AI Technology, Inc. Releases Second Generation COOL-PAD™ CPR 7154

AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) introduces COOL-PAD™ CPR7154, a new class of thermal interface material that dispenses like a thermal pad, but performs with characteristics like that of a grease or gel when device temperatures increase to above 45°C. COOL-PAD™ CPR7154 is optimized to accommodate large areas with different heights and gaps of less than 3-mil

“Green” conveying eliminates the need for cardboard trays

Here is both a green and a cost saving idea for conveying items in the food and beverage industry. The System Plast™ low-back pressure accumulation belt eliminates the need for cardboard trays under shrink-wrapped packs. Consisting of half-inch (12.7 mm) acetal rollers, the conveyor surface is specifically designed to ensure support and stability for PET

Connectors for Food and Beverage Packaging

Communication and connectivity components must handle the harsh environments found in food and beverage packaging applications. It also helps if these components can reduce costs and improve reliability and operating efficiency. One product line that claims to meet these application needs is the Brad automation product line, which meets the needs of packaging machine builders,

Ethernet Based Motion Control Upgrades Plastic Bag Making Machine

Two UK plastic bag machine support specialists have cooperated to launch a machine offering new levels of programmability and bag production flexibility. Based on ABB’s Ethernet Powerlink compatible motion control range, the machine features an all servomotor architecture and a user interface developed from the operator’s point of view. Modern plastic bag making machines often

Power Unit for Wheelchair Lifts and Other Applications

Even though a component is targeted at a specific market, such as medical, it may be useful in a number of other applications with requirements similar to its primary market. Butler Mobility, for example, uses a high-quality, high-tech power lift for its inclined platform wheelchair lift. That same power unit can also be used for

QC Industries Doubles Conveyor Warranty to 10 Years

QC Industries is now offering to double customers’ warranties to 10 years when they register their conveyors online. Our conveyors have always had a reputation for quality, so we’re excited to double our warranty coverage to 10 years, said Dave Endres, Vice President and General Manager of QC Industries. The 10 year warranty is another

Twin Belt Turning Device Gently Palletizes Bags

Palletizing works better with dimensionally stable product. For bags, which can have an unpredictable flow behavior, this can be a challenge. This twin-belt turning device, though, helps palletize bags filled with bulk material in an even, gentle way. The twin-belt turning device works with two separately driven belt conveyors, which, by applying a differential speed

Klüber Lubrication to Showcase New NSF H1-registered Lubricants

Klüber Lubrication will display its latest NSF H1-registered lubricants for the packaging and processing industry at PACK EXPO, Sept. 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Klüber will exhibit at booth S7046 and have representatives available to discuss the company’s products, services and expertise with PACK EXPO attendees. Products from Klüber provide efficient solutions for

Flexible and reliable transfer systems

In modular assembly and transfer systems, such as those used in the automotive industry and machine building applications, these accumulation and plate chains perform a variety of demanding transport tasks. The BS 11 modular transfer system is mainly used for manufacturing and assembling components for transmissions, engines or chassis, but it is also suitable for

Hygienic packaging system made possible with stainless steel components

GKS Packaging, Son, the Netherlands, unveiled a new machine concept, which, according to Ivo Geukes, owner of GKS Packaging “has rewritten the rule books for vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines.” The company specializes in flexible packaging systems for all businesses. The new machine needed to be leading edge. Geukes quest for stainless steel components

No gaps needed for accurate count

Some packaging conveyance applications require significant gaps between the individual packages to accurately detect and count the packages. Of course, this puts a limit on production. Baumer, however, has developed a counter that does not need such spacing, enabling more product to be conveyed in a given time. The SCATEC-2 Box copy counter for the

Rotary die cutting increases production of six-pack carriers

Paper, bottle, and can carriers were once the domain of single-piece construction. But this type of beverage carrier is slow to produce and requires a substantial amount of printed high quality cardboard. A newer two-piece carrier design can be produced faster thanks to rotary die cutting technology from Schober USA. Working inline as a “slave”

How to increase throughput while eliminating packaging breakage

One trend in bottle packaging is toward lighter glass and partitionless packaging, done to reduce packaging materials. However, this trend requires versatile equipment to handle different bottle types at high speeds. After experiencing a higher than desirable level of bottle breakage with repurposed packaging equipment, Boulevard Brewing Company, Kansas City, MO, approached Standard-Knapp to create

