Omega Introduces Precision Fluidized Bath FFB-8 Series

Omega introduces its FFB-8 series that offers a wide operating range of 50 to 700°C (122-1292°F), PID temperature control and a built-in dust extraction and collection system. The model FFB-8 employs the principle of fluidization of a mass of finely divided particles to provide a safe, essentially isothermal environment with a high rate of heat

Sunstone Circuits® Celebrates 40 Years of Serving Design Engineers

Sunstone Circuits® is celebrating 40 years of delivering high quality PCB prototypes to design engineers. Leading the industry with an on-time delivery rate of over 99%, Sunstone Circuits provides live on-site customer support that is available every day of the year (24/7/365), giving Sunstone unparalleled customer service in the industry. “For 40 years, Sunstone Circuits

Growth in Semiconductor Services

Flexible circuit board use is on the rise, driven by the demand for increased design flexibility, smaller packaging and products that are lighter and thinner. Flexible circuitry use also eliminates connection points, which simplifies assembly and reduces the chance for human error or interconnect defects. The issues of smaller yet more complex package sizes increases

Sunstone Circuits® Partners with element14

Sunstone Circuits® has partnered with Newark’s element14 to deliver bare printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping services to customers in the Americas through element14’s Knode, an intelligent search and knowledge tool helping engineers select and purchase the right solutions for designs. Through this partnership, design engineers can access Sunstone’s prototyping products and services to create high

Rogers Corporation to Exhibit and Present at Upcoming DesignCon 2012

Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) will exhibit and present a white paper concerning Thermal Conductivity at the upcoming DesignCon 2012 conference and exhibition. DesignCon (, scheduled for January 31 through February 1, 2012 at the Santa Clara Convention Center (Santa Clara, CA), is one of the electronic industry’s key meeting places for printed-circuit-board (PCB) designers. Rogers’ circuit-materials

Epoxy Seals Deliver Signals in Semiconductor Fabrication

Even from its earliest days, semiconductor fabrication has challenged and pushed the realm of automated, ultra-clean manufacturing. From pressurized work environments to high vacuum deposition chambers, getting power, control and monitoring signals into and out of these non-atmospheric pressure and vacuum environments presents a constant challenge. When you consider that the slightest amount of contamination,

Researchers Compare Techniques for Doping Graphene Sheets for Interconnect Fabrication

Nanotechnology researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have conducted the first direct comparison of two fundamental techniques that could be used for chemically doping sheets of two-dimensional graphene for the fabrication of devices and interconnects. Chemical doping is routinely used in conventional three-dimensional semiconductors to control the density of electron carriers essential to the

Light Weight Micro Manipulator System from Steinmeyer

Steinmeyer, Inc. announced a new high precision, light weight, micro manipulator stage MT 105-50-LM. This stage is an excellent choice for applications in the semiconductor metrology, biomedical, miniature robotics and laser industry. With a sleek low profile design, it has a footprint of 105 mm x 151 mm, height of only 25 mm and amazingly

Tools and Techniques for Testing Nanotech

By Mary Anne Tupta and Robert Green, Keithley Instruments, Inc Reprint Info >> Here’s what you need to know about testing nanotech materials and devices. To make quality measurements of graphene, carbon nanotube devices, and other nanoscale structures depends on several factors in the measurement system and device under test. Addressing each of these factors

Rogers Corporation and Hitachi Chemical Establish Strategic Collaboration Agreement

Rogers Corporation (NYSE: ROG) (Rogers) and Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. (TSE: 4217) (Hitachi Chemical) are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic collaboration agreement (Agreement) to expand global adoption and improve customer support of printed circuit board (PCB) materials for use in high speed digital (HSD) applications. The Agreement enables Rogers and

Move Small Masses Dynamically and With Precision

The MCL ironless linear motors position small masses with precision and maximum synchronization. The motors are easy to integrate into machines. Typical areas of application include assembly and handling technology as well as semiconductor and solar technology. The MCL product line has four sizes with graded lengths and a maximum force range of between 20

Create High-Definition Designs with Haptic Driver

Tactile feedback for research and consumer use is growing. The latest device comes from Texas Instruments. The DRV8662 is an integrated piezo haptic driver for mobile consumer and industrial designs. It features an integrated 105 V boost converter, power diode, and 50 V to 200 V peak-to-peak (Vpp) fully differential amplifier, resulting in a 50%

Insights: Booth duty

For the most part, industrial tradeshows are necessary evils. People who don’t travel (especially spouses) seem to think they’re comprised of an endless array of fantastic locales, amazing meals and endless partying. The reality is more about sore feet and legs, unhealthy convention center food, excessively long customer dinners, and that dreaded phrase: “booth duty.”

