Stackpole’s MG / MGM Series Axial Leaded Metal Glaze Resistors For 0.25W to 3W Applications

The MG / MGM Series from Stackpole is a high voltage thru hole resistor product with resistance values from 1K ohms up to 1G ohm. The metal glaze element provides working voltages ranging from 1600V up to 7000V, tolerances as low as 1% and 100 ppm TCR. This makes the MG / MGM Series ideal

New Matt Chrome Covers For OKW’s Designer COM-KNOBS

OKW has added striking new matt chrome covers to its COM-KNOBS range of collet knobs for rotary potentiometers – perfect for metal or metallic-look front panels. High quality COM-KNOBS suit a huge range of applications including measuring and control, medical and wellness devices, laboratory equipment, heating and air conditioning, communications equipment and building management systems.

Kit for touchless gesture controls

Ultrahaptics, specialist in mid-air touchless haptic technology, introduced a development platform that allows companies a route to evolve control solutions through gesture controls enhanced by tactile feedback sensations. The UHDK5 TOUCH Development Kit provides hardware and software with an architecture that can be embedded in product designs, from prototypes right through to volume production. Ultrahaptics

Printer marks medical instruments for better tracking

The METAZA MPX-95 is a photo impact printer. With its diamond stylus it can add custom text, data and images with photographic detail onto a variety of hard metals, such as stainless steel, iron, titanium and platinum, as well as softer substrates like gold, silver, copper, nickel, aluminum and acrylic – quickly and with pinpoint

PLC+HMI unit powers next generation of biodefense

Jim Robinson • Senior VP Product Development at AeroClave EMTs, ambulance workers, fire fighters, and more are often exposed to invisible pathogens and the threat of infection. In these settings, decontamination is critical for everyone’s safety. Hygienic routines to clean and disinfect surfaces contaminated with biological materials must be quick and easy to use. To

3D-printed device controls ultrasound waves for surgical procedures

Here’s an interesting story from one of our sister publications on how 3D printing was used to create a device that improves the precision of surgery. Researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore developed a 3D-printed device that harnesses high-pressure ultrasound to move, manipulate or destroy tiny objects. By controlling these photo-acoustic waves, the device […]

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Liquid metals show promise in speeding additive manufacturing

The task of removing support structures for metal 3D printed / additively manufactured parts has always been a challenge. So much so, that it’s often better to design the part so that it doesn’t need support. But when the design must have an overhang that requires support, or support to reduce thermally induced distortion, you […]

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How to make 3D printing fit manufacturing realities

“Control and consistency are concepts firmly entrenched in, and vital to, traditional manufacturing but not widely associated with Additive Manufacturing (AM),” says Tim Van den Bogaert, Materialise Director New Businesses. “Unlike subtractive processes where materials are manipulated without changing their intrinsic properties, AM needs to achieve precision powder and energy ratios – ratios that dictate […]

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Arcam’s CoCr process benefits the orthopedic industry

Arcam announced its CoCr process for Arcam Q10plus at the Formnext show in Frankfurt  this week. CoCr, together with titanium, is the prime material for the orthopedic industry and it is a commonly used material in the aerospace industry. The CoCr process provides parts with high resolution, production level productivity and impeccable material properties. The […]

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Siemens to deliver end-to-end additive manufacturing software

Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) business has been making moves into the additive manufacturing industry for several months now. (Siemens to collaborate with HP Inc. to elevate 3D printing from prototyping to full production; Local Motors 3D printing cars with Siemens PLM Software; Siemens moves into metal 3D printing; and Software optimizes parts for 3D […]

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Can you get injection molded quality parts without post processing from 3D printers?

Two features of 3D printers that can be issues for users are the surface finish quality of the part and the subsequent post processing often needed to finish the part. The developers at Rize created a 3D printer to address these issues. The Rize One 3D printer is small enough to sit on a desktop, […]

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Flush-mountable photodiode for heart rate measurements

Photodiode SFH 2440 L saves on mounting height in the design of heart rate sensors. It can be flush-mounted on the printed circuit board (PCB), with longer leads ensuring secure mounting and reliable solder points. The component also features spectral sensitivity for measuring heart rate. SFH 2440 L is a large-area photodiode with the same

