Unique Ball Return System Simplifies Ball Nut Design

Conventional ball nut designs recirculate the balls through some external mechanism – tubes, inserts, or end deflectors. The Drake Internal Return Ball Nut uses the track of the nut itself to recirculate the balls – no tubes, inserts, or deflectors at all. This design recirculates the balls internally, simplifying the structure of the nut, and

Best Practices for Mobile Hydraulic Design

With ever-rising fuel prices, designing efficient hydraulic systems can pay big dividends for users of mobile hydraulic vehicles. Join Design World as we take an in-depth look at three critical areas of mobile hydraulic system design: filtration, sensors and sealing. Our expert panel presents critical design tips and answering your questions. Attendees will learn: *

Insights: Booth duty

For the most part, industrial tradeshows are necessary evils. People who don’t travel (especially spouses) seem to think they’re comprised of an endless array of fantastic locales, amazing meals and endless partying. The reality is more about sore feet and legs, unhealthy convention center food, excessively long customer dinners, and that dreaded phrase: “booth duty.”

Tension Brakes Ready for Sea-duty

For off-shore applications, components and equipment must resist corrosion. The LI-SSI Series of AquaMaKKs clutches and brakes withstand sea spray and direct seawater splash prevalent in marine deck areas. These brakes provide accurate torque control for constant tensioning in heavy-duty continuous slip tension applications. They use the basic AquaMaKKs brake housing but have special alloy

McDermott and Trelleborg Develop Innovative New Clamp to Improve Diver Safety

Trelleborg Offshore has revealed a diver-friendly piggyback clamp designed to improve safety during installation. Trelleborg developed the clamp at the request of leading offshore construction company, McDermott in collaboration with Trelleborg Offshore UAE distributor, Unique Maritime Group. The Trelleborg system includes the use of edge treated banding and a new fastening system which eliminates sharp

Molded Rubber Components Ensure Long Life

Operate well and long are two design goals typical for off-highway equipment. Components made of a high performance rubber can ensure that equipment such as backhoes and excavators operate well and for a long time. Typical molded components include bumpers, dampeners, dust covers and plugs ranging in size and configuration from a few ounces up

Sensor Handles Sub-sea Level Pressure

For sub-sea level measurement, a pressure sensor’s construction is key to its survival in that environment. Many Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are lowered into the ocean with a pressure port either installed inside an enclosure or completely exposed to the seawater. As the ROV is submerged, water pressure is exerted on the diaphragm of a

Magnets Enable Small Design for Underwater Communication Tools

In the underwater realms, divers prefer small items rather than large ones. Innovative Scuba Concepts, Inc., designed its Mini-Quest™ to fit in a buoyancy compensator jacket pocket – nearly 40% smaller than its original Quest™ model. The compact size was challenging for the product designers. The Quest™ product line offers divers a way to communicate

Gates hose sleeving protects to 10,000-psi bursts

Gates has re-engineered its LifeGuard sleeving system with an additional layer of nylon reinforcement that increases worker protection for 4000- and 5000-psi hydraulic hose applications. LifeGuard sleeving is specifically designed to protect machine operators from the hazards of catastrophic hydraulic hose failure due to line-of-sight hose bursts and pinhole leaks. It is an effective, economical

Proportional Directional Spool Valves are Efficient, Compact

HAWE Hydraulics has released its proportional directional spool valve type PSL in the new nominal size 7. The PSL7 has been designed for applications such as mobile heavy load carrying machines, pile drilling machines, ship and railway cranes, etc. Global certifications for use in explosion hazardous zones allow this valve to be used in oil

Eaton’s Self-diagnosing Hose Breakthrough

Eaton Corp. has launched a new technology that enables reporting of imminent hose assembly failure by means of real-time monitoring of high pressure hose assemblies used in hydraulic systems. Eaton’s LifeSense hose, a patented hydraulic hose condition monitoring system, was developed in conjunction with Purdue University and the Purdue Research Foundation’s Office of Technology Commercialization

Donaldson Expands Cartridge Filter Line

Donaldson Co. (NYSE:DCI) is expanding availability of the company’s state-of-the-art line of high-performance hydraulic cartridge filters to mobile equipment and engine aftermarket distributors by May 2011. Donaldson high-performance hydraulic filter cartridges, designated as the DT line, provide 73% higher dirt-holding capacity and 47% lower initial pressure drop than traditional filters. Using Donaldson Synteq media technology,