Lenze Americas Exhibits Packaging Automation Solutions at EXPO PACK Mexico

Lenze Americas (Booth #1824) will showcase its precision control and drive solutions for packaging applications at EXPO PACK Mexico, June 18-21, 2013 in Mexico City. EXPO PACK is the premier packaging and processing technology event for Mexico and Central America.  EXPO PACK Booth #1824 will feature Lenze’s newest drive solutions for achieving high performance and

Saturn Evacuation System Reduces Airborne Contamination In Blown Film Extrusion Plants

Blown film extrusion plants can now reduce airborne contaminants by as much as 80% with a patented Saturn Evacuation System (SES) from Future Design Inc. and extend cleanings from every six weeks to quarterly, or longer.  Future Design, now in its 35th year, specializes in air ring technology. The SES comprises a small air ring

Flexible zone control

Distribution operations face the challenges of handling a variety of product types, multichannel orders fulfillment, and changing packaging designs. They need control systems that can maximize throughput while maintaining carton control. One system that meets these needs is the ZoneFlex, from Intelligrated. This control helps operators manage the engineering challenges of multichannel order fulfillment and

Servo Couplings for High Tech Applications

Edited by Leslie Langnau, Managing Editor High tech applications in industries such as medical, semiconductor, solar, packaging, and printing require precision components to maintain a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. The shaft coupling is an important component of such systems, used, for example, to connect servomotors to linear systems. A variety of servo couplings

Standard-Knapp Announces 597 Tritium™ Multipacker

Standard-Knapp introduces the 597 Tritium™ Multipacker, a continuous motion multi-packer capable of handling applications in the food, beverage and personal care industries. With single, double and three lane configurations, the Tritium swiftly arranges products into compact pack patterns and wraps the configurations in film, thereby eliminating the need for trays and pads. The Multipacker then

TURCK Extends M12 Passive Junction Box Line

TURCK introduces a 6-port M12 passive junction box, designed to easily integrate multiple devices into a single unit. Featuring a compact, low profile design, the 6-port model allows simple installation in diverse factory automation applications, ranging from packaging and automotive to material handling and mobile equipment. With one or two discrete signals per port, the

Robot handles complex palletizing configurations

Save money, save time, cut costs—these are the goals material handling companies strive to meet with robotic palletizing systems. One of the newer examples is the space-saving BEUMER robotpac, a fully automatic articulated robot that can solve complex palletizing and de-palletizing challenges reliably and efficiently. Containers such as bags, cardboard boxes, crates or trays can

Actuators Simplify Product Changeovers

When a leading manufacturer of an automated, powder-filling, packaging equipment machine wanted to gain greater control over a critical container-lifting sequence, it decided to use an electric rod-style actuator. The change was aimed at making product changeovers faster and easier for customers who used the packaging machines for filling a variety of container sizes. While

c3controls Introduces Line of 22mm Pilot Devices

c3controls introduces their new line of 22mm IEC Pilot Devices. Featuring short depth and a low-profile design, c3controls new 22mm line saves machine builders space behind the control panel. Its design reduces total cost by enabling the user to easily install and uninstall the device with no tools required. This line of 22mm IEC products

Bag grippers with integrated high-performance ejectors

The trend in packaging continues to be innovative approaches that simplify complex processes. One example is Bag Grippers, which are specifically designed robot grippers that handle unstable, bag-type containers and shrink-wrapped packages. Each gripper has high suction power from its integrated ejectors. Even in the case of low suction power due to handling extremely porous

HELUKABEL® to Present Cable Expertise at 2012 MinnPack/MD&M Trade Show

HELUKABEL® USA representatives will be attending the 2012 MinnPack/Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) show, being held October 31 – November 1, at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN to showcase their cable solutions for the automated processes within the packaging and medical manufacturing industries as well as speak about making the choice between aluminum

Event-Driven Motion Control Takes the Wheel

By Carl Bostrom, Senior Applications Engineer, Bosch Rexroth, Hoffman Estates, Ill. By integrating event-driven strategies into motion control software programming, automation systems can be optimized beyond what’s possible with traditional electronic cams or motion profiles. Servomotors have largely replaced mechanical cams as the standard means of meeting the motion demands of the automation industry. The