Better materials for better antennas

by Kathleen Fasenfest, Senior Electrical Engineer, Antenna Products, TE Connectivity (TE) Aerospace Defense & Marine Thanks to improved materials and novel processing, antennas today can be lighter, smaller…

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Cellular amps boost mobile and M2M applications

by Dermot O’shea, President, Taoglas Antenna Solutions Cellular signal amplifiers help bring reliable communications to remote locales, but there are subtleties to their deployment that can trip up…

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Analyzing millimeter frequencies with external harmonic mixing

by Cherisa Kmetovicz, Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent Technologies electronic measurement business) External mixers can help extend the capabilities of signal analyzers so these instruments can handle frequencies ranging…

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Dialog Semiconductor extends power management leadership in China

DA9210 sub-PMIC powers MediaTek MT6795 processor in HTC One M9+ and E9+ Android based smartphones Dialog Semiconductor plc (FWB:DLG), a provider of highly integrated power management, AC/DC power…

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More features for xPico Wi-Fi

The xPico Wi-Fi SMT embedded device server is a certified, compact Wi-Fi surface mount module for quick and easy serial-to-Wi-Fi connectivity. The server extends the features and benefits of the existing xPico Wi-Fi module to a surface-mountable form factor. It helps users develop IoT applications and solutions, especially those requiring direct access to device data

Wireless technology improves conveying processes

Part of the benefit of the Internet of Things is you can create a system that will centralize access to all controllers and machine interfaces within a facility. Developing such a communication system has been an ongoing challenge for large sites. In Culver, Ind., the Elkay Wood Products manufacturing site is a 60,000+ square foot

Smallest-size (1.6 x 0.8 mm) noise filter added to line-up of radiation noise suppression components for audio lines -NFZ18SM

Overview Murata has now added the NFZ18SM series, the smallest size now available, to its NFZ_S series of noise filters that are specifically designed and manufactured for audio line applications and suppress radiation noise with no adverse effects on the sound quality (*1). Background Full-digital speakers (*2) are currently attracting a great deal of attention

NI Announces Next-Generation 5G Collaboration With Nokia

NI today announced that it’s working with Nokia’s Networks business to collaborate on advanced research related to fifth generation (5G) wireless technologies such as exploring peak data rates and cell-edge rates in excess of 10 Gbps and 100 Mbps, respectively. By using NI’s integrated hardware and software baseband platform, Nokia plans to expedite its research

Squeezing light into metals

University of Utah electrical engineers Ajay Nahata and Barun Gupta used a $60 inkjet printer with silver and carbon ink cartridges to create a new, widely applicable way to make microscopic structures that use light in metals to carry information. This new technique could be used to rapidly fabricate superfast components in electronic devices, make

Save time and money with simple wireless cable replacement

The new Radioline® wireless platform from Phoenix Contact offers wire replacement for simple I/O and serial communication. With software-free radio setup, Radioline offers a cost-effective wireless solution where it is too costly or not possible to run a wire. Radioline features simple I/O to I/O communication without the need for programming software. More advanced configurations,

Wireless bridge with Fast Roam technology

The 802.11abgn Fast Industrial Hotspot is a high-speed wireless Ethernet hotspot for plant-floor automation. This hotspot offers a range of industrial wireless capabilities including features such as Fast Roaming, and has good packet-per-second performance and robust communications in demanding industrial environments. These capabilities provide seamless high-speed Ethernet connections for moving machines and vehicles traveling long

ProSoft Technology® releases Industrial Wireless 802.11n

The 802.11abgn Fast Industrial Hotspot is an advanced, high-speed wireless Ethernet solution designed for plant-floor automation, SCADA systems, mobile worker Wi-Fi infrastructure and process control systems. This Hotspot offers a broad range of industrial wireless capabilities including unique features such as Fast Roaming and has excellent packet-per-second performance and robust communications in demanding industrial environments.

