Simplify Industrial Vehicle Design and Improve Performance with New Thomson Electrak® Throttle Actuators

The new Thomson Electrak® Throttle Actuator boasts a rugged and space saving design with integrated features that combine to deliver highly robust, reliable and versatile throttle control operation. As a result, industrial vehicle OEMs benefit from a simplified design process and users benefit from improved industrial vehicle performance. “Rooted in more than 60 years of

Lee Spring HEFTY Die Springs

Lee Spring has expanded their HEFTY™ Die Spring product range to include longer free lengths up to 12”. These round wire springs are ideal for applications beyond those of traditional die springs and are well suited for any high stress, heavy load applications such as aircraft mechanisms, farm machinery, industrial equipment, brakes and clutches. HEFTY

IFH Group Offers Range of Custom Hydraulic Oil Reservoirs and Fuel Tanks

The IFH Group has pioneered the use of aluminized steel in hydraulic oil reservoirs and fuel tanks for off-road and specialty vehicles used in agricultural, construction, utility and a range of other rugged off-highway applications. Aluminized steel — sheet steel hot dip coated on both sides with an aluminum-silicon alloy —  is designed to economically

CAN components meet safety requirements

All off-highway mobile equipment exported to or manufactured in the European Union (EU) must meet European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Some international standards, such as ISO 13849 and IEC 62061, now provide a “presumption of conformity” with the directive. Both standards refer to IEC 61508 for E/E/PE-Systems and encourage the use of SIL-certified components and software.

Right-angle header connector makes for compact harness designs

Molex Inc., Lisle, Ill., has expanded its CMC product line with the introduction of a 28-circuit, right-angle header, which mates with its 28-circuit female power connector to offer…

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Saint-Gobain launched Composite Bearings Solutions for Hydraulic Pumps

Building on its success in the construction and industrial pumps market in the US, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has launched its innovative NORGLIDE composite bearings solutions for hydraulic pump technology in heavy-duty vehicles throughout Europe and Asia. The company has been developing low-friction, wear-resistant NORGLIDE composite bearings to help manufacturers in the US minimise maintenance requirements

Softstart Controller from Ogura

Ogura is now offering a Softstart control option for mobile applications for gas and diesel engines. The patented controller senses the exact point at which the friction surfaces contact, then rapidly reduces the current to a level that allows the clutch to safely slip, but not release. Using engine rpm feedback, the patented controller adjusts

CAN-bus interface for off-highway vehicles

The MICO MOBEUS EH Wireless CAN-bus interface is for use with MICO EH braking systems in off-highway vehicles and is compatible with the SAE J1939 CAN Communication standard. This CAN-bus interface can communicate with MICO MOBEUS LINC (Single Mode), as well as other vehicle controls using the vehicles CAN-bus (Bridge Mode). This interface offers several

From quarry to consumer

Belt conveying systems enable rapid and efficient transport of bulk material from the quarry to the destination also through rough terrain. One example is a curved belt conveyor. Both troughed belt conveyors and pipe conveyors transport various bulk materials over large distances and often across impassable terrain. Using belt apron conveyors, hot materials, such as

MICO MOBEUS Load-Apportioning-Valve

MICO  introduces a trailer brake Load-Apportioning-Valve (LAV) for use with MICO MOBEUS EH brake systems on Agriculture and other Off-Highway vehicles and trailers.  The LAV proportions trailer brake pressure utilizing a tow vehicle’s hydraulic brake signal in conjunction with real-time trailer load sensing to continuously control pressure-reduction braking to the trailer brakes without utilization of

Custom Drives Ensure Precise Farming

Precision farming management relies on observing and responding to intra-field variations. The concept uses new technology such as geospatial tools coupled with innovative agricultural equipment that maximizes returns on inputs while preserving resources. When integrated into the newest agricultural equipment, Custom Variable Speed Drives from Zero-Max make precision farming more efficient and profitable. The drives

Brakes for tidal energy

For the tidal energy industry, these ‘wet’ brakes generate torque through shearing of the oil layer with negligible lining wear, making them suitable for the low maintenance requirements of sub-sea installations. The Wichita Clutches can meet the power transmission challenges of the growing tidal turbine industry. Similar ‘dry’ units are also available, including water-cooled versions

Quick-release latches enable emergency egress

Though Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards establish standard safety levels for off-highway vehicles, they do not dictate how to meet these goals. Thus, you have plenty of room to be creative when designing applications for off-highway applications, such as escape hatches. Off-road environments can encounter dangerous scenarios where existing escape hatches may become

