Support bearings help fabric roll keep turning out products

Dam linings, billboards, butchery aprons, and many others are just some of the items that Arthur Dowson (Pty) Ltd. will start producing at the end of October in Johannesburg, South Africa. The laminating and coating factory is establishing a production line that will be introducing Vesconite Hilube support bearings for its fabric roll shaft. Arthur

Schaeffler invests $36.5 Million and creates 105 additional jobs for the Palmetto State

Schaeffler Group USA Inc., a global manufacturer of precision components for the industrial and automotive sectors, today celebrated the grand opening of its expanded manufacturing plant and new administrative building in Fort Mill, S.C. The project resulted in the creation of over 100 South Carolina jobs. The grand opening celebration featured over 100 invited guests […]

New online Product Selector tool simplifies selection and ordering

Nexen Group, Inc. introduces complete Geared Bearing solutions based on their innovative Roller Pinion System (RPS).  The new Geared Bearing package comes complete with a zero backlash gear mounted and dialed in on a precision grade high capacity bearing. Nexen’s Geared Bearings are available in a wide variety of sizes and gear ratios, and preconfigured

Bearings bear the weight of largest offshore facility

Within the world’s first floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) project—Shell’s Prelude FLNG—are 52 vertical elastomeric bearings and 156 horizontal bearings for use on the 13 modules onboard the facility, as well as 40 turret bogey bearings to enable natural movements of the turret. Byoung-Gark Park, topside structural engineer for Samsung Heavy Industries, said: “Many of

Finally! An Alternative to Slewing Ring Bearings with Heavy Duty Rings and Vee Guide Wheels

When heavy loads need to be automated or supported by large capacity bearings there are few options for selecting standard products. Slewing ring bearings are often selected for heavy load applications and can be supplied in large diameters. However, the use of slewing bearings should be carefully scrutinized due to their high cost, long lead-times,

Leak-tight radial shaft seal for roller bearings in steel plants

Radial shaft seals for roller bearings in steel plants, for example those used for work rolls, are replaced after 8,000 operating hours, at the longest. Until then, they are expected to function smoothly and reliably under harsh conditions and at high temperatures. They are also expected to protect the bearing internally against excessive water penetration,

Technology Tuesdays Podcast: How to idiot proof bearing lubrication

On this Technology Tuesdays Podcast for 2/24/15, I speak with Joe Conyers, senior consulting engineer for training and development at SKF Training Solutions. We discuss the common bearing…

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The One Thing You Need to Know About Linear Bearing Life

When selecting linear guides, have you ever seen a disclaimer in the catalog or on the manufacturer’s website regarding dynamic load capacities? It typically reads something like this: Dynamic load…

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iglide on tour wraps up North American tour by giving back

For more than two months, the igus Inc. team carried out a mammoth effort of coordinating and executing a car tour from Anchorage, Alaska to New York City,…

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SKF introduces capability to customize bearings in small quantities for delivery within days

SKF can customize super-precision bearings in small quantities for delivery in just days throughout North America. SKF super-precision bearings suit machine tool applications by integrating designs and materials…

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How Seals Extend the Life of Linear Systems

When selecting a linear system – ball screw, linear guide, or actuator – most of the focus is on application data such as load, speed, travel, and duty…

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How to Achieve Long Travel and High Speed with Ball Screws

If you need a linear motion system that can travel at high speed over long lengths, what solutions come to mind first? Belt drives? Rack and pinion systems?…

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igus iglide North American tour to make stop in Cleveland

In its around-the-world tour encompassing more than 18,000 miles in the last six months, the igus’ “iglide on tour” car will make a stop at WTWH Media’s Cleveland office, showcasing how the company’s plastic bearings have withstood the miles driven better than their metal counterparts. This will be one of the last chances to see

igus®’ “iglide® on tour” ready to travel

A half-year of traveling through Asia and South America, and 17,500 miles of driving through deserts, rainforests, and some of the world’s busiest cities has brought igus’ iglide on tour car to the United States where it will begin the next leg of its tour in Anchorage, Alaska. 30 years of plastics innovations To celebrate

