Proportional Spline Control in SolidWorks

This episode of Matt’s Minute brings a few tips to proportional spline control to light in SolidWorks. In a four point closed spline, Matt shows a couple options for re-sizing with a sketch function, and other fixed constraint options for different results when dragging and re-sizing a spline.

Motor Drive Motion Control Basics

In this episode of Miles on Motion, Miles Budimir, Motion Control Tips Editor, covers the basics of the motor – drive connection and looks at drive profiles, torque, velocity, position and AC & DC motors in this quick tutorial.

Rapid Solidification Process

Laura Carrabine, Senior Editor with Design World interviews Jim Knirsch, President and CEO of RSP Tooling. RSP (Rapid Solidification Process) Tooling is a new technology for the tool and moldmaking industry. By spraying molten steel onto a ceramic negative, they are able to create production quality molds in less time and with less cost than

BEI LT25 Linear Cable Transducer

Miles Budimir interviews Scott Orlosky, Engineering Manager at BEI Industrial Encoders about their new LT25 Linear Cable Transducer product. BEI Industrial Encoders’ new linear cable transducer provides digital position and speed feedback information in a rugged, easy-to-install package. Model LT25 cable transducer utilizes a flexible measuring cable mounted to an internal spring-loaded spool and quadrature

The Design World Podcast – Using Diamond Bearings in Your Next Design

Diamonds are not only “a girl’s best friend.” Soon they may be engineers’ best friend too. US Synthetic Bearing takes advantage of its parent company’s expertise with synthetic diamonds and applies that knowledge to radial thrust bearings to create a product that offers long life and low maintenance. Off-highway, oil and gas, and other industries

Dimension Control for SolidWorks Sketches

In this episode Matt demonstrates several ways to add dimensional control to your SolidWorks sketches.

Motion Controllers – Miles on Motion

In this episode of Miles on Motion, Miles Budimir briefly discusses motion controllers, basic servo loops, and motion profiles.

Matt’s Minute No.3 – Flatten Curved Surfaces in Rhino.

In this episode of Matt’s Minute, Matt Lombard shows three ways to flatten curved surfaces in Rhino. Depending on the original surface, some methods may work better, or more accurately.

Matt’s Minute No. 2 Replace Face and Move Face in Inventor

In this Matt’s Minute: In Inventor, I use a lofted surface to replace a face of a solid, and then extend the solid with the Move Face command, stretching the area of the lofted surface.

Matt’s Minute No. 1 Simulate Mechanisms with Blocks in SolidWorks Sketches

Simulate Mechanisms with Blocks in SolidWorks Sketches In this episode of Matt’s Minute, I show how to use blocks in SolidWorks sketches to simulate mechanisms. Sometimes full-on 3D is too much for simple conceptual work. In cases where what you really want to do is cut shapes out of paper and make a little mechanical

Design World Podcast – Type E Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

Host: Leslie Langnau, Managing Editor of Design World Magazine Interview with: Peter Damesimo, Manager of Business Development – c3controls Talking about Type E motor protection circuit breakers and their uses in a global marketplace. SPONSORED BY: c3controls.