling very large and heavy parts such as aerospace and powertrain components, engines, truck and bus frames, various castings, molded parts, glass, and building materials in a variety of applications