Muncie Introduces Auxiliary Power Drive Splitshaft PTO

Muncie Power Products’ new Auxiliary Power Drive SS88 Series Splitshaft PTO allows for mounting of two 8-bolt type PTOs behind the transmission on medium duty and heavy duty vehicles. Features include: • High Through Torque Capacity • 14,000 lb. ft. or 21,000 lb. ft. rating • Two full power SAE 8-Bolt Openings • Air or

Whisper Vane Transfer Pump from VARNA

VARNA Products introduces their new “Xtreme Duty” Whisper Vane Transfer Pump Model “XD4”. VARNA’s latest design draws on their lineage of pump designs and it is the sister to their Model EP4 Prelube Pump. Made of TYPIII hard anodized aluminum, carburized carbon steel, the “XD4” has shown to perform well in a wide variety of

High Power Brushless Motor from Dunkermotoren

Dunkermotoren USA has developed a family of high performance modular brushless permanent magnet (PM BLDC) motors. The BG75 series is composed of 75mm (2.95”) squared high power density motors in 3 stack lengths. Peak motor torque varies from 250Ncm (354 oz.in) to 630Ncm (892 oz.in), while peak output power ranges from 420W to 1000W. Axial

Brennan launches Brennan Black Coating at IFPE

Brennan Industries Inc. has introduced its new Brennan Black coating, for protecting adapters against rust and corrosion. Design World’s Paul Heney spoke with Bill Jarrell, VP of marketing for Brennan at IFPE in Las Vegas, where the new product was unveiled. Jarrell characterized Brennan Black as a real “problem solver” that is more cost effective

Helac launches online store for rotary actuator parts

Helac Corp. has launched a e-commerce website, www.helac.com/store, which allows customers to buy seals, bearings and valves online for Helac’s standard Rotary Actuator product lines, including L10, L20, L30, HP and T20 Series. Customers can search by product model, part number and serial number. Helac’s Customer Service Team will now be able to respond to

Integrated Connector Allows Click-on Mounting

Temposonics® integrated connector system is now available for all products in the M-Series sensor family. Developed for reliable position measurement in mobile off-road machines, these sensors can be embedded within a hydraulic cylinder, employing click-on mounting. The sensor can be installed within the cylinder and connected within seconds without concerns about wire preparation, polarity errors

Measuring amplifiers ensure oil stays at correct temperature

Russia is the second largest oil producer worldwide after Saudi Arabia. Russia produces nearly ten million barrels of black gold a day. However, before the oil generates a profit, it must be transported from the wellheads to one of Russia’s many refineries or to an industrial port for shipment to Germany, the Czech Republic, China

Join the first Design World Tweet Chat on Feb. 2

Join Design World on Wednesday, February 2nd, for the inaugural Design World Tweet Chat. Our entire editorial team will be tweeting with you on the topic of engineering education. To participate, just include #DesignWorld in your tweets that day, from 10 a.m. through 5 p.m. Eastern time. You can comment, respond to other tweets, even

Adapter alternative to SAE Code 62 flanges

High amounts of vibration and shock are common in subsea oil and gas applications. The family of Dual Seal Flange Adapters counteracts these conditions with reliable and safe versions of flanges for four-bolt connections. The new adapters are an alternative to traditional SAE Code 62 Flanges. Available in standard Code 62 footprint sizes ½ in.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches updated iPhone App

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has launched an updated version of the recently released iPhone app “ISO Fits & Tolerances” that allows switching between inch and metric measurements. Providing results based on the ISO 286 System of Limits and Fits, the updated version also adds additional tolerance classes and is available in English, Spanish, German and Dutch.

Miniature stainless steel pressure switches

Ashcroft’s A-Series pressure switches are designed for tough OEM and industrial applications requiring a durable, high-quality miniature switch. Available with explosion-proof and watertight enclosures, the stainless steel A-Series pressure switch features a refined piston actuator that can be ranged up to 2000 psi while enduring a working pressure of 5000 psi. Small dimensions, a choice

Registration Open for 2011 Tampere Fluid Power Conference

The 12th Scandinavian International Conference on Fluid Power (SICFP) will be hosted by IHA – Department of Intelligent Hydraulics and Automation at the Tampere University of Technology (TUT). The conference is co-organized by the network of Fluid Power Centres in Europe (FPCE). The Tampere event is held every fourth year. The 2011 SICFP conference is

Kollmorgen Introduces the CVC600 Vehicle Controller

RADFORD, VA – Kollmorgen introduces the CVC600 Vehicle Controller. Just 125 x 50 x 195 mm in size, CVC600 vehicle controllers can fit where other vehicle controllers can’t. The compact controller also boasts a rugged IP65-classified design that is highly immune to vibrations, unstable power supplies, temperature variations, humidity and dust to deliver high-performance, 24/7