Seal addresses lubrication needs of wind turbine bearings

The wind industry has evolved into a sophisticated, viable resource. With an additional 54 GW (gigawatts) of wind power added in 2016, nearly 500 GW of installed power worldwide and a projected annual growth rate of 11% in coming years, wind plant operators are becoming a leading source of clean, renewable energy for countries throughout

Sealing system keeps tunnel industry digging

Tunnels are getting larger, deeper, and excavated in more challenging conditions. There is also growing pressure to successfully complete these projects while meeting increasing demands for performance, on-schedule delivery, and safety. However, on many projects, concrete tunnel segments are fitted with rubber gaskets onsite and secured using adhesive, which can lead to time-consuming and cost-intensive

Image gallery: The engineering eye candy at NIWeek 2017

National Instruments Corp. held its NIWeek event in Austin, Tex. last week. The get-together of LabVIEW programmers and instrumentation users always includes interesting new products and clever applications for the LabVIEW system design software and instrumentation hardware. Here are a few of the developments highlighted there that had eye appeal. NEXT PAGE: Stacking cups with

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Direct drive offers more tractive force

The MCR-T radial piston motor, for compact tracked loaders and other tracked vehicles, comes in frame size 10. This unit is approximately 20% shorter than conventional radial piston motors on the market and offers around 10% higher starting torque for more tractive force. For improved efficiency, especially over long distances, the MCR-T units also allow

Save fuel with hydromechanical variable transmission

Dana Rexroth Transmission Systems has announced that its engineers have completed final validation testing of the R3 hydromechanical variable transmission (HVT), with the start of production expected in the third quarter of this year. Both versions of the HVT technology feature a modular design that can be adapted for many applications, including wheel loaders, motor

Gearboxes power high performance electric vehicles

From a power transmission standpoint, Electric Adventure Vehicles (EAVs) pose an interesting design problem. On one hand, they require transmission components that are not too heavy or bulky. On the other, they need lots of torque or they won’t be much fun to drive. When Outrider USA, which manufactures a line of EAVs, looked to

Steering system integrates safety

An intelligent steering option incorporates both a steering and a safety controller into an electrohydraulic actuator, saving development resources and accelerating time to market for OEMs across agriculture, construction, road building, material handling and specialty markets. The system connects directly with GPS to allow automatic steering for an array of off-highway machinery—including tractors, combines and

LVDT sensor for use on subsea trees

Back in 2010, Deepwater Horizon suffered a major blowout of its oil-drilling platform. Analysis revealed that part of the cause was a failure of the blind shear ram to properly cut the drill pipe and seal the wellbore. But the failure of other components to operate as designed also poses environ-mental risks. For example, failure

Antaira’s 10-Port industrial non-PoE gigabit managed Ethernet switches

Antaira Technologies is a global leading developer and supplier of industrial device networking and communication product solutions for harsh environment applications and is proud to announce its expansion in the industrial networking infrastructure family with the LMX-1002G-SFP series. Antaira Technologies’ LMX-1002G-SFP series is a cost effective 10-port industrial gigabit managed Ethernet switch, that supports a12~48VDC

QA1 Dampers for Commercial & Industrial OE Markets

QA1 manufactures a wide variety of dampers and struts for the commercial and industrial OE markets. Applications include exercise equipment, commercial lawn and garden, neighborhood electric vehicles, commercial utility vehicles, and a wide variety of industrial applications. QA1 manufactures numerous styles of shock absorbers, including both twin-tube and monotube, in a variety of sizes, mounting

Longest endless timing belts help propel hovercraft

In two new hovercrafts, the British manufacturer Griffon Hoverwork relies on timing belts with carbon tensile from ContiTech Power Transmission Group. At 5,502 mm (216.6 in.) and 4,956 mm (195.1 in.), they are some of the longest endless polyurethane belts that have ever been produced. They drive the propellers and turbines of the giant hovercrafts,

Custom molded filter screen assemblies limit contamination & reduce product failure

Molded screen insert assemblies from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics are custom designed for water, beverage, off-highway and transportation applications to filter out fluid contaminants and reduce product failure. A wide range of screen options are available in many materials for difficult filtration applications allowing use with different fluids. Filter assembly orifice sizes available range from

