Laird’s Thermoelectrics Offer Lower Cost of Ownership in Medical Laser Cooling Applications

TEMs and TEAs provide precision cooling and heating in a wide variety of modular platforms to meet application demands… Laird (LRD: London) has designed and manufactured thermoelectric modules (TEMs) and thermoelectric assemblies (TEAs) that keep laser optics stable and at peak operating performance by controlling the operating temperature of the medical laser to within defined

New 380 Series Pressure/Vacuum Pumps

Gardner Denver THOMAS is pleased to announce the release of its newly developed 380 series variants: 380CE32 (115/60/1), 380CS32 (100/50/60/1) (380CUU32 (230/50/1) coming soon). These oil-less single WOB-L® piston units can be used for pressure or vacuum operation and are engineered to be versatile and reliable for a wide array of market applications, ranging from

Newark element14 shipping new push-pull connector series from NorComp

Newark element14 is now shipping a new line of high-performance, metal shell push-pull interconnects from NorComp – designed for medical and industrial applications. The QUIK-LOQ Push Pull Series delivers a high-performance solution engineered to withstand shock and vibration in harsh environments. These rugged, sealed connectors are ideal for hi-rel waterproof cable-to-cable and cable-to-panel applications where […]

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Advancing prosthetics development with 3D printing

From makers to professional engineers, 3D printing has long been used to develop prosthetics because it can save time and money. It also helps stimulate innovative thinking, which led to this fully functional hydraulic prosthetic arm. Ben Ryan, founder of Ambionics, developed the prosthetic for his two-year-old son, Sol using a Stratasys multi-material, multi-color PolyJet […]

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Model Solution delivers prototypes in 7 days

Model Solution is a precision prototyping, tooling and low volume manufacturing service provider with an edge—the company likes to handle challenges, those unusual, custom parts that require out-of-the-box thinking. As part of the Laird group, Model Solution is building a facility in Milpitas, CA. In addition to its custom services, it also offers design validation […]

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Working with metal materials for additive manufacturing

Perhaps more than any other manufacturing process, additive manufacturing works best when you match the material to the right additive process. Some of the challenges, though, are: –many additive processes suggest proprietary versions of materials — plus these materials often do not have sufficiently available documentation on their performance after undergoing an additive process –the […]

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3D printing delivers orthotics and prosthetics in one day

Here’s the typical way a prosthesis is made: First you wrap fiberglass tapes around a patient’s limb. The tapes harden into a mold, which is then filled with plaster to make a model of the limb. Next, heated plastic is formed around the mode. The device is then hand-finished by smoothing the edges and attaching […]

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Introducing the Smallest Wave Springs on the Market

The question you are asking should not be how many miles did I ride or how many steps did I take, but “how did someone make a wave spring that small?” As engineers around the world design smaller and smaller assemblies, the question becomes, where can I find the compact components to support my designs?

Stratasys targets professional prototyping with engineering-grade 3D printers

Stratasys introduced new tools to help CAD users get to market faster at SOLIDWORKS World 2017 today. These tools are three professional, versatile and fast FDM-based 3D printers—the F123 Series (F170, F270 and F370).   Stratasys developed these printers to address user needs for ease of use, greater accessibility and printers that offer more material choices. […]

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3D Systems adds to its dentistry portfolio with acquisitions

3D Systems  acquired Vertex-Global Holding B.V., a provider of dental materials worldwide under the Vertex and NextDent brands. Together, 3D Systems’ Figure 4 platform and NextDent’s 3D printing materials give 3D Systems a strategic foothold in the multi-billion dollar digital dentistry industry. Vertex Dental and NextDent are leading global innovators and manufacturers of photopolymer, thermoplastic, […]

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Trelleborg presenting specialty medical fabrics at MD&M West

Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics will display its enhanced portfolio of quality polyurethane and rubber and silicone-coated fabrics to meet the complex requirements of contract converters, medical devices and OEMs at MD&M West 2017 Conference (Booth 1605). Due to the growing demands of coated materials for use in a myriad of innovative medical, orthopedic and surgical

Herrmann Ultrasonics introduces two new features at MD&M WEST 2017

At MD&M WEST 2017, Herrmann Ultrasonics introduces two features to ensure more safety when changing welding tools within the production process. Firstly an RFID reader has been integrated into the tooling which guarantees that the right tool is installed for the production. Not only is it built into the sonotrode but also into the fixture.

