Digital Servo Drives and Analog Servo Amplifiers

Westford, MA – Elmo Motion Control, Inc., announced the introduction of its new ExtrIQ product line designed for applications operating in extreme environmental conditions such as unmanned vehicles, military, and oil refining. The new product family consists of highly durable, intelligent digital servo drives and analog servo amplifiers which offer optimal performance under extended temperature

Microsoft Compute Cluster Ed. Webcast

This webcast will focus on the transition to cost-effective compute clusters for improved, scalable application performance for users of high performance technical or commercial computing applications and disciplines. Learn how new approaches in high-performance compute clusters and operating environments have opened the door for a much simpler and cost-effective strategy to meet demand for faster

Next Generation of Thomson Linear Actuators

WOOD DALE, IL – Thomson introduces ElecTrak Pro Series Electric Linear Actuators. ElecTrak Pro linear actuators are a zero-maintenance hand have quick and easy installation, superior accuracy, repeatability, reliability and advanced control over critical machine operations, with maximized machine uptime, and at an extremely attractive price point. “ElecTrak Pro Series linear actuators allow mobile off

New eBook: What’s New in AutoCAD 2008?

Abbotsford, BC Canada, – upFront. eZine Publishing, Ltd. “What’s New? AutoCAD 2008” PDF ebook is for everyone wondering about, and competitors worrying over, AutoCAD 2008 and its new feature lists. This 110-page PDF ebook details changes in Autodesk’s latest release of its AutoCAD flagship software. “What’s New? AutoCAD 2008” covers these aspects of the new

Multidiscipline Simulation Solutions from MSC.Software

ANTA ANA, Calif. – March 13, 2007 – MSC. Software Corp., announced the release of MD Solutions R2 (MD R2), the newest installment of the company’s line of multidiscipline enterprise simulation solutions. MD R2 gives engineers an integrated, multidiscipline simulation to speed design efficiency and drive early design validation. It also gives manufacturers insight into

SpaceClaim Launches 3D Mechanical Design Software

CONCORD, MA – 14 March 2007 – SpaceClaim Corporation today announced the launch of its flagship product, SpaceClaim Professional 2007.  SpaceClaim bridges the gap between designers and those in the extended product development team-such as suppliers, manufacturing engineers, analysis engineers, and engineering management-who lack access or time to master the designers’ 3D CAD system. To

RINGFEDER CORPORATION Recertified as ISO 9001:2000 Compliant

Westwood, NJ – Ringfeder Corporation, widely recognized as a top – quality supplier of power transmission components in North and South America, has recently achieved ISO 9001:2000 recertification. The company was originally certified in 2005. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2000 is a set of worldwide quality assurance system standards that facilitate international trade. The

Design Rules

Design rules Numerous books and courses are available that systematically cover Project and Product Design Procedures, so I expect every engineer to know how to attack a new consumer or industrial product design and carry it through to successful completion. But with countless new products I have studied and purchased recently, I find that most

Noran Partners With Topologica

Noran Engineering, Inc., a developer and global supplier of Nastran finite element analysis (FEA) software, announced that Topologica Solutions of Montreal, Canada has signed a Distribution Agreement for its portfolio of engineering analysis and simulation software in Canada. Topologica Solutions provides engineering services to the aerospace, electronics, automotive, consumer products, marine, and heavy equipment industries.

Triaxial ICP Accelerometer

Model 356B41 from PCB Piezotronics, Inc., installs between rider and vehicle seat, for ride comfort studies and human vibration exposure investigations. A precision, low profile, triaxial ICP accelerometer is mounted to a metal plate and screwed into a molded rubber pad. The sensor may easily be removed from the pad for calibration and verification purposes.