How to choose the right connector for low-pressure fluid handling

by Grant Wilhelm, Senior Design Engineer, Colder Products Co. Selecting the ideal tubing connector can ensure product performance, increase ease of use and add functionality to your product…

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Cable connector for heavy-duty off-road machines

The SOURIAU (part of Esterline Connection Technologies) WME cable connector series is uniquely approved by the EN 16330 for both outside and inside cabin connectivity. This European Standard applies…

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Improved diaphragms help snowmobiles operate in harsh conditions

Polaris, a manufacturer of snowmobiles and off-road vehicles, including ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), side-by-side vehicles and motorcycles, has been providing customers with reliable transportation in even the harshest environments for decades. For almost two decades, Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies (Freudenberg-NOK) engineers have contributed their expertise and resources to create diaphragms and introduce materials and design improvements to

Unmanned vehicle design considerations

Michael Carter • CEO • IXI Technology As the adoption and use of unmanned vehicles (air, ground and undersea) continues to grow, the next five to eight years will see an acceleration of technology adoption across the board for military, security and commercial applications; however, with that, standards and safety regulations must catch up. For

High-performance 5.7” HG2G HMI series for added protection

With the addition of UL Type 4X and Type 13 approvals, IDEC high-performance 5.7” HG2G HMIs now provide a degree of protection against corrosion, dust, spraying water, oil, non-corrosive coolant, and damage from external ice formation. Suitable for applications in harsher conditions, especially where protection against corrosion is required, such as in oil and gas,

EF1A flood lights designed for areas requiring hazardous location ratings

Designed for rugged applications and those that require a light source with hazardous location ratings, NEW EF1A flood lights are well-suited to handle applications in oil & gas, water treatment, chemical plants, painting booths and more! With UL Class I, Zone 1 approval and a 4X rating, the EF1A series can be used in harsh

AMETEK GUI Software Now Supports Aviation DO-160G Spec

AMETEK Programmable Power announces that the GUI (Graphical User Interface) software for its California Instruments AC sources now supports the aviation industry’s critical specification for RTCA DO-160G test requirements. AMETEK’s GUI test software option is unique in that it is the only test software that supports all revisions of the DO-160 standard, Revisions A through

Four Steps to End Encoder Problems

In this webinar, Avtron Encoder Product Manager Brian Winter uncovers the biggest causes of encoder failure, and what you can do to eliminate these causes. Learn how to recognize problem(s), simplify mechanical issues on the outside and the inside of the encoder, and how to diagnose the encoder while operating Watch this webinar to learn: – What

Yokogawa Releases Oil Transloading Application

Yokogawa Corporation of America announces that it will release a panel packaged solution for metering truck/railcar unloading and loading based on the FCN-RTU* low-power autonomous controller of the STARDOM™ network-based control system on April 14, 2014. This new packaged solution has been developed to meet the requirements of our customers in the high-growth upstream oil

Motion Feedback 101: Select the Right Feedback for Your Application by Knowing the Basics

 If there’s any one truism in engineering it is that there’s no one perfect solution, there’s only the best solution for the application at hand. When it comes to feedback devices, OEMs have a wide range of options. Should you use a resolver or an encoder? If you need an encoder, should you opt for

Traction drive system powers record breaking dump truck

BelAZ-75710, the world’s largest mining two-axle all-wheel-drive dump truck with weight-carrying capacity of 450 metric tons demonstrated the performance worth of an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. The new vehicle rolled out of the BelAZ plant in late 2013 and is being field tested as the biggest machine of its class with a

Valves assist off-road motorsport vehicles

Dakar 2014 is a legendary sporting event that challenges drivers‘ endurance, racing skills and strategic navigational competencies. This intense off-road race is made up of two marathon stages that stretch across miles of South America’s desert-like terrain. Drivers take great precautions ensuring their vehicles can withstand the wear and tear of the sand dunes and

Custom Wheel Rims for Tractors and Off-Highway Vehicles Produced in Small to Medium Quantities

Wheel rim components made of 3/4 inch steel plate in diameters to 40 inches and larger for use on tractors and other off-highway vehicles are fabricated by Acme Metal Spinning. Available in quantities of 5 to a few hundred or more, these wheel rim components are fabricated using Acme’s advanced metal spinning processes. These processes