The total package: How to design a film wrapping machine with direct-drive technology

Guaranteeing packaging results every time, even when product characteristics vary and product types change often, is one of the greatest challenges facing a machine builder. This was the primary consideration for Alpenland Maschinenbau (ALPMA) when designing its new MultiSAN film wrapping machine. The machine packages round and rectangular soft cheeses, as well as cheeses in

Paper and color–a natural for 3D printing

Additively making parts using ordinary paper as the build material is a bit deceptive. On the one hand, you think such a 3D printed object can’t possibly handle…

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3d printing with paper at RAPID

Mcor Technologies Ltd is the only manufacturer of desktop paper-based 3D printers. The company will be showing its line of printers at RAPID 2015 in booth 830. These…

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Underwriters Laboratories offers a resource for 3D printing info needs

Underwriters Laboratories is working to address the short-term and long-term performance and safety concerns of 3D printers and additive manufacturing systems. Recently, UL initiated a number of initiatives…

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Automation increases packaging efficiency

Flexible pouch packaging is one of the fastest growing primary packaging methods in the industry, delivering products ranging from shredded cheese to beverages. To meet consumer demand, manufacturers must develop more efficient ways to package their offerings. Delkor Systems produces a range of automated secondary packaging machinery including forming, loading and closing equipment for cases,

3d printing injection molds slashes prototype lead time by 40%

The Italian division of international consumer goods giant, Unilever, has cut lead times for prototype parts by 40% since introducing Stratasys’ PolyJet 3D printing technology into its manufacturing…

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Should you 3D print in house or not?

The prices of some 3D printers are coming down, making it more affordable to own one of your own, even a desktop version. Still, it can be better…

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Cognex next-generation real-time monitoring to optimize industry processes

Cognex Corporation announced Cognex Explorer™ Real Time Monitoring (RTM), a DataMan® barcode reader performance-monitoring system. By incorporating a scalable architecture, a web-based performance statistics interface, and world-class Cognex vision technology, Cognex Explorer RTM empowers facility managers with data that removes system defects and optimizes processes. Cognex Explorer RTM trends read rates, evaluates images from packages

Increase packaging performance without adding costs

Primary packaging is the more challenging task in the packaging industry. In these machines, the packaging material meets the product at the highest possible speed; as a result, the level of precision has a direct influence on product quality and the usage of raw materials. Gravimetric and volumetric filling processes in liquid filling machines, for

Baumer VisiLine cameras now available with USB 3.0 interface

Baumer’s VisiLine series industrial cameras are now available with USB 3.0 interface. Providing simple solutions to demanding image processing tasks, VisiLine cameras are ideally suited for robotics, packaging and print inspection, medical technology, and renewable energy applications. Baumer’s cameras featuring high-performance SONY CCD sensors are the first group available with USB 3.0 technology and excel

B&R takes packaging machinery performance to a new level

B&R Industrial Automation will exhibit its latest packaging solutions at booth S-3179 at PACK EXPO International, November 2-5, 2014 in Chicago’s McCormick Place, where, along with the new co-located Pharma EXPO, over 50,000 packaging professionals will come together. With flexible I/O solutions, modern industrial multi-touch HMIs, modular drive systems and Panel PCs that implement the

Make the packaging process more flexible

These days the quality of the packaging is as important as the packaging lines being multifunctional. Not only must the lines satisfy the highest requirements in terms of productivity, flexibility and reliability, but safety must also be absolute. Nestlé Purina Petcare is a manufacturer of dog and cat food; its priority is the quality of

Packaging on the fast track

B&R’s reACTION technology takes packaging to an entirely new level With reACTION technology, B&R is able to reduce response times in industrial automation applications down to 1 µs. This new approach allows extremely time-critical subprocesses to be managed using standard hardware – all within the requirements of IEC 61131 – while cutting costs by reducing