Chassis system drives 24-station medical assembly

Edited by Mike Santora A west-coast medical parts manufacturer was recently faced with the challenge of creating a closed female luer valve with a robust system featuring 24 install stations for a 3-5 piece assembly production process. This manufacturer’s medical product line provides patients and caregivers with devices that help improve patient outcomes by minimizing

Multilayer 3D printing adds conductive properties to fabric

The day when we will be wearing clothing with electronics built in is approaching fast. The textile industry wants to produce “smart” textiles that combine electronics with the textile fabrics. According to forecasters, the smart textile market today is estimated at $800 million and is expected to reach $4.72 billion by 2020, with a yearly […]

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Injection Molding and Machining Resins for Medical Devices and Components

Successfully matching resins for manufacturing injection molded and machined medical devices and components means reviewing the types of materials available and reviewing the product usage. Usage considerations include temperature, chemical contact and resistance, applied stresses during use, transparency, opacity, aesthetics, wear resistance, lubricity and sterilization. Typical resins used for medical applications and components include PEEK,

Designing a better exoskeleton

Listen in as Jeff Gorges of the University of Houston Research Lab describes how fast turnaround of prototyped and final parts helped the researchers move quickly on developing a futuristic brain-machine robotics system.

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Subtractive and additive technologies help design a better exoskeleton

Custom-machined joints, brain-controlled exoskeleton combine to enable paraplegics to walk. “Enabling people with lower-limb paralysis to walk again is an endeavor with a “high social impact,” says Jose Contreras-Vidal, director, University of Houston research lab. The United States has an estimated 6 million people with paralysis. Lifetime care for a 25-year-old who becomes paraplegic because of […]

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More control over additive builds with Concept Laser Parameter Editor

Certain parts of the additive manufacturing process can be a challenge, especially for the process engineer setting up the additive machine for a build. Different parameters work better for different geometries. But, depending on the additive machine and the software you use, you may not be able to control these parameters, at least not without […]

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3D Systems’ new focus on additive manufacturing

With a new president and CEO, 3D Systems used the IMTS Show to announce it is taking its 3D printing businesses in a new direction—focusing on additive manufacturing for production. To an audience of investors, customers, media, and others, CEO Vyomesh Joshi (VJ) said, “Rapid prototyping was the original application for 3D printing and will […]

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EOS claims bigger, faster DMLS additive system

EOS will introduce its EOS M 400-4 system for Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) at the IMTS show in Chicago (Sept. 12-17). Designed for industrial applications, the quad-laser system has a wider building platform, along with a new handling system. The additive system’s building volume is 400 x 400 x 400 mm (15.75 x 15.75 […]

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Chemically resistant 3D printing material

igus has expanded its range of wear-resistant “Tribo-Filaments” for 3D printing with the introduction of the chemical resistant iglide C210 printable material. Prototypes and custom small-batch components can be 3d printed and put into contact with chemicals and aggressive cleaning agents. The C210 material withstands a number of acids and solvents, as well as hydrogen […]

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What the FDA wants to tell you about additive manufacturing

The advances 3D printing/additive manufacturing is bringing to the field of medicine are transformative. And the FDA has noticed. The FDA has become very involved in 3D printing, hosting a 3D printing workshop at the end of 2014, and working with several additive machines to get an understanding of what’s critical and what’s not. The […]

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3d printing gives Olympic athlete a chance to compete

Decathlete Jeremy Taiwo’s Olympic dream was up in the air for the last year, partly due to injury and partly due to the financial pressures of training. But a Brooks Running sponsorship helped solve both issues. Part of the Brooks Running’s sponsorship agreement involved personalized sprinting shoes featuring 3D printed spike plates created by Brooks Running […]

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Get to market fast with subtractive and additive manufacturing

Madelynn Martiniere  •  Director of Community  •  Fictiv Many additive manufacturing service providers are broadening their range of services to include CNC machining as well as additive printing. The combination not only delivers prototypes fast, it tackles complex design challenges. For mixed martial arts fighters, speed is a huge advantage in the octagon. Speed is […]

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The Michelin Group and Fives enter the metal 3D printing market

Michelin and Fives announced the creation of a joint venture, Fives Michelin Additive Solutions, aimed at developing and marketing industrial machines and production shops through “metal additive manufacturing” technology. The new venture will be 50% owned by Fives and 50% by Michelin and will benefit from a financial contribution of at least €25 million in […]

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