Connect Remote Devices and Mobile Equipment

The PremierWave XC HSPA+ (3.5G) device is a high-speed intelligent gateway and application server for easy mobile and remote device connectivity. The latest addition leverages leading-edge 3.5G cellular/mobile technology, bringing M2M connectivity to devices and equipment previously unable to be connected through wired or Wi-Fi solutions. The PremierWave XC family is for applications in a

Moxa’s New AWK-6232 Wireless AP/Bridge/Client

Moxa, a provider of hardened networking, communication and computing solutions, is meeting the growing need for faster transmission speeds and wider coverage with its new AWK-6232 wireless Access Point/Bridge/Client that allows outdoor networks to scale to higher bandwidth demand while providing maximum availability. Anyone who has suffered download delays or interruptions on an outdoor wireless

Sierra Wireless launches M2M Solution Exchange

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (TSX: SW) announced the launch of the Sierra Wireless Solution Partner Program and the Sierra Wireless M2M Solution Exchange. The Sierra Wireless Solution Partner Program promotes integrated wireless solutions powered by Sierra Wireless technology. It offers a streamlined, functional way for solution partners to work with Sierra Wireless to promote their

LORD MicroStrain Releases Wireless Sensor Node

LORD Corporation MicroStrain® Sensing Systems has released its redesigned V-Link® -LXRS® wireless analog sensor node featuring programmable gain and event-driven triggering. Originally developed to eliminate wires for streamlined, more embeddable health monitoring, the updated sensor is designed to improve the resolution and optimize event monitoring capabilities. Capable of providing wireless test, measurement and long-term monitoring

Rogers Introduces Improved Series of Antenna Grade Laminates

Advanced Circuit Materials Division recently introduced improved high frequency materials to address several market needs. The improved RO4700JXR Series antenna grade laminates were designed for use in base station, RFID and other antenna designs and combine low-loss dielectric with low-profile copper foil for reduced passive intermodulation (PIM) and low insertion loss. The specially formulated RO4700JXR

Lantronix Announces Global Availability of xPico Wi-Fi

Lantronix, Inc. announced the global availability of the new xPico Wi-Fi module, a compact, embedded wireless device server designed for easy and fast machine-to-Wi-Fi connectivity. Tablet and Smartphone-enable Your Devices Simultaneous access point and client functionality, a key differentiator for the xPico Wi-Fi module, allows the creation of its own secure Wi-Fi network for direct access as

25 Series RF Transceiver Module from Linx

Designed for dependable bi-directional transfer of digital data, the 25 Series RF transceiver module is capable of transmitting over distances of up to 1 mile (1.6km) line of sight. Operating in the 902 to 928MHz ISM (Industrial Scientific and Medical) frequency band, the module is capable of generating +13dBm into a 50-ohm load and achieves

Lumex TitanBrite Wireless Bonded LED

Lumex announces the global launch of its TitanBrite Wireless Bonded LED featuring “flip chips” that are up to 15% brighter than any others in the market. In addition to the standard 3W and 6W LEDs, Lumex’s TitanBrite Wireless Bonded LED is also available in 9W, ensuring Lumex’s wireless bonded LED is the brightest light source

Linx and DComponents Announce Distribution Agreement

Linx Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of wireless products such as radio frequency (RF) modules, announced a distribution agreement with DComponents Corporation, a global electronics distributor that provides catalog distribution catering to design engineers, engineering students, research labs and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). DComponents Corporation will sell and support Linx modules, connectors and Antenna Factor

AirLink LS300 Intelligent Gateway from Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) announces the launch of the AirLink® LS300 intelligent gateway, the all-in-one successor to the AirLink Raven line of rugged gateways. AirLink Raven, Raven X, and Raven XE gateways have been successfully integrated into a wide variety of M2M deployments, enabling customers to do everything from monitoring soil conditions in vineyards or

Crystek Maximizes Performance with 6400 Mhz Coaxial Resonator Oscillator

Crystek’s CVCO55CXT-6400-6400 Coaxial Resonator Oscillator (CRO) is a coaxial-based VCO with an internal proprietary frequency doubler. The CVCO55CXT family’s frequency doubling, 2X fundamental technology reaches new performance levels of lower phase noise and much lower harmonics over the competition, while achieving lower current consumption in the process. The CVCO55CXT-6400-6400 operates at 6400 MHz with a

NK Technologies introduces WRT Series Wireless Data Transmitter/Receiver

NK Technologies introduces the WRT Series Wireless Data Transmitter/Receiver. This wired-to-wireless solution provides a self-managed mesh network that works with any RS485 network protocol to promote highly reliable system operation in new or retrofit applications. The system allows for wired and wireless equipment mixes to avoid radio signal obstacles. It is also simple to configure

GreenPeak Launches the GP501 ZigBee Radio Chip

GreenPeak Technologies announces the GP501, a new generation of ZigBee transceivers which contains a sophisticated coexistence scheme that allows Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee chips to work side by side in the same device. The GP501 also contains Deep Packet Inspection allowing deep sleep modes of set-top boxes and other host devices by means of Wake-on-LAN