Schneider Electric Launches Altivar ATV680 & ATV980 Drives – the World’s First Three-Level Low-Harmonic Drives

The Altivar 680 and Altivar Regenerative 980 Compact Low Harmonic Drives are a packaged, high-performance solution for low harmonic applications. These active front end drives feature a three-level input switching stage, which reduces common mode voltage and improves performance and efficiency. These benefits are a result of the new drives’ custom filtering and three-level design.

Low profile actuator suits packaging needs

Super-flat actuators feature IP65 protection and 480V, which makes the FHA actuator well suited for machine tool, packaging, and wash-down applications. The FHA-C-H series actuators come in four sizes. FHA-C-H rotary servo actuators use Harmonic Drive precision gears combined with a performance matched brushless servo motor. Encoder options include EnDat and HIPERFACE. The FHA series

Direct drive offers more tractive force

The MCR-T radial piston motor, for compact tracked loaders and other tracked vehicles, comes in frame size 10. This unit is approximately 20% shorter than conventional radial piston motors on the market and offers around 10% higher starting torque for more tractive force. For improved efficiency, especially over long distances, the MCR-T units also allow

The JUMPFLEX® Family Adds Four New Members

WAGO has added four new signal conditioners to the JUMPFLEX® 857 Series. Packed into industry leading 6mm housing, these new modules save space but don’t sacrifice on safety or power. The Loop Powered RTD module converts RTD and resistive inputs to standard analog signals without the need for an external power supply. The dual channel

WAGO Launches New Plug-In Current Transformers Product Video

WAGO announces the availability of a new video featuring the Plug-in Current Transformers with CAGE CLAMP® Connection. WAGO’s Plug-In Current Transformers measure AC currents in 230 V, 400 V and 690 V low-voltage mains. The current transformer can be loaded with up to 120% of the nominal current, allowing you to measure peak currents without

Mouser Signs Global Distribution Agreement with United Silicon Carbide, Inc.

Mouser Electronics, Inc. announces a global distribution agreement with United Silicon Carbide, Inc. (USCi), a manufacturer of high-efficiency silicon carbide (SiC) products. USCi technology and products enable affordable power efficiency in key markets, including wind and solar power, transportation, smart grid technology, and motor control. The USCi product line available from Mouser Electronics includes 650V

AutomationDirect Expands Enclosure Air Conditioner Offering

AutomationDirect has expanded its Stratus® line of enclosure air conditioners to include compact models. Excessive heat inside an enclosure can cause nuisance faults from electrical and electronic components, circuit breakers, fuses, and controlling units such as PLCs, HMI, and AC drives. Stratus enclosure air conditioners are closed-loop cooling systems designed for harsh environments, or when

Ac drives help reduce energy costs

The more efficient a drive, the lower the energy costs. The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755T drives offer harmonic mitigation, regeneration and common bus system configurations. The latest versions include TotalFORCE technology, which enhances motor control through precise, adaptive control of velocity, torque and position of electric motors. AC drive technology is an important investment for our

Ametek announces two acquisitions

AMETEK, Inc. has announced that it has completed two acquisitions: Brookfield Engineering, the world’s leading manufacturer of viscometers and rheometers, and ESP/SurgeX, a leader in energy intelligence and power protection solutions. Brookfield Engineering Brookfield offers a complete range of viscometers and rheometers as well as instrumentation to analyze texture and powder flow. Its products are

New ANG Active Next Generation Servo Inverter series expands Bonfiglioli drive portfolio

Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A., a global designer and manufacturer of gearmotors, drive systems and planetary gearboxes, announces the addition of a servo inverter series, ANG Active Next Generation, which provides higher performance for machine builders. With this new servo inverter series, Bonfiglioli offers the broadest connectivity with the most advanced control technology and the highest power

Networked, Panel-Mount Piezo Drive for Coordinated Motion between Piezo Stages and Servo Axes

Aerotech’s Ensemble QLe™ panel-mount nanopositioning piezo drive is designed for seamless use with the Ensemble family of drives and controllers. The QLe connects to any Ensemble controller network enabling coordinated motion between piezo stages and servo axes at much higher rates than other controller or drive products. It is ideal for applications ranging from demanding

AutomationDirect releases white paper on electrical arcs

AutomationDirect announces the release of a new White Paper, “Electrical Arcs”, that explains how arcing develops, the dangers of electrical arcs and various means of arc suppression. Common causes of electrical arcs include misapplication of components and dirt buildup. Over time, dirt builds up on electrical components, causing standoff voltages to decrease until an arc