Rogers Corporation to Highlight Material Solutions at Midwest and PCB West Shows

Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) will display a sampling of its wide array of electronic printed-circuit-board (PCB) material solutions at the upcoming IPC Midwest Conference & Exhibition, September 21-22, in the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center in Schaumburg, IL (Booth #219). One week later they will be exhibiting at the PCB West Conference & Exhibition, September

Sunstone Circuits® Now Offering Stencils for Quickturn and Full Feature PCB Prototypes

Sunstone Circuits® has enhanced their services by offering SMT stencils when placing an order within their Quickturn, Full Feature, and CAD Tool, PCB123® product lines. Stencils join a growing suite of PCB solutions that includes Bundled Assembly, PCB Design Software and Free DFM. With the new stencils addition, Sunstone Circuits is continuing to differentiate themselves

Sensors Advance Medical and Healthcare Applications

By Randy Frank, Contributing Editor There is no doubt that medical and healthcare applications represent major opportunities for electronic equipment manufacturers and their sensor suppliers. The applications include hospital and clinics, doctors’ offices, remote wireless healthcare, and portable personal area network (PAN) diagnostics and monitoring. ABI Research projects the market for wearable wireless sensors to

Industrial Networks: the Choices for Real Time Motion Control

Among the versions of Ethernet for real-time motion update, two are leading the industry today: EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, and Powerlink.  Each handles real-time messaging differently, and the differences affect your design choices. The leading vendors behind these networks will discuss the ways each handles real-time updates. By watching this special, free 1-hour on-demand webinar you will gain

Flexible Cables for Semiconductor

Halogen-free cables are an alternative to bulky round cables, stiff PTFE & PVC jacketed flat cables, and noisy, particulate generating cable tracks. The crystal-clear silicone encapsulation is tear-resistant, needs no external “armor” or conduit for protection, and will not deform or wear during a lifetime of more than 10 million cycles, even under tight bending

Precise Automation of Nanostructures

Nanometer structures are punched into brittle silicon that is subjected to high pressure metered at tolerances of less than 1 micrometer while the microchips are contacted and packaged using a range of elaborate processes. Machine manufacturers such as Smart Equipment Technology (SET) SAS continue to push the envelope of what is technically possible in semiconductor

Keeping semiconductor production on the straight path

Precise motion is a requirement in many applications, and especially in semiconductor applications. Air bearings have a history of delivering fast, precise motion. The latest Airglide LED Wafer System is available in a wide base version for additional stiffness and support for larger payloads up to 50 kg, over travels up to 1 full meter.

Solving Semiconductor Obsolescence by Extending the Life of Critical Devices

Recently, a supplier to the railroad, marine, drilling, wind power, and mining industries received an end-of-life announcement for several critical semiconductor devices used in their systems. The announcement provided the OEM with less than six months to develop an end-of-life (EOL) plan. Because of the markets it serves and the products it provides, the manufacturer

Sunstone Circuits Announces Shorter Lead Times for CAD Tool PCB123®

Sunstone Circuits is now offering shorter lead times for their circuit board design software, PCB123®. The shortened lead times now correspond with Sunstone’s quickturn PCB lead times, and join a growing list of CAD tool product features which make the prototyping process even easier and more accurate from project concept to PCB delivery: – Data

Measure Energy Accurately

The 78M6613 is a system on a chip (SoC) energy-measurement device for ac/dc power supplies. It captures and reports real-time energy data, to determine where energy is needed, being used, and being stranded. The device is integrated, single-phase, fully self-contained ac power-measurement and monitoring SoC, with accuracy of ±0.5% over a 2000:1 dynamic range and

Sunstone Circuits® Announces New CAD Conversion Service

Sunstone Circuits® is now offering a new CAD conversion service when placing an order for Sunstone’s Full Feature or Quickturn printed circuit boards, saving the design engineer valuable time and effort. With the new native file upload functionality, customers will experience the following benefits: • More consistent conversions – Allow the designer to focus on

High Power Brushless Motor from Dunkermotoren

Dunkermotoren USA has developed a family of high performance modular brushless permanent magnet (PM BLDC) motors. The BG75 series is composed of 75mm (2.95”) squared high power density motors in 3 stack lengths. Peak motor torque varies from 250Ncm (354 to 630Ncm (892, while peak output power ranges from 420W to 1000W. Axial