Urethane Covered Bearings for Smooth, Quiet and Non-Marring Operation

Fixtureworks® (Fraser, MI), a supplier of workholding components, material handling products, machine tool components and fixturing accessories now offers Fairlane® Products Urethane Covered Bearings. Available in stock, ready to ship with no lead time, no minimum order and no tooling required, they are available in both inch and metric sizes. This is counter to traditional

Driving Bearings Around the World

To celebrate 30 years of its plastic bearings, igus has retrofit a car with 56 iglide bearings. These components are in all areas of the car, including the pedals, alternator, window regulators, convertible top, gearshift, and more. 200 million plastic iglide bearings were installed in cars and trucks last year, and now igus is putting

How-To Create Robust Guided Motion For Any Environment

Precision linear guidance is a necessity for automated equipment and production level processes and in many applications the operating conditions are challenging for mechanical components. DualVee® linear guide wheels from Bishop-Wisecarver Group are designed to smoothly guide heavy loads in a variety of challenging environments including high temperatures, low temperatures, washdown and vacuum conditions. Solve

Permanent Magnet Bearing Breakthrough

To date, PM bearings could hold the shaft along one axis only. In addition they were damping. As a result, electromagnetic bearings were used. We designed (and recently applied for a US patent) a new type of PM bearing that rigidly holds the shaft in both axial and radial directions. This means that it is

New dry-tech box from igus®

Plastics specialist igus has announced the release of its dry-tech® box, an ingenious sample kit designed to help engineers find the right material bearing for their application. The box contains a set of state-of-the-art card overlays, which filter the bearing choices by criteria – similar to the igus online configurator. The dry-tech sample box includes

Hamilton Caster Designs New Inline Caster for Aerospace Supplier

What began as a simple inquiry for a wheel spawned into a new Hamilton innovation. The end result was a custom engineered all stainless inline caster for a major aerospace part supplier. The aerospace company ordered two of these special casters designed for a clean room environment and each with an impressive carrying capacity of

Saint-Gobain Supplies OmniSeal® and Rulon®

The Saint-Gobain Seals Group was recently selected to supply OmniSeal® spring-energized seals and Rulon® bearings for use in high-performance clinical chemical analyzer systems. Chemical analyzers are used in a variety of professions such as medicine and forensics and in such industries as environmental, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agricultural, consumer products, and food and beverage. In large routine

Corrosion resistant bearings for the beverage industry

Bearings play a critical role in the beverage industry. Properly designed bearings ensure longer equipment uptime and reduce maintenance costs. The metric-sized Sealmaster® PN Gold bearings (an extension of the Corrosion Resistant Engineered Solutions series (CRES) bearings) are engineered for the food/beverage industry using various materials and patented sealing systems that extend life and optimize

Formulated rubber seals protect ball bearings

Specially formulated rubber seals protect 6000, 6200 and 6300 series ball bearings from moisture, wash-down chemicals, mud and dirt. Applications include outdoor environments, lawn and garden equipment, snow blowers, pumps and compressors, pulleys and idlers and rollers and conveyors. These bearings are filled with special grease lubricants featuring synthetic base oil with a lithium complex

CD-ROM from SDP/SI Features Product and eStore Access

An interactive CD-ROM from Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument – SDP/SI features over 130,000 products plus eStore access.  The products are detailed in .PDF versions of the SDP/SI 1,520-page Master Inch Catalog, D810, and the 1,264-page Master Metric Catalog, D805.  Both Master catalogs are designed to make finding automation components fast and easy. eStore access enables

Through encoders, CNC produces precise wind turbine bearings

Blade pitch adjustment is one of the most critical functions of wind turbine operation. Pitch bearings allow wind turbine blades to optimize their angle according to wind speed, or create a stall condition in high winds, so the reliability of these bearings is critical to efficient, safe operation. By using a vertical turn/grind machine from