Mitsubishi Electric Automation introduces energy-saving variable frequency drive

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. introduces the F800 Series variable frequency drive (VFD) for precise motor speed control with maximum energy-savings. The low-voltage F800 is specifically designed to improve efficiency of air movement through HVAC systems. While the F800 is especially suitable for HVAC applications, including air handlers, cooling towers, and pumps; this multi-functional F800 is

AutomationDirect unveils productivity2000 programmable controller

The Productivity2000 is AutomationDirect’s newest addition to the Productivity line of industrial controllers. The Productivity2000 is a modular, rack-based system with a full lineup of discrete, analog and specialty I/O modules. The high-performance CPU has 50Mb memory, fast scan times and five communication ports for $255. The P2-550 CPU features LED status indicators as well

New AC Digital Drive: Model KBWK-23D

KB Electronics, Inc. of Coral Springs, FL, a manufacturer of AC drives and DC drives from fractional through 5 horsepower, introduces a new AC digital drive to their current product line. The new KBWK-23D operates with either a 115 or 230V AC line, is housed in a NEMA 1 / IP 20 enclosure, and features

Orion Fans enhances electric vehicle battery compartment cooling with smart fans

Dallas-based Orion Fans, a division of Knight Electronics and a leading manufacturer of standard and custom AC and DC fans, fan trays and accessories, has developed a thermally-controlled series of DC fans designed for electric vehicle (EV) battery cooling applications. The smart fans reduce power consumption by up to 30%, as the thermal controller increases

Orion Fans’ thermally-controlled AC and DC fans cool solid state systems

Dallas-based Orion Fans, a division of Knight Electronics and a leading manufacturer of standard and custom AC and DC fans, fan trays and accessories, has developed a series of thermally-controlled AC and DC fans for cooling solid state lighting. The smart fans deliver high airflow to help prevent premature LED component failure due to excessive

Minarik Drives Announces YouTube Video Library

Minarik Drives, a brand of American Control Electronics, is pleased to announce the release of a library of videos that answer the market’s most frequently asked questions. This library of short videos will answer technical questions about specific products, provide wiring instructions, define technical terms, and demonstrate how to make the proper adjustments to various

ACE Announcement of YouTube Library

American Control Electronics (ACE) is pleased to announce the release of a library of videos that answer the market’s most frequently asked questions. This library of short videos will answer technical questions about specific products, provide wiring instructions, define technical terms, and demonstrate how to make the proper adjustments to various switches, pots and other

Hegel Holdings Makes Organizational Moves

American Control Electronics (ACE) is pleased to announce that as part of its strategic initiatives, it is making several organizational moves. These moves both recognize the significant contributions of the people directly involved, as well as, better position the organization structurally for future growth. These moves will all be effective October 1st. Dan Schnabel is

Ethernet Adapter for AC Drive

A dual port EtherNet/IP communication adapter is available for the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 AC drive, offering device level ring (DLR) functionality over EtherNet/IP networks. The dual port EtherNet/IP card lets users select from a range of topologies including ring, linear and star while lowering the total cost of machine design, development and ownership with less

High-Performance Brushless Servo Systems Tech Tip

Topics covered in this Tech Tip: Comparison of DC servomotors and brushless servomotors Sinusoidal and trapezoidal brushless servos Sinusoidal EMF and sinusoidal current Sinusoidal control for brushless and induction motors Closed-loop control for high performance Sponsored by: Download Design World’s Tech Tips E-Book Please complete the form below to unlock Design World’s Tech Tips E-Book.

American Control Electronics Welcomes Dan Orr

American Control Electronics is pleased to welcome Dan Orr as a Regional Sales Manager for the Central Region.  Dan is a University of IL graduate and earned his M.B.A. at LaSalle University.  He brings over 25 years of experience in sales, sales support, and business development in the motor and motor controls markets and is

ABB’s ACS880 model has a new platform of drive technology

ABB’s new AC drive portfolio introduces a new control panel design, featuring an intuitive, high contrast and high-resolution control display, enabling easy navigation. Many flexible data visualizations – including bar charts, histograms,trend graphs – help users to analyze processes, with assistants available to simplify set up. The menus and messages are customizable for specific terminology

Extension to Drive Family Delivers 1 to 2,000 Horsepower

PowerFlex 755 ac drives range has been extended to 1500 kW/2,000 Hp. The drive builds on application flexibility and common user experience of PowerFlex 750-Series, giving industries options for power control. Wide variety of applications ranges from simple variable speed and variable torque control to constant torque control. Target applications include fans, pumps, mixers, compressors,