ICR Plus Linear Rod-style SmartActuator from Tolomatic

HAMEL, MN ‚– The ICR Plus linear rod-style SmartActuator from Tolomatic is a fully programmable integrated actuator for complex industrial motion-control applications requiring 100 percent duty-cycle performance. The ICR Plus integrates a programmable digital drive, servomotor and actuator in a compact all-in-one package to deliver maximum flexibility for low- to medium-force applications. At half the

Schneeberger’s P3 Linear Motor Actuator

Schneeberger Inc. announces the P3 linear motor actuator. The P3 is a robust, linear motor stage designed for the automation, packaging, paper converting and semiconductor industries. Features and benefits include: • High speed and acceleration. “up to 5 m/s @ 10g” • Integrated coil / carriage for optimized thermal performance • 2 encoder options allowing

Alternative to Linear Motors Built from Components

Engineers at Bell-Everman, Inc., Goleta, Calif., have created a precision, economical belt-drive linear actuator alternative to linear motor actuators. The ServoBelt is a customizable precision belt-drive axis for use on large format machines (greater than 2 m travel) driven by linear motors or rack and pinion drives.  A moveable carriage or block rides on a

ifm efector Introduces New 3D Image Sensor

EXTON, PA — ifm efector inc. introduces a new 3D Image Sensor for object evaluation. The compact sensor uses time-of-flight distance measurement to identify the height of any object in the field of view. An integrated 64 x 48 pixel array — in which each pixel represents a time of flight measurement — defines the

Linear-Rotary Laser Machining Platform

LaserTurn 1 is an integrated linear-rotary motion platform that combines automated material handling with direct-drive linear and rotary motion for high throughput and extremely accurate cylindrical laser processing. The system includes an automated, pneumatically actuated Type D collet closer with a clear aperture for product feed-through and can support tubing diameters from 0.1 to 7.9

Servotube Module from Copley Controls

Copley Controls releases its new Servotube Module for linear drive actuation in pick and place gantry and general materials handling applications. The new Servotube direct drive tubular linear motor module is a cost-effective solution for high speed, flexible applications, replacing the need for belt drive or ball screw systems. In typical configurations, the Servotube Module

Sprinter Code Marking Machines

Sprinter Marking manufactures automatic ink code-marking machines that apply date, product, lot and spot type ink codes to a wide variety of surfaces. The machines are capable of marking up to 2 square inches of text at speeds up to 350 CPM. Designed for rugged industrial applications for low cost code marks. Marking machines offer

Wireless Remote Control for Stretch Wrappers

One way to improve productivity numbers is to keep fork truck drivers on their trucks. The Click-n-Go™ wireless remote control does that by enabling drivers to simply place a pallet load on the stretch wrapper, back away a few feet and press a button to start the stretch wrapping process.  It also gives operators more

VarioFlow™ Modular Conveyor Brochure from Bosch Rexroth

Buchanan, MI – The Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies group of Bosch Rexroth Corporation has just released a new VarioFlow™ Modular Conveyor brochure to help machine builders, integrators and end-users design and implement flexible conveyor systems for a wide range of material handling and packaging applications. The brochure is available for download at www.boschrexroth-us.com/VarioFlow. The

Electric Forklift Motor Brakes

Altra Industrial Motion offers a comprehensive series of electric forklift motor brakes, wheel brakes and permanent magnet brakes for OEM forklift manufacturers through its industry-leading brands, Warner Electric and Matrix International. The standard traction motor brake for parking and stopping is the electrically-released dynamic (ERD) brake. The ERD can be hydraulically amplified to combine spring

Flexible conveyors make changing production lines easy

Production lines are changing constantly. That‚’s why flexible, modular conveyors can be a key factor in saving time and money.With this in mind, Dorner Manufacturing developed its 5200 Series QWIK Conveyors, which let you combine straights, curves, and now elevation changes with Z-framed and nose over options to complete an entire main line conveyor system.

Motorized Pulleys Make Conveying Cleaner

There is more than one way to drive a conveyor, and, as Dorner Manufacturing’s Food Marketing Manager, John Kuhnz explains, motorized pulleys that were once unable to manage such jobs, are now managing more of them. Unlike traditional systems, the drive is installed in the drum shell within the conveyor frame, and it rotates stationary

Think & Do™ Version 8.0 Released

Cumming, GA — AutomationDirect has released Think & Do‚â„¢ version 8.0, the cornerstone of its PC Control product offering. The latest version supports development, deployment and operation of high-value automated control systems for material handling and manufacturing. The intuitive and open-architecture environment readily integrates with hardware and software components from virtually all major suppliers. Major

Three-in-one Hand Lift Truck Opens New Market

Imagine a forklift trying to maneuver through confined spaces in a warehouse to load and unload heavy boxes. Now picture it turning a tight corner and passing through a standard 28-in. doorframe. Of course, physics dictates that this is impossible. The alternative in most facilities is to employ human labor to lift and transport heavy

Parker 692 Hose Designed for Material Handling

WICKLIFFE, OH — Parker Hannifin's 692 hose line is designed specifically for material handling and over-the-sheave applications. The design and construction of the 692 hose allows for a tighter bend radius compared to other hoses on the market, which saves space in the mast and increases visibility for the operator. To improve visibility for the

Toshiba Machine’s Latest TH-A Series of Scara Robots

Elk Grove Village, IL — Already recognized for high speeds, payloads and repeatability, Toshiba Machine’s TH Series has been upgraded to the TH-A Series of extreme performance Scara Robots. Consisting of three models, the TH650A, the TH850A and the TH1050A, these robots offer a 20 — 30% improvement in cycle time (with higher payloads) compared

Smart Cameras Fill Gaps in Optical Inspection Applications

Kathryn Tomiello is a Staff Editor, Design World Low cost photoelectric sensors are inadequate for many automated optics-based inspection applications. To meet the need for more detailed inspections, manufacturers introduced multicomponent, PC-based vision systems that capture still images and convert them into digital data. This information is used for assembly verification, gage and dimensional measurements,

Parker Releases Compax3 Servo Drive Enabled with ETHERNET Powerlink

Rohnert Park, CA — Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division, a leading supplier of motion control technology, is pleased to announce that its Compax3 digital servo drives have been enabled with ETHERNET Powerlink (EPL) motionbus technology. With all 12 power levels of the Compax3 drives now EPL enabled, system performance is increased while overall system cost and

Edgecam, Sandvik Coromant and Mazak to Present on Competitiveness

Leading technology suppliers to the metal cutting industry, EdgeCAM, Sandvik Coromant and Mazak are joining forces on a tour of European cities where they will discuss competitiveness through manufacturing investment.   Representatives from the three companies will argue that to remain competitive the most important factor is to invest in the right manufacturing philosophy, systems

Honeywell Introduces FF-SG Series AM2-L Safety Light Curtains

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today introduced its FF-SG Series AM2-L Safety Light Curtains, a replacement for the existing FF-SG Series AM2 Safety Light Curtains. The FF-SG AM2-L offers enhanced features in a competitively-priced replacement product with enhanced quality. The new FF-SG Series AM2-L uses the recently introduced FF-ST Safety Light Curtain foundation with