Linear position sensors ensure correct positioning of replicate deep ice coring system

Miniature LVDT linear position sensors are part of a steering actuator control system that regulates the tilt of a new Replicate Ice Coring System designed for a U.S. Deep Ice Coring Project currently being conducted in one of the snowiest regions of the West Antarctica Ice Sheet (WAIS) for studies of climate, ice sheet history

Selecting the Right Components for Harsh Environments

Watch the webinar & download the slides below Whether you’re dealing with excessive temperatures, corrosives like salt or sand, or need components that can handle frequent wash downs, selecting the right products for the job will help ensure a greater return on your investment. Learn how to avoid common hose system and belt drive problems

Eaton Circuit Breakers for Mining Applications Improve Energy Reliability, Efficiency and Safety

Eaton Corporation is introducing the W-VACiMB medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker that is designed for mining applications. The circuit breaker is engineered to provide reliable and robust circuit protection in a compact, environmentally friendly, and reliable package. The W-VACiMB mining breaker will be showcased at MineExpo International tradeshow in Las Vegas on September 24-26, 2012.

Are you at Risk? The Role of Lockout/Tagout in Pneumatic Safety

The ability to identify and control hazardous energy is a critical point for any industrial safety program. This webinar will provide background on the applicable OSHA and ANSI standards and help attendees to better understand the importance and application of lockout/tagout procedures as they relate to pneumatic safety. You can expect to learn: – What

Large Plastic Drag Chain for Offshore Uses

Plastic drag chains can replace steel in most offshore applications, including BOP transfer carts and cranes, pipe-handling systems, iron roughnecks, load arms, and gantry systems. The igus’ line of Energy Chain drag chains are corrosion-resistant and unaffected by UV-rays, dirt, chemicals, extreme temperatures, or seawater. The E4-350 was primarily developed for applications exposed to oil

Plastic Valves Ensure Smooth Shifting

Shifting gears in a tractor transmission depends on the integrity of a six-component valve assembly. The check valve is critical to the operation of tractors and other off-road vehicles. It allows pressurization of the transmission to between 1 and 2 psi, ensuring evacuation of oil from specific transmission chambers for shifting gears. Valve assembly integrity

Simulation Drives Monster Machines

Arktos Developments Ltd. (ADL), designer and manufacturer of an amphibious vehicle known as the Arktos Craft, uses Autodesk’s simulation software to prepare its products to operate in some of the world’s most environmentally demanding locations. Originally designed as an amphibious evacuation craft for Arctic offshore oil facilities, the Arktos Craft can move from -50° C

Flexible and Versatile Electrohydraulic Brake System

Combining multiple technologies is one way to increase system versatility. For example, this electrohydraulic brake system combines the control flexibility of electronics and the power of hydraulics for a more versatile braking system. For on- and off-highway applications, the electrohydraulic system offers several advantages to traditional mechanical braking. It replaces the traditional mechanical braking linkage

Quiet Bikes Require NVH Testing

When world-class motorcycle manufacturer Husqvarna (now part of the BMW Group) faced a noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) problem, they approached LMS to help them analyze the sound performance of its motorcycles. Husqvarna had two bikes they wished to test. Both were struggling to meet new noise regulations. The racing bike needed to pass the

Light-weight, Yet Powerful, Transformers

The demand for lightweight components is well known in the aerospace industry, but now this demand is reaching off-shore applications. The LW series are custom designed power and isolation transformers for 400 Hz frequency operation up to 600 Vac onboard seaborne and other marine applications. Compared to conventional C-core transformer designs, the LW series weighs

Environmentally Friendly, Yet Powerful Marine Engine

The Cat® C175-16 marine propulsion engine is the latest in a line of high performance engines designed to meet IMO Tier II emissions requirements. It is rated at 2001 – 2168 bkW at 1600 rpm and 2239 bkW – 2550 bkW at 1800 rpm. The C175 engine is already being offered in non-road applications to

Easier Data Collection for Wheel Movement

Here’s a system that helps you dynamically measure wheel displacement in five axes. The Corrsys-Datron RV-4 wheel vector sensing system will simultaneously measure all vehicle wheel displacement and directional coordinates in five axes for complete wheel movement evaluation capabilities within many vehicle dynamics testing applications. This system incorporates five high-precision absolute positioning transducers that measure