Kübler slip rings SR060E do not require oiling any more

Cleanliness in connection with minimal maintanance is the focus of the packaging industry. This maxim often poses enormous challenges, since the packaging machines, which are faster and more productive than ever, are in continuous operation throughout the service life. But, in spite of the intense machine run times, neither dirt accumulation nor dust generation is

Simulation aids design iteration for packaging hot-fill process

By Travis Hunter When simulation analysis results for the widely used “hot-fill” process of packaging liquids did not correlate to lab tests, Graham Packaging Company began searching for a new simulation method that would yield accurate results. It needed to experiment with different package designs to anticipate deformation during the hot-fill process, and simulation offered

Adaptive Systems deliver productivity gains

When manufacturers seek to increase throughput in an automation system—a packaging line, a machine tool or a pick-and-place operation—one technical issue they can quickly encounter is unwanted vibration. Depending on the process, this can require intermittent deceleration to avoid damaging the machine or product. This useful and informative Technical Paper from Bosch Rexroth provides a

Gen 3 Inductive Rotary Encoder for Functional Safety

HEIDENHAIN is expanding its third generation of absolute inductive rotary encoders with the ExI 11xx series, providing a single encoder safety solution for many industries such as packaging, automation and robotics. These new products are especially suitable for safety-related applications up to SIL 3, PLe, and Category 4. These applications involve high risks for the

Switching from pneumatic to electric in packaging machines

A number of companies in the packaging machine industry have chosen electrical servo technology–mainly to replace motion axes previously powered by pneumatic systems. Multivac, for example, recently switched to servo technology. “We have found that this technology increases controllability and reduces noise emission,” said Guido Spix, CTO Multivac, “which helps us increase the number of

Packaging machine control reduces material usage

How can you implement packaging designs that make higher quality products while reducing the amount of packaging materials? How can you reduce the energy consumption of the entire packaging process? PC-based control and drive technology are ideally suited to dealing with these challenges, controlling and monitoring the entire process of individual packaging machines and complete

Progress on a thermally and electrically conductive die-attach film

AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) claims to have solved one of the technically more challenging problems in wafer level semiconductor packaging to achieve conductive die-attach film adhesive (DAF) of 20-micron thickness. While DAF adhesive at the wafer level is becoming more prevalent in die-attach for memory modules in precision bonding and thin packages, thermally conductive and

igus® presents maintenance-free systems for the packaging industry

igus is presenting a range of innovative new products specially developed to meet stringent demands of the packaging industry. Manufacturers of packaging machinery rely on high-performance components, especially where products must be packed in a timely and energy-efficient manner. Because of this, machinery must be designed and manufactured under strict rules and regulations. igus is

Couplings handle servo driven packaging needs

Looking for couplings for packaging applications? These rigid couplings meet this application’s demanding needs. They have precision honed bores, anti-vibration hardware, and opposing hardware on two-piece styles to ensure fit, alignment, and holding power. They are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials to suit the needs of packaging applications such as case

Modular design delivers fast response for packaging systems

Packaging lines demand extreme levels of productivity and flexibility across the board – from the primary and secondary solutions straight through to the end-of-line equipment. This can be achieved through a modular design with control and drive components installed directly on the machine’s frame – or even on rotating parts. With reACTION and NetTime technology,

How-To Create Robust Guided Motion For Any Environment

Precision linear guidance is a necessity for automated equipment and production level processes and in many applications the operating conditions are challenging for mechanical components. DualVee® linear guide wheels from Bishop-Wisecarver Group are designed to smoothly guide heavy loads in a variety of challenging environments including high temperatures, low temperatures, washdown and vacuum conditions. Solve

Open, adaptable and modular safety solution from Pilz

Just as products come in packaging of all shapes and sizes, so do today’s demands on packaging machines. Although packaging is primarily there to protect the content, product presentation frequently boosts the incentive to buy and is constantly adjusted to meet point-of-sale requirements. Even when the packaging tasks are changed frequently, operators expect reliability, high