Lambda PCB-Mount AC-DC Power Supplies

Lambda introduces a series of single-output 5- to 15-watt AC-DC power supplies designed for direct mounting on a printed circuit board (PCB).  Small and lightweight, the new KPS series supplies are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, such as process control, test-and-measurement, and portable equipment. Units come in three different power levels

IndraMotion for Metal Forming from Bosch Rexroth

(Hoffman Estates, IL) – With the IndraMotion for Metal Forming solution suite, Rexroth offers reliable, economical and scalable performance.  The Bosch Rexroth IndraMotion for Metal Forming Roll Feed system is a new, ready-made motion control solution for roll feed applications. The system contains all of the pre-defined, user-activated functions needed for specific applications, such as

New 10-Watt and 15-Watt Slim Line Power Supplies

The new IDEC PS5R-SB 10W and 15W Slim Line power supplies are a cost-effective way to save panel space, measuring just 90 x 22.5 x 95 mm, half the size of a standard DIN rail. They come in output voltages of 5V in 10W; and 12V and 24V in 15W.  A variety of mounting directions

Ringfeder Corp to Exhibit at Offshore Technology Conference

Ringfeder Corporation of Westwood, NJ will exhibit their ARCUSAFLEXR and ECOLOCR product lines at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).  Their participation in this show is indicative of Ringfeder Corp’s strong commitment to the marketplace, as well as to their current and potential customers. The 2007 Offshore Technology Conference, OTC 2007, will be held April 30th

Dynamic Pressure Sensors

Series 105, part of ICP miniature dynamic pressure sensors, monitor dynamic combustion pressure in diesel and natural gas powered engines and other reciprocating equipment.  They extend maintenance intervals, improve fuel efficiency, and lower NOx emissions. The sensors use piezoelectric sensing elements with quick response times and are best suited for continuous monitoring or periodic walk-around

Renco Heavy Duty Shaft Encoder

GOLETA, CA — RENCO Encoders introduces the RHDi, heavy duty incremental shaft encoder. The RHDi has been developed utilizing the latest technology to meet the most demanding industrial applications. RENCO ASIC technologies allow the RHDi to bring new levels of performance and value to Machine Tool, Packaging, and similar heavy-duty industrial motion control applications. The

BEI Duncan Electronics’ New Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensor


Precision Machines Count on Robust Optical Encoders

by Scott Hewitt, President, Sick Stegmann, Inc., Dayton, Ohio Resolution is one of the most critical factors that must be considered when selecting an encoder and probably the least understood. Resolution is often described in terms of lines, pulses, and counts.  Incremental encoders provide a fixed number of square pulses on each channel per shaft

Danaher Motion SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2006 Highlights

New products reinforce  “Helping you build a better machine, faster” Düsseldorf, Germany – Danaher Motion, the specialist in drive and control technology, focused on two new products at the SPS/IPC/Drives Fair in Nuremberg: the “Danaher Motion S700” digital servo amplifier and the compact “Danaher Motion Hybrid Stepper Motor”. The Danaher Motion S700 is a new,

NKK’s New Toggles and Rockers Meet International Certifications

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — NKK Switches, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of electromechanical switches, announces the internationally approved P series of toggle and rocker switches with certifications from UL, CSA, C-UL, VDE, SEMKO and SEV. These standard size devices are designed to meet the needs of industrial/commercial, instrumentation and medical applications.  The P

SPS/IPC/Drives Day 1

SPS/IPC/Drives show in Nürnburg is a break out show!  Today I spent the majority of the day walking the show and here is what left an impression: Dozens of companies showing and demonstrating drives and motion controls.  It reminds me of the Tokyo System Fair that I attended ten years ago in which company after

THK Introduces TY Series of High Speed Linear Actuators

Schaumburg, IL —THK’s new TY Series Linear Actuator is designed to reach super high speeds of up to 5 m/sec. (16.4 ft./sec.), and accelerations up to 5Gs. Integrated with THK’s own Type SHS LM guide, as well as the QZ lubricator, the TY Series operates long-term and maintenance-free. The TY Series features a compact cross

Selecting a hydraulic hose

A typical hydraulic hose consists of an inner tube, one or several reinforcement layers, and an outer cover. Each component is vital for the performance and reliability of the hose. The inner tube must be compatible with the fluid it carries. Typical tube materials are thermoplastic compounds, synthetic rubber, and Teflon. The reinforcement layer (or