Xcentric Mold & Engineering Receives Growth Investment for Continued Expansion

Xcentric Mold & Engineering announced today that it has received an investment from The Riverside Company, a global private equity investment firm focused on high growth businesses in a variety of sectors. Xcentric provides technology-enabled custom injection molding, rapid prototyping, and CNC machining services for clients across numerous industries including medical devices, aerospace, automotive, consumer

Non-Drip, Medical Grade Epoxy Resists Repeated Sterilizations

Master Bond EP3HTND-2Med Black is a high strength, fast curing epoxy for use in the assembly of medical devices. It fully meets USP Class VI specifications. This one part system delivers superior resistance to a variety of sterilization methods such as chemical sterilants, EtO, radiation and especially autoclaving. As a one component system, EP3HTND-2Med Black

Stackpole Introduces The RTAN Series Precision Thin Film Tantalum Nitride Chip Resistors

Stackpole Electronics, Inc. announces the release of their new RTAN series chip resistors. The AEC-qualified RTAN is a Tantalum Nitride precision thin film resistor that is impervious to moisture corrosion. This type of thin film technology passes biased humidity testing at 85 degrees C, 85% relative humidity, and 10% rated power for more than 1000

Seal-and-lube design ensures insulin pump lifespan

Type 1 diabetics are dependent on the steady flow of insulin. Portable insulin pumps allow an active, mobile life and can increase the quality of life of patients. The Swiss medical technology specialist Ypsomed is introducing a new pump known as the “mylife YpsoPump” into the European market. With a weight of just 83 grams—including

What’s ahead for additive in 2017

What will happen to polymers and metals for additive manufacturing in 2017? What will the major vendors introduce this year? Will this industry continue to shift into manufacturing? These are some of the questions the Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR), an additive manufacturing industry analysis organization explores. For polymers and metals, here are a few predictions from […]

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GE upping the stakes in additive manufacturing

GE has bought a few service bureaus and additive vendors.  Now we know a bit more about the company’s plans.  My colleagues at Medical Design and Outsourcing posted this blog about GE’s plans.

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Get 100% metal parts from filament metal 3D printing

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group reports that BASF scientists have found a way to use the additive technique of extrusion to create 100% metal parts.  This could be an interesting breakthrough, as most additive processes that use metal materials to make parts are powder-based and use an additive sintering or melting process. Another technique uses […]

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Stackpole’s MG / MGM Series Axial Leaded Metal Glaze Resistors For 0.25W to 3W Applications

The MG / MGM Series from Stackpole is a high voltage thru hole resistor product with resistance values from 1K ohms up to 1G ohm. The metal glaze element provides working voltages ranging from 1600V up to 7000V, tolerances as low as 1% and 100 ppm TCR. This makes the MG / MGM Series ideal

New Matt Chrome Covers For OKW’s Designer COM-KNOBS

OKW has added striking new matt chrome covers to its COM-KNOBS range of collet knobs for rotary potentiometers – perfect for metal or metallic-look front panels. High quality COM-KNOBS suit a huge range of applications including measuring and control, medical and wellness devices, laboratory equipment, heating and air conditioning, communications equipment and building management systems.

Kit for touchless gesture controls — New haptics for new HMIs and more

Ultrahaptics, specialist in mid-air touchless haptic technology, introduced a development platform that allows companies a route to evolve control solutions through gesture controls enhanced by tactile feedback sensations. The UHDK5 TOUCH Development Kit provides hardware and software with an architecture that can be embedded in product designs, from prototypes right through to volume production. Ultrahaptics

Printer marks medical instruments for better tracking

The METAZA MPX-95 is a photo impact printer. With its diamond stylus it can add custom text, data and images with photographic detail onto a variety of hard metals, such as stainless steel, iron, titanium and platinum, as well as softer substrates like gold, silver, copper, nickel, aluminum and acrylic – quickly and with pinpoint

PLC+HMI unit powers next generation of biodefense

Jim Robinson • Senior VP Product Development at AeroClave EMTs, ambulance workers, fire fighters, and more are often exposed to invisible pathogens and the threat of infection. In these settings, decontamination is critical for everyone’s safety. Hygienic routines to clean and disinfect surfaces contaminated with biological materials must be quick and easy to use. To

3D-printed device controls ultrasound waves for surgical procedures

Here’s an interesting story from one of our sister publications on how 3D printing was used to create a device that improves the precision of surgery. Researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore developed a 3D-printed device that harnesses high-pressure ultrasound to move, manipulate or destroy tiny objects. By controlling these photo-acoustic waves, the device […]

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